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Securus Technologies Receives Better Business Bureau Accreditation

Securus Technologies is a large provider of communications service to correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations all over North America. The company currently serves over 3,400 agencies and over 1.2 million inmates.


Securus recently received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau which is the highest rating possible and also gives the public the knowledge that the company gives the highest level of concern and service to its customers.


Answering approximately 25 million calls per month, Securus installed all of the necessary equipment and facilities to make it possible to attain the BBB rating. All calls are answered in an average time of 11 seconds with a first call resolution rate of 99%. The satisfaction rate received by customers is a 4.3 out of 5 rating, which is very good.


The Better Business Bureau A+ rating proves that the company is providing the very best service at all times to its customers and families. Securus is very pleased that it can show these kinds of results and that it can maintain them. Being able to provide phone service for inmates and their families is a very positive service which keeps families in touch during a very difficult period of their lives.


The Better Business Bureau standards are difficult and not every business qualifies to become a member of this well-known organization. There is a rigorous and detailed application process, and a company must pass all of the requirements to the satisfaction of the BBB in every category.


To have received the highest rating of A+ is remarkable for such a large organization, but that is a tribute to the effort and professionalism that is displayed and maintained by Securus. It is always important to achieve high standards, especially with the population that is served, according to Securus management.


George Soros and his political affluence

Whenever it comes down to politics, the name George Soros always lingers in the minds of many individuals. George Soros holds a great interest in politics. For instance, in the recent US elections, he had chosen Hillary Clinton as his candidate of choice. Despite being a supporter of the candidate whom did not make it to the top seat, he just took the matter to heart and moved on.

As for the Democrats, George has a huge say when it comes to issues affecting the Democrat fraternity. So as to clear the air after the defeat of their candidate of choice, the Democrats held a meeting courtesy of George Soros. The Democrats were then sub-divided into various groups on Each group was tasked with discussing about one topic that may be of significance both positively and negatively in the democrat fraternity future. Among the issues discussed by the likes of George Soros were such as the issue of mid-term elections.

As a huge fan of politics, George Soros decided to donate $25 million dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. His love of politics is also demonstrated by his presence in Democrat meetings as well as participation in conference phone calls. All of George Soros’ actions point towards him fighting the good fight for the sake of all Democrats. His belief in the Democrats has been in existence for a very long time. Despite funding Hillary’s campaign, George Soros was also actively funding the campaign of George W Bush in the year 2004. So, we can say that George Soros is loyal to both the USA and also the Democrats party.

Mr. Soros is more of a politician who operates from the background. Apart from that, he is also a renowned businessman. For instance, the money he amassed so as to fund the Hillary Clinton campaign as well as other Democrat candidates on Forbes was money earned through risky currency trade. He is an active trader and always has his eye on the economy of Europe.

George Soros is an American resident, and resides in New York. Despite being fond of America, he also resides in Europe owing to the fact that he is Hungarian by birth. It has been surprising to note that his love of politics became stronger when Hillary Clinton was vying for President with the Democrat ticket.

Though George Soros is not an active Politician, he has a keen eye on politics on Shockingly, Soros even has a political advisor. Soros’ political advisor, Michael Vachon said that though the political temperature was on the rise, George Soros still invested heavily on the Democrat candidates.

From the political life of George Soros, we can see that he is a staunch believer in the Democrats. Rain come the sunshine, he will always be a Democrat.

The Influence of Sam Tabar in the Financial Management Profession

The development and emergence of any kind of business across the world requires patience and commitment. Many people have been cut out in the business world because of poor planning and lack of proper business objectives. As such, they have been left wondering on how to find a suitable investment venture to undertake. This has rally affected many people who have later developed skills to try and address the challenge that has been befalling majority of investors. According to PR Newswire, Sam Tabar has been at the center stage of trying to advice investors and small business people of the right type of ventures to invest in.

He has witnessed some of the mistakes made by many new and seasoned investors and why they keep on losing money. He cautions people against commodity trading where he say it is more risky that other form of trading like the mutual funds. This is one particular area people should consider a lot when finding the best trading opportunity that will benefit them in the long run. Commodity trading requires a lot of money to initially invest in which might be difficult with small scale business people. It requires investors who the financial muscle to withstand short term loses that might be inquired during the trading process. It is also important to have prior information about the research venture to undertake by getting the desired information through conducting in-depth analysis of the venture.

