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Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Areas Of Specialization In Medical Training

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a leading plastic surgeon. She is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Walden is also fellowship trained in cosmetic surgery. She is an alumnus of the University of Texas Medical Branch where she graduated with the highest honors Salutatorian in 1998. Between 1990 and 1994, Dr. Walden pursued her BA in Biology at the University of Texas, Austin. She graduated with the highest honors.

Later, Dr. Walden joined The University of Texas Medical Branch for her residency training. She served in the Department of Surgery Galveston under the general surgery internship. From 1999 to 2003, Dr. Walden served her residency training at The University of Texas Branch’s Department of Surgery in the plastic surgery division. She completed her integrated plastic surgery residence in 2003. From 2003, Dr. Walden served her fellowship training in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital located in New York.

Dr. Walden’s has specialized in a variety of areas. They include eyelid lift, brachioplasty, breast implant removal, and breast augmentation. Others are body- contouring, botox, cheek implants, micro peels, endoscopic technique, collagen injection, forehead lift, dermabrassion, and gynecomastia. Additionally, Dr. Walden has specialized in skin cancer, rhinoplasty, chin implant, microtia, liposcum, otoplasty, lip augmentation, rhytidectomy, and lacer skin resurfacing.

She has had an outstanding career in her specialties, especially in aesthetic breast surgery and facial surgery. Dr. Walden carries out multiple breast augmentation, lift, along with facial procedures such as rhinoplasty. Moreover, Dr. Walden has presented her views on various topics nationally and internationally. In her practice, she has always provided patients with accurate information with the objective of letting them make informed choices, which are in their best interest. This way, they can accomplish the most natural results.

Dr. Jennifer Walden works to ensure that her clients look and feel their best. She is dedicated to the highest level of standards when it comes to patient care, safety, and satisfaction. She offers these services in an environment that is non-intimidating and comfortable. Dr. Walden has a broad range of hospital affiliations and society memberships. She has also held several offices.


Wessex Careers

Part of the Wessex Institute of Technology’s mission of knowledge exchange is inspiring talented individuals to choose a career in a field that has import in the modern world. International academic conferences sanctioned and organized by WIT inspire many people to choose commitment to work in an interesting field. These conferences have covered pertinent topics like horizons in data collections, the modern influence of Islamic culture, waste management innovations, eco-architecture, and transportation systems design.

Each of these conferences are geared toward bringing together experts in modern fields with students who are forming interests in those fields. Encounters with experienced professionals often lead future students to make a final decision about their career paths, and the WIT is ready to assist them in reaching their personal and professional goals.

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Get Advanced Calling Features With A Secure Network

Securus Technologies has been proudly serving the inmate calling network for over 20+ years by regulating inmate calls. They’re responsible for the secure regulations of hundreds of networks that include Global Tel-Link. Their high standard regulations include surveillance, monitoring, and advanced technological support. Their fourth quarter audit caught a few inaccuracies associated with Global Tel-Link and they were quickly corrected. Securus allowed thousands of residents in Louisiana to receive free inmate calling features for a limited time. PRN Newswire did an in depth article about the inaccuracies that were corrected through the regulations of Securus Technologies.


Securus Technology Features


– Advanced calling features

– Video visitation

– Telephone debit

– Inmate voicemail

– Advance call credits

and more….


Securus has teamed up with Jpay Services and Vimeo to expand their services. Your loved ones can talk more than ever before and spend less. They have a friendly customer service representative standing by to assist you with your calling needs 24/7, 7 days a week, including holidays. They have also expanded their international network by achieving a Certification 1 certificate to ensure loved ones around the world with an inmate in a correctional facility will have access to secure calling features.


Securus Advanced Features


Billions of minutes are processed annually through the Securus Technologies network. Thousands of people are finding it hard to locate an authorized agent or finding it hard to accept their calls through a third party. Securus features allows you to avoid commuting to a jail or spending tons of money. You don’t have to worry about missing important calls by using advanced technological features.


