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Dental Professional Helps Low Income People With Go Fund Me Operation Smile

People that are willing to give to other people without anything in return are wonderful people. Avi Weisfogel is one of those people. Avi is starting the GoFundMe page to help raise money and awareness of Operation Smile. This non-profit organization has been helping many people with mouth and dental issues. It has been instrumental in saving the lives and looks of many people. The go fund me page will help raise money so that many poor people can also receive the dental work they need. No one wants to walk around with pain in their mouths. People that can not afford to go to a dentist will be able to access dental care with the funds raised from Operation Smile.

New York has many areas where people are without food, shelter, and dental care. They have limited resources so they choose food and shelter over medical care. Operation smile will help them so they do not have to make this choice. Operation Smile is non-profit so the money will go for what it is deemed. Volunteer dental professionals ride on a special bus to these poverty areas. The bus is a sign that help has arrived.

Avi is a local dentist that started his own dental office in 1999. After years of dental consults, teeth pulling, teeth cleaning, and fillings, Avi made a discovery. The discovery was that people with dental issues can also have problems sleeping. After studying the complications and symptoms of sleep apnea, he discovered that teeth alignment is a good reason for people to have sleep apnea. If the teeth are not in alignment they pose a threat to the breathing because the tongue will naturally fall into the back of the throat causing a person to stop breathing.

Avi Weisfogel began his education and career at the University in New York Citvy. He received a four-year degree in psychology as well as one in Biology. These degrees were the start of his medical career. Now he is a full-time dentist with one dental office and 15 years experience. He gives speeches and lectures to others about the importance of dental appliances. He teaches about oral problems and sleep apnea. Avi has a business that treats sleep disorders. It is called Dental Sleep Masters. This business is in New Jersey. He is also co-founder of the Healthy Heart Sleep. Avi is a very busy man but he always takes the time to help those less fortunate than himself. Check out the go fund me page for Operation Smile. You can find it under Avi Weisfogel.

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Handy, an up and coming Powerhouse

The company Handy which was formerly known as Handybook, which provides both handyman and cleaning services on demand, has been prevailing in this market niché. It is only 3 years old but is now worth a staggering $500 million. Alone last week it had announced earnings of $50 million. There is no doubt that the market would not be the same without them.

The founder of Handy is Oisin Hanrahan, who was originally from Ireland. The company is now based in New York and this has also played a key role in why the company has been so successful. In a recent interview at the Web Summit, Oisin Hanrahan shared information on the company’s growth as well as future plans. The founder of Web Summit, Paddy Cosgrave and Oisin Hanrahan were in college together in the capital Dublin before they ventured out to do their own projects. Prior to the Web Summit and Handy they were involved in the MiCandidate project . This project provided many media companies with all sorts of political content. However Handy came about when Oisin Hanrahan was attending Harvard in Boston when he was living with the co-founder and another student who at the time was extremely messy.

Handy’s purpose is to connect people who are looking for household services with quality service professionals. These individuals are pre screened and therefore can insure the customer with a certain standard. Handyman services all the way to household cleaning and everything in between can be done via the Handy service platform. The customer can book in 60 seconds as well as do the secure payment through the service. There is also a money-back guarantee which makes the experience as safe and secure as possible. The most convenient of its kind.

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The CEO of Highland Capital Management shows the public what the firm has achieved over 2015

The finance industry is a very volatile industry and not many firms can do it as well as Highland Capital Management has been able to do it over the last several years. They are proving to be an industry leader and have employed several time proven strategies. One of their strategies has been high yielding credit. The firm under the leadership of James Dondero has become one of the global alternative credit managers. They offer their clients with an assortment of long only credit strategies and credit oriented products. These products allow them to access the fluid as well as corporate high yielding credit markets. Leveraged loans or as most of you know them as bank loans are high yield credit. These are the type of loans that Highland Capital Management has been focusing on since the year 1993. Since 200 they have been managing separate accounts as well as long only high yielding commingled funds. They have established themselves as one of the biggest managers of bank loans globally.