Sam Tabar has also advised many people to look for alternative investment opportunities. This include investing in private businesses like social entrepreneurship. This has been seen as one of the fastest rising areas of doing business that has been rising in the recent years.

As such, through this process many people have continued to interact with other while making money by offering a helping hand. Through such processes, people are able to increase the numbers of people using their services. For instance, when he established the THINX network that has continued to help disadvantaged women in the African traditional society. The company sell and distributes sanitary towels thus forming a formidable market across Africa.

Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings provides access to capital for businesses and high net worth individuals. This innovative firm helps people and companies flourish. The type of lending done by Equities First is non-traditional. Rather than a typical loan, Equities First Holdings provides securities-based loans.

Securities-based lending uses securities as collateral. Using securities in this way has become a trend in recent years. For the very rich, this can be an easy way to acquire money for luxury purchases, or business-related expenses. Stock-based loans have a number of benefits. For one thing, they are very low-interest.

There are few restrictions with this type of lending. These loans cannot be used to buy shares, or to repay a margin loan. Otherwise, they can be used for anything. Because of this, these loans are known as non-purpose loans. This lack of restrictions is very attractive to potential borrowers. This is especially true since the wave of new lending requirements that arrived in the wake of the 2008 recession. Securities-based lending has become very popular since 2011, in particular.

Al Christy is the president of Equity First Holdings. He takes a great deal of pride in helping people quickly access the cash they need to achieve their dreams. Security-backed loans can be a win for both parties in the transaction. By using securities as collateral, rather than cashing them in, the security holder avoids paying taxes on their sale. Interest on these loans is typically quite low. So while the lender profits, there is little downside for the borrower.

Founded in 2002, Equities First Holdings has been growing rapidly. The company has expanded at rates of as much as 30% annually since its founding. This is a privately-held firm. It has a global reach, with offices in far-flung locations including Australia, Hong Kong, the United States.

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Sam Boraie Transforming New Brunswick city Through Development

Sam Baraie is well known real estate mogul who owns the Boraie Development became publicly known in 2013 after the NBA star Shaq funded one Riverview in Newark project. The intent was to turn the previous Science High School into a 23 story, into a 169 unit apartment complex. The tower was also meant to have a retail shop on the first floor. This project brought together three partners Shaq, Boraie Development as well as the city of Network. Previously O’Neal had also partnered with Boraie in developing a new upcoming movie theater.

The project with Shaq has shown that Newark, NJ will be even more beneficial compared to the government buildings as well as housing projects. According to the partners in One Riverview building may rent out for about $1,400 to $2,200 each month regarding on the size of the building. Shaq was brought up in the city of Newark and as a result wants to rebuild the city of his childhood.

Omar Boraie took part in the fundraising of $765,000 capital for a theater in 2004. It is the state theater. During the event, Sam Boraie was recognized as one of the attending guests of honor. The event was graced by the performer Frankie Valli as well as The Four Seasons, a dinner reception, an open bar, a silent auction with 90 luxury items, dancing events, dessert bars and William Grant and son scotch tasting.

NJBiz has featured Sam Boraie’s in its article that was published in December of 2016. According to the article, Omar was labeled as a visionary for changing the city of New Brunswick from deteriorating, a city that had been huge challenges such as high rate crime to a city that is blossoming due to the growth of the real estate. One of the recognized building that Omar has completed is The Aspire, this is a luxury apartment complex that can be found in the center of the city.

Apart from the development of the real estate, according to, the Boraie Development does provide services of property management as well as marketing. Over the years the company has gained a lot of experience in maintenance, sales, and marketing within New Jersey.


Why Karl Heideck is a Popular Litigation Lawyer

Karl Heideck has the experience to be a good litigation attorney
What makes Karl Heideck as good litigation attorney?

In today’s world, there are often disputes that cannot be settled amicably. In such a case, the complainant often seeks to file a civil lawsuit. Such an action is called litigation. While there are a series of steps an individual can pursue prior to seeking assistance from the courts, it is always advantageous to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney.

One of the country’s best known attorneys, located in Jenkintown, Philadelphia, is Karl Heideck. This attorney’s wide range of experience includes litigation, corporate law, legal research, compliance and risk management review,employment law and commercial litigation. His vast experience makes him an excellent choice for any type of case that requires special knowledge of various areas of the law.