Now is a great time to join Securus Technologies to become a member of their secure network. They offer features that will allow you to talk securely to your loved ones every time.


Keith Mann Helps Others


Education is the best way to make an impact in the local community. However, there are a lot of schools today that lack the funding to help their students. If you want to help local areas, investing time and money in the schools is a great way to do so. Keith Mann has done a great job of helping local schools in his area. Over the years, he has helped to positively change his local community. Many people today are excited about all of the opportunities that he has on the horizon.


Keith Mann


When he was in college, Keith Mann started his first company. Although things did not work out financially, he learned a lot of great lessons that he would take with him for the rest of his life. There are many people today who want to learn how to help others. Keith Mann decided to start spending more time and money giving back to others in his own life. That is one of the biggest reasons why he recently announced another gift to schools in the local area. If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, following his example is a great start.


Future Plans


In the coming years, Keith Mann wants to continue to invest in the lives of other people. There are a lot of people today who are excited about the plans he has for the next couple of years. Few people understand how much time and money he has spent helping schools in his area.

Jason Hope: Arizona’s Eye for The Future

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and futurist from Scottsdale, Arizona. Born and raised in Tempe, Hope studied at Arizona State University‘s W.P. School of Business and graduated with a Masters Degree in Business Administration. He also received a degree in finance.

Internet of Things (IoT)

During his career, Jason Hope follows the latest trends in technology. He analyzes global trends to predict the roles in which advanced technology will play in the future, and how it will affect business management. Jason Hope has major ties to the Internet of Things, a concept that illustrates sophisticated internet work communication between machines and devices that are connected to the Internet.

Jason Hope’s prediction of the IoT has enabled other entrepreneurs and business owners to seek out the most brilliant ways to cash in on technology, and to benefit from future innovations. Hope has predicted a variety of dynamics that could manifest in forthcoming generations of the IoT. Hope predicted on his blog that technology will have a different image and projection as more cutting edge technology is shifted directly in to the market. Based on his observations, Hope predicted that in the next 5-10 years, more businesses will value and depend on IoT’s inter-networking concepts to create more efficient practices in not only the technology industry, but other industries as well.

SENS Foundation

With his avocation for anti-aging, Jason Hope aided the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation (SENS Foundation) by donating a million dollars to help researchers create new research protocols on the focus of finding ways to disintegrate glycation enzymes, which cause aging in human tissue.


Jason Hope’s lovely passion for supporting the community and entreating other entrepreneurs like himself makes him stand out in the spotlight not only as a business owner, but also as a philanthropist. On his on own behalf, Hope extends his full support with donations to local humanitarian and healthcare organization as a courteous gesture of reciprocating the care that they have extended to him and his community.

Hope has a strong ambition for establishing equality among education by entreating less fortunate schools with enhanced teaching materials and advanced learning resources for students. He believes that every person is entitled to have the education that they reserve, regardless of their social status. He perceives education as a right, not an incentive. Jason Hope (@jasonhope) wants to see the world prosper as a unity amongst all people.

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The Kabbalah Centre Evolves the Jewish Tradition for the Modern World

The modern religious world can be filled with many different paths to spirituality and success that can be explored by those who are looking to expand their own sense of spirituality in the 21st century. After a number of celebrities began following the ancient tradition of Kabbalah this set of regulations for living life in a fulfilled and happy way has become one of the fastest growing spiritual teachings in the world; the work of The Kabbalah Centre has been impressing students and government agencies for decades after it was first awarded government provided religious status in Canada in the 1980s.

Kabbalah is a popular option for students who are looking to develop a deep spirituality that allows them to see more of the universe in its glories through a change in the way life if viewed. The Kabbalah Centre uses the work known as the Zohar that allows individuals the chance to explore their own position in the universe; these scriptures are thought to date back to a period long before organized religion when the Kabbalah was given to the original patriarchs of Judaism, including Adam, Abraham, and Moses. In fact, the work of The Kabbalah Centre includes a look back at The Old Testament, including the works of Moses that are thought to include many coded messages about the traditions of this group of teachings.