They have an astounding $13 billion of bank loans assets under their management. Their investment philosophy separates them from the rest of the investments firms out there by focusing on the long term view. There are several separate elements that are combined to form this high yielding credit philosophy. There is a very professional credit research team that focus on capital preservation as well as a deep understanding of the characteristics of the current market. James Dondero the CEO who is also known as James has used his knowledge and experience over his years in the finance market to allow his team to thrive and provide their team with the vision and culture they need. James has since also focused his energy on various philanthropic projects and community outreach across the globe.

The firm has recently filed its 13F form to show its shareholders the performance over the last year and the end of the fourth quarter. As of 2015 their hedge fund portfolio is valued at $3.42 billion. This was a slight decrease over the last year which saw it $4.91 billion. This is a decrease of $1.49 billion. This is a representation of 22.73 percent of the Highland Capital Management portfolio. There are a total of $15.04 billion under management.


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How Will GoFundMe Help Autism Rocks?

Autism Rocks was founded by Sanjay Shah to help fund the autism research industry. Sanjay is the founder and CEO of Solo Capital along with many other companies across Europe, and he is using his business skill to raise as much money for Autism Rocks as possible. This article explains how Sanjay is raising funds for Autism Rocks using a simple web-based donation campaign.

#1: How Does GoFundMe Work?

GoFundMe is a web-based donation platform that allows every user to create their own page. The permalink for the page may be shared across the Internet on social media, and everyone who visits GoFundMe may instantly make a donation using their website. Autism Rocks and Sanjay will use the funds donated to the GoFundMe page to set up concert events for the future.

#2: What Is An Autism Rocks Concert Like?

Autism Rocks creates private concerts featuring some of the most famous musicians in the world today. Every event is held in a nice location, and the concert allows every visitor to see a great performance, eat great food and have a lovely drink. Sanjay Shah has made Autism Rocks concerts exclusive events that anyone would want to attend, and he personally approaches musicians like Lenny Kravitz and Joss Stone to play his concerts.

#3: How Far Does Autism Rocks Funding Go?

Sanjay invests money made at Autism Rocks through his investment firms, and the money is passed on to researchers. He has donated millions to autism research over the years, and he wants to continue to raise more the researchers who are close to unlocking the secrets of autism. Everyone who donates to Autism Rocks is providing an opportunity for children to be free from a disorder that troubles them, and Sanjay plans to make that money go quite a long way.

Anyone who cannot attend an Autism Rocks concert may donate to the GoFundMe page to help create the next Autism Rocks event. Sanjay is calling everyone who is interested in helping the autism research community to donate, and donors may run across the GoFundMe page for Autism Rocks at any time.

Wengie? Yes Please!

Youtube has been a classic web page that has brought many laughs, tears, and has taught many life lessons. It was a phenomenon that swept the nation and went universal. Whether we are in the mood to watch kittens fight, look up the lyrics to our favorite song, or watch a clip from our favorite movies – YouTube is everyone’s go to. Along with all of the random videos that are posted daily – YouTube has also brought everyday people from across the globe to their fame. Among this list are Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, and famous Australian YouTuber Wengie.
Wendy Haung who started the YouTube channel called The Wonderful World of Wengie took off in 2011 and has become a go-to for many girls. Wendy loves to educate people on antioxidants as well as those skin-loving foods. When growing up Wendys mom was not too much into fashion and makeup and Wendy grew up curious about the world of makeup. She dived into the world all on her own, teaching herself through magazines and friends and her career went uphill ever since. Wendy aspires to help others learn about what is good for the skin. She only wears makeup when she is filming or going out.
With over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, it is safe to say that this girl is rocking it! On her channel, you can find videos on beauty routines, body care routines, plus other entertaining videos that are sure to make you laugh. If you are looking for a new makeup routine or any tips on a healthy diet The Wonderful World of Wengie is a great place to start. Her videos are brief and get straight to the point, unlike some videos where you sit down to watch them and realize you’ve already been watching for 5 minutes and you’ve learned nothing so far. Wengie is a great role model and teacher – anybody interested in makeup, fashion, or health should definitely check out her channel and subscribe!

