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Talk Fusion: Changing The World

It takes a lot of work to become part of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). The organization is extremely prestigious, and monitors an business’s ethical practices closely. The idea is to keep unethical businesses from taking advantage of a given community. That’s why the DSA doesn’t hand out membership to just anyone, and getting endorsed by this group acts effectively as international vetting of a business or services company.

One organization that has gained the approval of DSA is Talk Fusion, a company that provides video chat software so exceptional it has become the number one global video chat application.

Now, many in countries like the US have yet to hear about Talk Fusion, but that’s no indicator of the application’s technological profundity; just an indication that economy is shifting on the globe such that a singular market is emerging from the varying separate nation-states in existence currently. Right now is one of the best times for global commerce history has ever seen. It’s likely a short window of opportunity, as individual nation-states are slowly being consumed by a globalist mandate; and once the bubble’s encompassed the globe, freedoms will be curtailed. In the meantime, projects like Talk Fusion’s charitable and technological endeavors are bringing the world together like never before.

Bob Reina, founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, has a deep sympathy for bettering the planet. His organization gives to animal charities, and is actively involved in building up communities, families and friends.

All of that is on top of a technological service (whose patent is pending) that provides some of the best video chat innovations the world has ever seen. Talk Fusion is number one in Indonesia, number five in Japan, and number twenty in Switzerland among video chat services. The software has multi-platform support, meaning it can be used with Android, Macintosh, Windows, and tablet operating systems.

Finally, Talk Fusion gives users a thirty day free trial starting out, and there is no credit card required. This trial allows full access to all available applications. The folks at Talk Fusion know those who’ve used their services will want to keep doing that.

Make A Wish Foundation Receives Donations From Skout Superheros


This Month’s Survey Results From Skout

Skout has been celebrating some of the most interesting holidays in the past few months. They bring awareness to fun holidays throughout the year, and they spread joy to other people in their community by bringing people together over a common cause. PR Newswire wrote an article about their most recent survey that they conducted, and the article also discusses the charitable donations that Skout was involved in with their community. The Skout community enjoys being involved in surveys, learning about fun holidays and contributing to the common good of their community by purchasing gifts to give to friends on the application. This post will discuss some of those survey results, and we will discuss some of the charitable donations that Skout has helped bring to our awareness.

Skout’s Superhero Survey Results For The Month Of April

April 28th marked the fun holiday called National Superhero Day, so Skout decided to get involved in their online and real life communities in a super way this April. Not only did Skout survey their users about their favorite superheros and favorite super powers, but the company also set up an innovative way to give back to their community on this super day. National Superhero Day was surely a good day to work with Skout in order to help someone in need. According to the survey that Skout conducted with their online community, 75 percent of people attested to the fact that a superhero is someone that helps another person who is in need. Thanks to Skout, we can all be superheros on this day by working with them to help the Make A Wish Foundation.

The Make A Wish Foundation in the Greater Bay Area actually received donations from Skout for every gift that was purchased that was superhero themed in Skout’s gift shop. The developers on Skout actually created special superhero themed presents that users could purchase on April 28th in order to give to another user, and the proceeds of these gifts were to go to the Make A Wish Foundation in order to complete the funding for a person’s wish. The majority of women in this survey said that Batman was their favorite superhero, and most men said that Superman was their favorite. Here is the link to the article referenced from PR Newswire if you want more information.

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Why Dogs Love Beneful

When you bring that little puppy home, you are probably thinking a few different things. You are wondering what in the world you are going to feed it. What do dogs need to eat? Is it sufficient to buy a bag of dog feed and pour it in their bowl? Dog food is a little more complicated than that. Dogs have tastes and preferences just as humans do. There is good dog food and bad dog food. If you take the time to find the dog food that is right for your pet, he or she will have a very happy and fulfilled life.
Roasted Turkey Medley
Did you know that many of your favorite entrees can essentially be converted to dog food? Their meals do not have to be limited to dry dog food. While dogs do certainly enjoy it (especially those made by Beneful:, wet dog food is a favorite among many dogs. Wet dog food closely resembles real food. This means that they do not have to wait for table scraps to get a meal that they love. They can enjoy Roasted Turkey with the full range of vegetables that they need. Nestle Purinastore is the manufacturer of Beneful.

Dental Ridges
Do you ever think about the care of your dog’s teeth? While dogs may not eat the sort of food that often has such a negative impact on teeth (like candy and soda) they will still need to maintain a proper smile and sparkling teeth. That is why Beneful has developed Dental Ridges.

Baked Delight Hugs
Positive reinforcement is one of the most effective tools to train and bond with your dog. If you want him or her to learn some new tricks or to stop barking, you should provide tasty rewards. Beneful’s Baked Delight Hugs with beef and cheese will keep your dog motivated.