The oral tradition the Kabbalah has enjoyed over the course of human history largely kept it closed off from use by those not part of the Jewish faith and deemed worthy of taking on this complex belief system. The complexity of the Kabbalah has been adapted by modern teachers to fit into an area of understanding that means this part of religion and spirituality can be learned and understood by any student regardless of their religious history.

Allowing students to access the teachings of the Kabbalah can take many forms for the teachers of this form of spirituality who are largely concerned with making sure access is always available from anywhere in the world. The Kabbalah Centre now includes Internet based teachings that act as a great way of continuing any introduction into the works of Kabbalah that can be accessed at any time and from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Squaw Valley’s PR Director Said The Flooded Four Wells Won’t Impact Skiers

Squaw Valley is expecting a good year. Snowfall should be perfect, according to some weather forecasts. Other ski areas may receive more snow, but Squaw Valley will get enough snow to make the skiers happy and make the resort profitable. Squaw Valley has been a profit generator for more than 60 years. There have been some dry years and those years were not very profitable, but when all the years are put together, Squaw Valley is a very financially sound organization. Some of the credit for the financial stability of Squaw Valley goes to Andy Wirth, the current CEO of Squaw Valley. The Cushing family is responsible for opening the resort, and making it one of the most recognizable ski resorts on the planet. But Andy Wirth has nurtured the resort through a 2010 expansion and the current $1 billion expansion project that is expected to begin shortly. Squaw Valley has more than 60 restaurants, bars, retail shops and boutiques on the property. The new expansion project will add more shops and restaurants, and more than 1,500 hotel rooms and condos.

Wirth is a capable executive, with years of ski experience. He worked for the Steamboat Springs ski resort for 18 years. When Wirth heard the news that four upper mountain wells were contaminated by an October rain, he didn’t panic. The upper mountain of Squaw Valley got 9.5 inches of rain in a 72-hour period in October. When the staff tested the water after the torrential rain, harmful bacteria were discovered in the four wells. Wirth immediately went into action, and he shut down the wells. The four wells supplied drinking water to the High Camp and Gold Coast areas of the resort. Wirth also closed the restaurant facilities in that section of the resort.

Read more: Squaw Valley issues statement on upper mountain water quality

Liesl Kenney, the PR Director of Squaw Valley released a statement about the flooding and the contaminated wells. Kenney said coliform and E. coli bacteria were found in all four wells. The Environmental Health Department of Placer County and the Squaw Valley Utility District were notified. Kenney also told the Sierra Sun that other health experts were called in to help with the well clean up. According to Kenney, the resort gave skiers free bottled water, and no one at the resort was exposed to the harmful bacteria. She said the four wells aren’t needed because of the other water systems that operated within the resort.

Three of the four wells were inspected after the initial treatments, and the E. coli bacteria was gone, but a low level of coliform was still present. The wells will be inactive until all signs of harmful bacteria are gone, according to Kenney. Even though finding E. coli in a water source is always dangerous, the threat to the skiers at Squaw Valley was nonexistent. The staff followed the correct procedures. Kenney didn’t say when or if the wells would be active again. The resort is functioning without them. The skiers don’t care. There’s plenty of drinking water for all the guests and plenty of frozen water on the slopes.

Online Reputation Management DIY

Most businesses continue to realize the vital role that online reputation management plays on their business. However, not everyone has the money to pay an ORM manager. Most would rather invest in the growth of their business and put in extra effort to manage their reputation. If you are among these, here are a few tips that can help you manage your online reputation by yourself.

Stay on Top of Things

This is one of the things that you can easily do yourself. Do not just wait to react to situations as they arise. Instead, be proactive. Monitor your brand so that at all times, you know what your clients are telling others about your products. This way, you will be able to notice negative reviews and react to them before they can spread further.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective ways for enhancing brand awareness. Open various social media accounts and comment on photos and posts of your followers. Then link back this accounts to your website. This way, when your customers search you online, they are likely to be met by your social media links other than bad articles.