Skout Reigns as New Social Media App for the Younger Crowd

When it comes to social media apps there is always something new on the market. There are different apps out there that are allowing people to meet others online, and each app is geared around trying new things. Facebook has been around for more than a decade. Right now it has become the app that a lot of older people are using.

In the past Facebook was something that was used by a lot of children, but now there are a lot of adults that are using this site. Google+ was an app that would be set to compete with Facebook, but it never really got the same type of exposure that Facebook received. There are loyal Google users that have downloaded the app, but it isn’t the widespread that Facebook has become.

Twitter was also another app that took on social media in a new light. Many celebrities have joined this site, and they have made a big commitment to promoting movies through this type of app. There have also been other apps on the market like the Skout app that have become the new flavor of the month for the young crowd.

Skout is the thing that introduces people a world that they didn’t know about before. Things like Random Kindness Week are introduced through this site. It has become app that is something of a cross between Twitter, Facebook and eHarmony. Random Kindness Week spread even further because this crowd of over a million users were interested in spreading what they read on Skout. That is the big thing that separates it from the other sites. There are actually writers here that are providing information.

This informational aspect of the site is cool because it actually gives the users the ability do everything on one site. They don’t have to roam around the web for information. They don’t have to download 10 or 20 apps that will clutter up their phones. With Skout all they that need is this single app. They can get connected with friends. Users can read cool and quirky articles about things that are happening in the world. They can start a romance with someone new. Skout opens the doors to all of these possibilities.

Teenagers are impressed with Skout because it is new and exciting. Those web surfers that are tired of Facebook and Google+ have something new to look forward to.

Freedom Pop Raises More Capital

The Los Angeles-based mobile phone provider, FreedomPop, that offers many services free, has taken steps to expand its reach into international markets. The company has received another infusion of cash in order to reach their goals.

FreedomPop has now launched a global hotspot that will put cellular networks from across the world under one umbrella.
The program will be offering free data after customers purchase the device for a price of $49.99. The international plan will begin in 25 countries, including the U.K, France, Austria, Greece, Poland, Croatia, Sweden, and others. The company hopes to expand to more than 40 countries before the end of the year. The proposed expansion will include parts of Asia and Latin America.

The free data that comes with the FreedomPop program is 200 MB. If needed, additional data can be purchased at the rate of ten dollars for 500 MB of data.

The recent new cash infusion now raises the amount of new capital to one hundred and nine million dollars. The money raised will make sure the company can follow through with their plans for international expansion, and their desire to be a top ten global mobile phone service.

FreedomPop co-founder Steven Sesar had this to say about the company’s recent news: “The financing also supports our Global network launch, which is an exciting way to give consumers free Internet access across the world and eliminate roaming costs no matter where they are.”
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3 Reasons The World Should No Longer Trust Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass was once thought of as a genius. After all, he was the guy who made international headlines for predicting the subprime mortgage crisis that took place in 2008. The problem is shortly after making his prediction, Kyle Bass made a series of bad calls that made people wonder who this guy really is.

If you are on the fence about whether or not you should trust Kyle Bass, here are three reasons you should not:

Reason #1 – His Relationship With Argentinian despot Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

Its no secret that Argentinian despot Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is bad news. This is a woman whose economic policies are so bad, they caused her country to default on their sovereign debt for a second time. Even still, Bass continues to champion her policies even though they have been proven to be irresponsible.

Reason #2 – He Will Say Anything To Make Good on His Investments

When several GM vehicles were involved in fatal accidents, the cause was determined to be non-deploying airbags and faulty power steering. While these were problems GM later confessed to knowing about all along, Bass decided he would put blame on the dead victims instead of the motor company.

He actually said the drivers were either drunk or failed to wear their seatbelts. What a disgusting thing to say. And he did it all to protect his investment.

