George Soros Predicts the Looming China Economy Fallout

Billionaire George Soros have warned that the debt-fueled economy growth of China resembles the conditions that resulted to the 2008 financial crisis in the United States. The economy also fueled by credit growth bears the eerie resemblance of what happened in US and will eventually result to extension of credit, whether it feed on itself… Read More »

The Vast Business Interests and Contributions of Eric Pulier

Raised in New Jersey, Eric Pulier began programming computers as early as when he was in 4th grade. While still in high school, he started a database computer company. Pulier started his studies at the prestigious Harvard University in 1984 where he majored in American literature and English. He was also an editor and wrote… Read More »

How Diversification Has Been Pivotal to the Growth of Highland Capital Management

Due to the competitive nature of the corporate world, firms are obliged to diversify their interests to guarantee their survival. Financial services giant, Highland Capital Management (HCM) is an archetype of how corporations can grow by merely diversifying their operations. With assets spanning real estate, healthcare services, emerging markets, high yield credit and the equity… Read More »

Charles Koch Stands Up For Freedom of Speech

Charles Koch, the billionaire who is renowned for funding the campaigns of republicans all over the nation, has joined hands with Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City. Together they have released a joint statement about an issue that concerns them both. Koch and Bloomberg are asking that universities do more to preserve the… Read More »

Wen By Chaz Makes An Impact

Flawless hair is hard to come by trust me I know. I have had to do a ton of different things to my hair in order to get the hair that I have today and I have no problem sharing that with people. You know how the quote goes Rome wasn’t built in a day?… Read More »

Talk Fusion: Changing The World

It takes a lot of work to become part of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). The organization is extremely prestigious, and monitors an business’s ethical practices closely. The idea is to keep unethical businesses from taking advantage of a given community. That’s why the DSA doesn’t hand out membership to just anyone, and getting endorsed… Read More »

Make A Wish Foundation Receives Donations From Skout Superheros

  This Month’s Survey Results From Skout Skout has been celebrating some of the most interesting holidays in the past few months. They bring awareness to fun holidays throughout the year, and they spread joy to other people in their community by bringing people together over a common cause. PR Newswire wrote an article about… Read More »

Why Dogs Love Beneful

When you bring that little puppy home, you are probably thinking a few different things. You are wondering what in the world you are going to feed it. What do dogs need to eat? Is it sufficient to buy a bag of dog feed and pour it in their bowl? Dog food is a little… Read More »