I cannot overemphasize the importance of content, not only content but great content. Content has the ability to make you. Learn how to strategically utilize keywords without flooding your content. This will ensure that content is search-engine friendly. This will make your positive article get ranked in the first pages. Therefore, pushing down the bad articles.

Internal and External Linking

Take advantage of high-traffic websites that allow you link your website in exchange for the same. This exposes you to a larger audience, increases the chances for them visiting your website.

Reaction to Reviews

Plan on how to react to reviews, whether positive or negative. Thank your clients regardless of whether they commented positively or negatively. In case of negative reviews, respond immediately and do it offline. When the problem is resolved, go back to the same site and comment that you arrived a common ground.





No Other Companies Have Low Prices For Wireless Services Like FreedomPop

There are many companies that have wireless services, but FreedomPop stands out on their own because their services have significantly lower prices than what other wireless companies are charging. Since a lot of people are still not very familiar with FreedomPop, it’s imperative for people to continue to write a FreedomPop review to share information about the services, especially with those who are uninformed. One of the services that are talked about from FreedomPop is the free service because it’s usable on just about any smartphones and is truly free of charge. Many may not believe that the service is absolutely free, but this article will prove it.


When a user signs up for the free service from FreedomPop, they’ll be able to use their smartphone, which can be an Android or an iPhone with the latest software. A GSM phone can be used on FreedomPop as long as the network lock has been removed from the phone. Those with a GSM phone can purchase a sim card for a very low cost from FreedomPop to start using the free service. Anyone with a Sprint phone can always switch this phone over to FreedomPop for services.


Since the user will obtain 200 minutes of talk time along with unlimited text messages, they’ll be able to use their talk and text when they need it. Only 500 MB of data is provided with a free service, which means that the use of Wi-Fi will be needed in order to keep the service free of charge. Since a lot of people have access to high-speed Wi-Fi service in their home, many can obtain Wi-Fi for no extra charge. Those who need access to great Wi-Fi service can rely on FreedomPop for their service, which is only five dollars per month and is unlimited.


If the user wants to, they can use the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop as their sole source for cell phone service, which means all of the services will be unlimited and will only cost them five dollars per month. Other great services provided by FreedomPop are the unlimited everything plan that costs under $20 and comes with everything, including unlimited data. The paid plan, which is only $10.99, comes with unlimited talk and texts, but there is only 500 MB of data included, which means the user will still have to rely on Wi-Fi services for unlimited data.

How Sam Tabar Is Bringing Alternative Energy To The World

Building New Technology

As the turn of the century comes to a close a new paradigm for energy is upon us. The oil and coal industries are experiencing a decline in both profits and employment numbers while alternative energy increases its share of the market and employs more workers every day. This success is thanks to likes of men such as Sam Tabar. As both a professional and private investor Tabar has made pushing for progressive investments an important part of his work. He wants more out of his investments than high profit margins. He wants to build a better future for everyone.

Energy Goes Full Cycle

Recently the Full Cycle Fund named Sam Tabar as its latest Chief Officer of Operations. A company founded with the purpose of investing in alternative energy and waste management. With a long history of socially responsible investing Tabar was a natural fit for this company. The power this position gives him Tabar is set to provide even greater assistance to startups focusing on alternative energy and create great profits for the shareholders of Full Cycle. Investing with the public good in mind is more than some act of charity. It is actually more likely to turn a profit.

The Experience Of Sam Tabar

Before he was COO of Full Cycle Tabar had taken on a number of jobs in investment. He is both an accomplished attorney and financial strategist operating in New York City. A graduate of both Oxford and Columbia University his strong academic background guided his career into a number of law firms who served investment firms. Using his experience at these firms Tabar eventually became a private investor. These investments were so successful he eventually decided to make an actual career out of investment.

If there’s anything Tabar has proven it is that you can have your cake and eat it too. He has generated enormous profits, but social progress is always at the center of it. The free market is the perfect place to find solutions to the world’s problems no matter how large they are.