Reason #3 – He’s a Big Time Scam Artist

That’s right, Kyle Bass is a scam artist and Wikipedia basically proves as much. This guy set up a company with the sole purpose of shorting pharmaceutical stocks so he could make a quick buck. While he was busy making millions off this scam, thousands of people were dying because they could no longer get access to the medication they needed.

This scam was so vile, the government had to step in and figure out a way to close up a loophole that made it legal. I don’t know if you should blame Bass for this or the government. Either way, this is not a guy you want to trust.

Bernardo Chua Builds Delectable Brand That Is Healthy

It is rare for someone to build a brand that is both healthy and delicious. In the beverage and food industry this is almost unheard of. There are no long lines for broccoli and cheese. People are not running late for work to pick up any peas and carrots. In any industry where it can become difficult to sell anything that is healthy, Bernardo Chua has managed to do is with finesse. People are lining up because they have the heard about the popular brand of premium coffees and teas that Chua has delivered to consumers around the world.

It is the Organo Gold brand that people are talking about. This is the brand that people cannot get enough of. From the coffee shops in San Francisco to the villages in South Africa, Organo Gold has become one of the most profitable brands of coffee and the popularity is only continuing to grow. Chua has been marketing the brand for a while, and all of his efforts have paid off. He is a marketing genius that has helped the world see coffee in a different light.

This brand of coffee is different from all the other brands on the market today. It contains the mystical Ganoderma mushroom that has been associated with healing for hundreds of years in Asia. Bernardo Chua is from the Philippines, and now he is bringing this Asian healing agent to the Western Culture.

The coffee that is presented by Organo Gold has been said to help those that has having issues with things like high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. The Organo Gold brands of coffees and teas have also been associated with helping those that have asthma and migraines. For the working class of overworked Americans that will often suffer with migraines and high blood pressure, this is great news. It will not solve all dietary issues, but it certainly can help consumers on the go.

Millions of people around the world love coffee, which is why Bernardo Chua keeps expanding the business. If they have to decide between the healthy coffee and the non-healthy coffee there is a great chance that the healthy coffee is going to win consumers over. This is what 5 time award winning Bernardo Chua is banking on. He wants everyone in the world to experience his healthy brand. He is taking his brand around the world through the Internet and various distribution channels, and customers are actively seeking this brand.  Check out Bernie talking coffee on YouTube.

Charles Koch vs. Donald Trump

Well known businessman Charles Koch has had some choice word regarding the state of the Republican Party and presidential elections in general. Charles Koch inherited his father’s business and expanded into new industries. Now, they have made waves as leaders in pollution control technology, polymers, and name brands such as Quilted Northern, Dixie Cups, and Stainmaster.

Being such magnates of the business world gives Charles Koch an advantage when it comes to politics. When they find a candidate they truly believe in, they are able to help them succeed in their campaigns. For example, they were able to raise $400 million for Mitt Romney in 2012, and are working hard to assist their candidate of choice in 2016.

This year, despite their continued support of the Republican Party, the Koch’s are steadfast in their refusal to support Donald Trump. Trump has repeatedly approached them for financial backing, but Charles Koch maintains that Trump’s anti-Muslim proposed laws are an assault on Liberty, and will not engage with his ideals. Now Trump has turned to attack the Kochs, who must decide whether to fight back.

Even though the Koch’s have primarily lent support to Republican candidates, Charles Koch calls himself a classical liberal, one who would rather see the dual party system abolished, as it is doing relatively no good for society. His financial standing gives him-and other business moguls- opportunities to alter the political landscape away from the archaic traditions and parties. No longer are politics controlled by the candidates, but truly by the people. Thus, they must choose whether to further this action by actively taking down Trump, a candidate they truly do not agree with on many points.

The Kochs and other political financiers, therefore, face a truly difficult path. Should Trump be the leading Republican candidate, and none of the Democratic or other party leaders seem to be acceptable, would Charles Koch and his brother continue their stonewalling or committ themselves to aiding their party of choice? Though a strong financial standing is helpful in political campaigns, the choices are not always so easy for people like the Kochs to make.

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