A 2003 graduate of Swarthmore College Karl Heideck continued on to pass a law school admission test (LSAT) and graduated from the Temple University-James E. Beasley school of Law. He passed the required Multi-State Bar exam and immediately went to work as an associate for Conrad O’Brien, a well known attorney. Karl Heideck’s career with Mr. O’Brien included all types of litigation for businesses as well as individuals.

In October of 2010, Mr. Karl Heideck went to work for Pepper Hamilton LLP as a project attorney. He worked for this organization for 3 years and became well known for his expertise in representing individual and corporate clients. In April of 2015, Karl Heideck became a Grant & Eisenhofer Hire Counsel attorney, where he still works in litigation.

The world of law is very complicated. It not only requires experience but a complete knowledge of the steps required to reach an agreement quickly and efficiently. Consulting a well-known attorney, such as Mr. Heideck, is the smart thing to do when seeking a settlement. He will immediately be able to advise if litigation is feasible as well as relieving you of the tedious things required in such a case. This would include such actions as filing the necessary papers, negotiations, investigations, pre-trial settlement and other things that are required in a legal case.

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Blend of Fashion and Technology

During the 1970s, boom box was introduced to the market with a public excitement. People were now able to listen to their favorite songs and stations as they carry them around. The boom box was created to carry two cassettes and each cassette had two sides. One side could be played while the other was recording music from the other cassette.


Walkman was introduced in the 1990s and brought about a greater personal music experience. In early 2000, technology shifted to another level with the introduction of iPods. Music now had a deeper and smaller personal understanding.


Presently, interlink between fashion and technology is garnering pace. Fashion designers appreciate creating items that appeal to the market and have identified the use of technology as a great opportunity. The use of the two has led to a higher standard in functionality and innovation.


Wipprecht Anouk, a Dutch stylist who blends fashion and technology, says that technology is an avenue like a playground where you experiment and move deeper into the systems and innovations. This creates a new world with endless possibilities. Wipprecht Anouk has designed the avant-garde, drink-making dress, Pseudomorphs and DareDroid.


Fashion has also blended with technology to produce safe designs. It is not fashionable to put on bike protection but two designers, Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt have created an item to wear near the neck area. This acts as cyclists airbag hence pops up when someone has an accident and his head is about to have an impact with the ground. Helmets have the disadvantage of inhibiting visibility of the cyclers or riders thus this will be a better solution.


Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan created frontline gloves for firefighters. This allows firefighters to communicate easily via hand signals hence greater protection. Fascinatingly, designers have now gone to an extra step of coming up with fashions using recycled items. Emma Whiteside recycled radiator copper and came up with a long gown while SegraSegra came up with jackets and shirts using inner tubes of bicycles.


In other cases according to Chris Burch, technology needs to depend on fashion for their items to increase in popularity. Wearing of glasses had stalled up until last year. The stigma of putting them on and its average cost was main contributors to that factor. Diane Von Furstenberg, a top fashion designer, solved this problem by making her models to wear them while catwalking. Fashion has the effect of pushing people towards the latest trends and styles.



Luciana Lossio Set To Join Superior Electoral Court

Luciana Lossio was sworn in as the minister in chief of Brazil’s Superior Electoral Court on Tuesday, May 26 of last year. This position was left open when former chief Arnaldo Versiani at the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court assigned his retirement. A grand swearing in ceremony took place with all of the other six members of the Superior Electoral Court present at the swearing in.


Mrs. Lossio is a woman who has made great strides and accomplishments for women in the profession of law in Brazil. In 2011, Luciana became the first female attorney to be selected among a group of three attorneys to act as a substitute minister for the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court. Before that, no other women attorney was ever held in this substitute position. In 2016, Luciana Lossio made a breakthrough in history again, when she was chosen to replace outgoing chief, Arnaldo Versiani.


Luciana Lossio’s specialty as an attorney was in electoral law so she was a perfect candidate to be considered and later appointed as a chief in the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court. Mrs. Lossio is also a prominent member of Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law and has a strong grasping of electoral law as it relates to Brazilian politics. Luciana has represented governors of Brazilian states with regards to electoral law and actually argued in the Brazil’s Superior Electoral Court as an attorney. She made both defenses and litigation in the electoral court.


