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Netpicks Brings The World Of Trading To The Doors Of Every Client

Getting the most from an investment strategy is often easier to do in the Fall and Winter than it is in the Summer when the volume of available trades is lower and the chances of maintaining a long term investment strategy are reduced. Netpicks believes it is important for their clients to have a range of different strategies available that can help them navigate even the choppiest of markets to maintain some level of financial success.

Netpicks believes everybody has the ability to take control of their own financial life including maintaining an impressive series of strategies that can make it easier than ever before to become a success across many different forms of trading environments. Low-volume trading periods require the individual trader to abandon their long-term strategies in favor of a short-term strategy that can bring many different options to the trading floor that allows a profit to be made even in the most difficult of circumstances. A choppy trading period can be navigated using the lock and walk strategy where traders who are not making any profit is to lock their trading software and walk away for the remainder of the trading session.

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Netpicks believes every investor should have the chance to develop their own range of skills capable of allowing even a novice with the skills provided by Netpicks to give them the chance to develop either a full or part-time career; across many different platforms there are learning options made available through videos making it as easy as possible for the individual to begin trading just minutes after they begin the learning process. More useful tips available on

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Mark Soberman heads the Netpicks brand that has become a key part of the development of thousands of new traders who have developed their skills with the aid of more than 25 years of experience from the individual traders working with Netpicks.  Read this interview of him on

After making the initial move towards a better way of life through investing the team of individual traders working with Netpicks clients are always available for clients to ask about both strategies and individual trading options.  Read a review of the company, hit

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Kabbalah Centre Giving Purpose and Comfort to Everyone

Hollywood stars who are non-Jews are attracted more and more to the Jewish mysticism. The stars who include the late Elizabeth Taylor, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Sandra Bernhard, the late Sammy Davis and the late Marilyn Monroe have different reasons to why they decided to study and some even convert to the religion. Kabbalah Centre teaches about wisdom that provides tools that create joy and lasting fulfillment. It gives a chance to learn how to look at the world in a different perspective. Offering the knowledge about God’s purpose for creation and plan for the universe makes the center more attractive.


The late Sammy Davis was more interested in the five thousand-year-old histories. He wanted to believe in something that is bigger than him. The Kabbalah Centre teaches how strong the Jews were when they were being oppressed. Mr. Davis compared their struggles with that of the African American went through. As for Sandra Bernhard, the center was a big help when she was going through a hard time in her life. According to her, at least eighty percent of the chaos in her life has been eliminated since turning to the center and more information click here.


The purpose

Madonna noted that Kabbalah’s purpose is to make people’s lives better and every person has to find out what they can do to contribute to that. She played the part of letting the world know about the center. The late Elizabeth Taylor became interested and even converted to Judaism. She even offered herself in exchange for the people who were held hostage by terrorists in 1976.


About Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization that has taken up the duty of educating people about the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings. Before, Kabbalistic was seen as a complex religion that the teaching was only done to mostly male of over forty years. Rav Yehuda Ashlag saw the need of opening the education to more people, so he founded the first center and learn more about Kabbalah.


Currently, Kabbalah Centre has more than fifty branches worldwide with major ones in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York and London. Kabbalah Centre teaches the knowledge from scratch. That has made a lot of people including Hollywood stars get interested and Kabbalah’s lacrosse camp.

Securus Technologies Pivotal in Keeping Our City Safe

When my team of fugitive task force hunters have to fins a suspect quickly, we will use any resource available to take the suspect down. In the past, one of the most effective techniques that we have is using informants to give us information as to where these fugitives are in hiding. Depending on the case, we get various degrees of help in each case, and this month was especially trying for a number of reasons.


The fugitive we were hunting was the leader of a local gang, and residents were afraid that even if they came forward, they would be next on the list to be targeted. This left us with zero leads and even fewer tips because he was able to use the gang’s resources to stay off our radar. Whenever we thought we had a solid lead, it wound up being nothing, and the fugitive would simply go deeper in hiding until he was committing his next crime.


When we visited the local jail to see if any of the gang members could offer us assistance, we knew where this was going. Although the inmates didn’t give us any tips, they did run to the phones to call their fellow gang members to warn them we were on the hunt. Luckily for my team, Securus Technologies had installed the call monitoring system in the jail used to pick up conversations on a number of subjects.


The LBS software is able to listen to several inmates at the same time, and alert us to calls where the suspect was being mentioned. In one call, a gang member was telling the other gang members to move the suspect now because we were in the jail. Not realizing we still had a team on the streets, we coordinated an effort that took him down that afternoon without any incident.


Rubica Provides Top Quality Personal Cyber Security

As someone who has had my personal cyber security violated by hackers, I now understand how important it is to take precautionary steps to prevent this from happening. Cyber attacks growing more and more prevalent all over the world and they can strike at any time. Individuals, companies, and the government are all at risk. Most individuals think they do not have to worry about protecting their personal cyber security, but WannaCry attacks proved that notion incorrect when hundreds of thousands of personal computers all over the world were hacked ( Cyber attacks lose a lot of money. In fact, by 2021 it is expected the cyber attacks will cost $6 trillion dollars ever year.

I choose to use Rubica to provide my personal cyber security. They are easy to use; you just download the app their experienced tech team does the rest for you. You no longer have to worry that any of your information is at risk because they deal with all of it for you. The app is available to download on all devices to it is very functional and easy to use. They use a very advanced team of professionals that is working every day to make digital storage safe for its users.

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Arthur Becker’s Interesting Career and Passion for Art

The Real Deal, a real estate news site, recently published an article on Arthur Becker. Mr. Becker is one of New York’s luxury property investors. He’s also interested in the Macadamia business and has a farm in Hawaii where he grows the nuts. Throughout his career, Arthur has tried his hands in different things. He renovates homes and sells them. In addition, the New York-based entrepreneur owns a tech company.

The article on The Real Deal talked about the real estate investments of Arthur Becker. Additionally, it covered some of his hobbies. The low key businessman owns property in different parts of Miami and New York. Arthur has an office, where he conducts his real estate business. However, the office also serves as an art studio. Mr. Becker is a man of many talents. He’s a painter and sculptor. His passion for art has prompted him to set aside a portion of his office for his artwork. According to The Real Deal, the real estate investor incorporates the aspect of finance in his paintings, origami and sculptures.

There are several art pieces that depict Becker’s unique style of combining art and cash. His office has gold bars that are stacked artfully. On one of his money boards, he has a cow sculpture made out of a real dollar note. Arthur Becker’s art has earned him a lot of recognition. Many Wall Street investors have bought some of his “money” art. Seemingly, money-themed art is popular in the financial markets.

Aside from painting and making money art, Becker is also a collector. He collects ancient coins, some of which are as old as 1,000 years, from Nigeria, Cameroon and other West African countries. Arthur reproduces these ancient currencies and put them up for sell.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker was once the CEO of a tech firm called NaviSite. Additionally, he worked at Vera Wang, a fashion company, as an advisor. He served the company for 7 years as he continued to invest in NaviSite.

Currently, Arthur Becker is the CEO and chair of Zino, LLC. He’s also a managing executive of Madison Partners. Becker holds an M.B.A from the Tuck School of Business.

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Whitney Wolfe Gets Attention With Bumble BFF

Whitney Wolfe certainly knows how to keep things interesting. She has been able to create a very interesting dating app that has put a mark on the dating app industry as a whole. Bumble is the dating app that she started, but this was only the beginning of her rise to fame in social media.

Whitney Wolfe has also set her sights towards helping people build friendships with the Bumble BFF app. This is basically an extension of her Bumble app that she started for people that wanted to date, but she wanted to give people that were interested in building friendships a pathway to connecting with one another as well. This was a very keen observation by Whitney Wolfe after observing the social media industry as a whole.

Whitney Wolfe realizes that the lines have become quite blurred when it comes to what people are actually looking for when they are signing up for different apps.

Some people may sign up for a dating app, but they really are only looking for someone that they can hang out with or befriend. There are others that sign up for ambiguous social media apps like Facebook and Twitter and they really have no idea who they are connecting with. They may not know if they want to date or make friends through these sites. That’s why Whitney Wolfe has made an effort to segment her company into different apps that specify what people actually want.

The Bumble app has been created for those that are looking for dating opportunities. The Bumble Bizz app is for those that are looking for a chance to network with others. there is also going to be a Bumble BFF app for all of those that are interested in building friendships.

Whitney has proven to be quite effective with this. She has been able to give people something to think about when they sign up for an app. She knows that there are a lot of people that want to make friendships online, but they may have never known how. Bumble BFF clearly highlights the way.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s New Startup Gives Doctors Unique Tech to Cure Cancer

One of Chicago’s most successful tech founders has a personal mission to disrupt cancer research and treatment through his newest startup, Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky is applying the skills and knowledge gained from his career as a serial entrepreneur to put genomic sequencing and machine learning to work to help physicians create best treatment plans for people who’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

Lefkofsky and his partner Brad Keywell are taking a “data-driven” approach to the self-funded startup company. The goal is to build a molecular clinical library of cancer patient information. The information will be put into an operating system that can make the huge amount of data useful for cancer researchers, physicians and others. The data will help physicians to find people with similar molecular structures and decide which treatment options will be the most helpful effective.

Strong partnerships have been established between Tempus and a dozen leading health organizations, including the Mayo Clinic, University of Chicago, and Northwestern University. The cancer centers referring patients to the startup, and their molecular information is sequenced in Tempus’ lab. After pairing molecular and clinical diagnostic information, Tempus sends a report back to the referring physicians, who also receive access to the Tempus system.

The motive behind Tempus and its revolutionary concept and technology lies in Eric Lefkofsky’s personal life. His wife Elizabeth was diagnosed breast cancer. The experience of a cancer diagnosis inspired Lefkofsky to wonder how it could be that technology for truck drivers (provided through his Echo Global Logistics company) was better than the tech physicians could use for patients whose lives were at risk to learn more: click here.