The fact that Luciana Lossio has a strong background in electoral law and has extensive experience arguing electoral law cases in court, including in the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court, make her a perfect candidate for the post she now holds at the court. Mrs. Lossio graduated from the University of Brasilia in 1999 and became licensed to practice law in the same year. She also has several postgraduate law courses under her belt. They include additional coursework in civil procedural law, state and constitutional law and legal departments and public prosecution.


Luciana Lossio’s professional legal career consists of serving as an attorney general for over seven years. During her time as an attorney general in Brazil, she worked under the helm of two attorney generals of the Brazilian republic or in other words, the highest level of attorney general that there is. As an attorney general, Mrs. Lossio also often advised clients with regards to the statutes and former rulings of the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court. This is yet another reason why she is so qualified to hold the position of minister in chief of the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court.

The Top EOS Lip Balms You Must Own

Often in the winter, your lips get especially chapped, and this can be super annoying when trying to talk, eat food or just live your life! The answer to chapped lips this winter is EOS Lip Balms. These lip balms are super soft, tasty, all natural and great for any type of lips.

There are a number of types of lip balms that the EOS company has available. They have sugar smooth spheres, organic smooth sticks, visibly soft Shimmer spheres, active protection smooth spheres and organic smooth spheres. You can also get multipacks. EOS lip balms can be purchased online at,,, and at retailers such as Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Rite Aid, and others. Let’s check out some of the top EOS Lip Balms that you can try in all of these product lines.

  1. Honeysuckle Honeydew

Honeysuckle honeydew is a favorite flavor of many women who use EOS Lip Balms. It has a fresh scent and goes on smooth every time.

  1. Medicated Tangerine

The special thing about medicated tangerine is that it tastes like tangerine and looks like the fruit as well, but it has an added dose of softening vitamin E to help those chapped lips.

  1. Passionfruit

Passion fruit has a kick to it and definitely tastes just like the real thing when you put it on!

  1. Strawberry Sorbet

Do you go nuts for strawberries? Strawberry sorbet may be just what you’ve been looking for.

  1. Coconut Milk

When you want to feel the freshness of coconut milk on your lips, go for this lip balm flavor!

What Are EOS Lip Balms a Cut Above the Rest?

You may be wondering why these lip balms are so special. It has to do with the fact that they are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, and they are also free of petroleum and parabens. Check out these awesome lip balms today to see what they can do for your lips.

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Vijay Eswaran: A Modern Day Mahatma Gandhi Follower

Vijay Eswaran holds the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi very dear, and has embraced them throughout his business career. Eswaran is the co-founder and current CEO of QI Group Ltd., a Malaysian based multilevel marketing company. Vijay Eswaran’s also a philanthropist that has given to impoverished communities and special needs children through RYTHM Foundation. Eswaran believes in success through helping others succeed, and just as Gandhi promoted strength and protest through peace, Eswaran believes in bringing similar ethics into the business world. He also believes in Gandhi’s stance on listening before speaking and embracing spiritual concepts of having moments of silence and meditation.

Eswaran got into multilevel marketing after taking part in several other jobs. He was born in Malaysia to a father who worked with the Ministry of Labor, and a mother who was a school teacher. His parents afforded him higher education at the London School of Economics where he got his bachelor’s degree in socio-economics on He performed several odd jobs in the year following graduation, but he eventually attended grad school at Southern Illinois University where he got his MBA in 1986. After serving as a consultant at various IT companies, he returned to Malaysia where he decided to pursue multilevel marketing full time and in 1998 he co-founded QI Group.

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QI Group is the parent company to several direct selling, logistics and investment companies. QNet sells household tools, health and beauty products, water purifiers, jewelry, and vacation packages to independent sales representatives who then resell them to various customers at QI Asset Management is a real estate and financial services company that offers credit, loans and other services to small businesses and has holdings in real estate properties.

Eswaran is also a member of several non-profit organizations on including the World Economic Forum, Pravasi Bharatiya Divas and an attendee at the 2012 Global Indian Business Meet where he won the New Global Indian Award. Eswaran also was mentioned in Forbes Asia’s 2011 Heroes of Philanthropy and the 2013 Top 50 Richest People. He’s the author of several books on business and leadership including In The Spirit Of Silence and 18 Stepping Stones.