At age 47, Lefkofsky didn’t think he’d be building a new company. He is the successful entrepreneur behind three successful IPOs, Groupon, InnerWorkings and Echo Global Logistics. Tempus is “the most meaningful in every metric,” Lefkofsky says. He thinks that Tempus won’t just be his most successful start-up, it will also be the most disruptive and ultimately, meaningful venture he has ever launched.

Whitney Wolfe Is Finally In the Driver’s Seat With the Bumble App

Whitney Wolfe is definitely taking a hold of the feminist movement and giving people a much needed rest of fresh air when it comes to dating in the app world. So many men and women have become tired of the standard dating apps that all look the same. Whitney Wolfe made a difference in the lives of many people by creating a new and exciting dating experience through Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe is definitely giving people something to think about with the Bumble app. She has devised a way for people to experience dating platform, and it appears to be just the beginning for what has become the most phenomenal player of the dating app industry thus far. For many years there have been apps like eHarmony and Match. These are created by old white males that were the dominant app leaders dating.

These were premium apps, and that was just the norm when it came to the dating app world. Whitney Wolfe has been credited with shaking up the dating app community all together and building a different type of free platform for anyone that wants to date. She has certainly been able to captivate a lot of people that were trying to build a relationship with a potential soulmate. There is no doubt that she is changing course of dating, and people are going to be enthused about how they are able to find better matches through Bumble. Millions of people have already made a decision to utilize this as their primary dating app. It has become quite evident that Whitney Wolfe is out to compete against the major players like eHarmony and Tinder.

Whitney Wolfe definitely knows the dating app industry because she has been part of it long before she created Bumble. The only difference this time maybe that she has all of the creative control. It is true that she has hired other women that are in place to consult with on different ideas, but the large majority of what she is doing is the result of her very own imagination.

George Soros Brings Attention to New Standards for Everyone

George Soros is doing everything that he can to make things better for all of the people of the United States. Even though he is a billionaire, he wants to make sure that he can do everything that he can to make life better for everyone who is in the United States. He also wants to bring awareness to all of the problems that poor people in the country have so that they are able to fix it and make their own lives better. Soros does not believe in just blindly giving money away. Instead, he wants to teach people how to make a difference in their own lives.

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Throughout history, George Soros has been a major part of the far left agenda. He wants to show people that they can do more and that their lives matter. He is a supporter of minorities and he tries to make sure that the things that he supports are geared toward a better life for all. Unlike many billionaires, George Soros knows that helping others is the best way to spend money and that he won’t be able to truly feel enjoyment unless he is doing something to make things better for everyone in the country.

As things get tense around the United States, George Soros has worked to make things easier according to the Washington Times. He donated a large sum of money to the fund that was used to support the Ferguson protests. He wanted to see people make changes and knew that they would not be able to do so without some type of monetary contribution. He chose to use his own money for this purpose and it gave him a chance to show others that they could benefit from the protests too. He wanted people to have a chance at a better life and get the equality that they deserved. Read more about George’s life story at

Despite George Soros now being a major political lifesaver, he was not always as popular or rich. He used his business expertise to grow the income that he made and to make things better for everyone. He also did what he could to show people that they would be able to live their lives in the best way possible. While working in other countries and the United States, George Soros brought awareness to major problems. He wanted to use his money for good instead of for selfish purposes.

Soros knows that it is important to try new things and to make situations better for everyone involved. He also knows that it is necessary to bring new light to problems that don’t really have a solution. Since George Soros has a lot of money, he is able to be influential in different situations. He wants people to do more with their lives and to make things better on their own. He also knows that it is necessary to use as much money as he can on making the world better for others who don’t have a chance to make their own money. Read more about George at The New York Times.

Avaaz is Transforming the Society

Avaaz is a very powerful civil organization that is changing the international community. Avaaz was established more than ten years ago, and its main mission is to help people in the society to fill the gap between the needy and the wealthy. Since its establishment, the civic organization had done a lot to empower the middle-class individuals so that they can be empowered and take some action. The institution wants to bring an end to national, regional and international issues in the world. Some of the problems solved by the firm include poverty, corruption, and climate change. Avaaz is also working hard to bring an end to civil wars.

The organization understands the international community perfectly. Conquering the globe is a complex challenging activity that requires a lot of hard work. To make its plans successful, Avaaz introduced the use of different models so that it can be successful. One of these modules is the use of the internet. This is one of the latest and most effective strategies in the modern world, and it has enabled the institution to do well. The use of the modern internet has helped many supporters of the organization to take part in the events organized by Avaaz. The company has reached its goals for adopting this simple strategy. Although the people only make small contributions, when they are brought together, there is a powerful force that brings the change needed.

Avaaz campaigns in different parts of the globe using fifteen different languages. The task force in the institution currently operates on six continents, and it has registered very many changes. The volunteers in the organization focus in making the whole process easy and successful. With the help of these volunteers, it is easy to sign petitions, direct actions, and force governments to comply and perform other activities.

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