Originals With Real Beef
Dogs enjoy meat as much as people do. It is part of their natural diet. recognized this and has generated Dry Dog Food With Real Beef. Your dog will enjoy a natural and healthy meal. All the Beneful products are available online via

FreedomPop Comes Out With Free WhatsApp

FreedomPop is coming out with a brand new way to help people get more out of their phones. There are a lot of users around the world who are using FreedomPop, and VentureBeat says that they will be able to use WhatsApp free when they get their FreedomPop phones. That means that these people can use WhatsApp when they have an Internet connection, and it is not going to count against their usage.

The people who go for WhatsApp usually are getting a free or very cheap plan, and they have to try to conserve the data and minutes they get. People can pay for more if they really need it, or they can use WhatsApp to keep it free.

WhatsApp is a great program that helps people do messaging and calling from a special number, and it is free to FreedomPop users. The free number created by WhatsApp can be used for anything, and the amount of data used to make the app work is not counted on a FreedomPop bill. Someone can save their FreedomPop data for other things, and they can use WhatsApp for their normal calling and texting when they are near a wifi connection.

The best part of this is that anyone can use it. People with other companies can get WhatsApp to talk to their friends, and the people who use WhatsApp get an extra number that is going to help them make sure that they can make the phone calls and send the texts they need to. This makes it easier to use their phones, and it helps people who do not have access to cell phone service. They can go with a cheap plan from FreedomPop, and they will be able to use that plan with WhatsApp to keep their costs down.

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Try A Different Strategy This Round Its Time

At times, we expect to bear different results from our monotonous routine of doing things. Just like expecting to succeed by following the same approach of doing things and we expect success from it. Our routines are mainly a follow up of the odds, just doing what most people do. Most people take average measures it’s time to choose a different path and take an extra mile if we want more of success. It is just like how the American hockey team beat the unbeatable large bodied European team. They had to try extra harder and forgo the odds of that they will definitely lose against the Europe team. They were not average anymore, but they played the game in a different way.

Sometimes in our lives, we have the urge to achieve so much but fortunately are fixated by the odds. It just like putting all our hopes and faith in lottery tickets. There is a need to stop being average by avoiding traits like never bothering to learn about running and management of business. Low esteem, negative thinking, and lousy business ideas are some of the traits to avoid too. In addition, we need to wipe out the negligence in learning about financial matters develop patience in our day to day dealings and avoid emotions in our business. An out of the ordinary person will try to add together their profits in order to invest in property ownership among other things. Such are out of the odds of an average person.

VTA Publications is a firm dedicated to providing online e-learning courses and digitalized resource materials majorly in finance and economics. The firm has also been identified in having the best resource platforms. These includes brief documents that are precise and to the point for students and readers. Founded back in 2012 VTA Publications are dedicated to providing information, products, and more services for their customers in the whole global region. Their type of information is cross-cutting edged, and they are dedicated to providing it to their esteemed customers whether physically or via digital platforms.

In addition, VTA Publications organize forums for fans of economics and finance and invite professionals in the field to share more through especial events. Their information is sourced from global experts such that customers manage to receive simply to use formats. Specifically, VTA Publications are non-fictional publishers, and they are also event caterers. Those invited are supposedly specific genre experts; this makes their information interesting to learn and easy to understand. They are more so experts in the economics and finance discipline and available for all interested participants.  MoreMoneyReview has the full story.

Autism Rocks – Sanjay Shah

Autism Rocks was founded by philanthropist, Sanjay Shah, in 2014 when he launched his organization. It is geared towards raising money for the neurological condition to help raise money for research and development. There hasn’t been a lot of research conducted in the past considering autism is a fairly distant diagnosis that hasn’t been around for too long. It’s becoming more familiar and more people are becoming diagnosed with the autism. Shah would like to find out the cause and help raise money for research to do so. His youngest son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 and he wanted to be able to help him the best way that he could. At first he didn’t know how, and he had spend his hard earned money donating to other causes as well as children in India until he decided to form his own company to help raise awareness and better understand the condition.

Sanjay Shah started out in the financial industry where he worked as an accountant for a number of years. He began to grow tired of the hustle in the city, and decided to venture out and form his own investment firm called Solo Capital. Solo Capital is a very successful company that continued to grow very rapidly. It became a million dollar investment firm in a matter of five years, and has allowed Sanjay Shah to gently retire and pursue other areas of interest such as Autism Rocks.

He has dedicated much of his life to forming his own companies and making a profit for his family. He has owned over thirty nine companies, but has recently dedicated most of his time to Autism Rocks. It has recently grown quite a bit, so he has hired two more trustees to the board that he has a history with from his college days. They help with the financial part of the fundraiser as well as the music part. Autism Rocks is a charity that is based on music events that are invite only and help raise money for the condition. He hopes to continue to grow Autism Rocks, and really help those in need.

Problems Increasing in Europe as Warned by George Soros

Millions of refugees have been pouring into European countries over the last several months, leading to a huge amount of problems. While Europe planned to take in these refugees on, they did not realize the sheer volume of people that would be coming, plan accurately to finance everything, and flat out have not handled the situation very well. Greece has had to deport a huge amount of people back to Turkey lately, and the reality is that the refugees are shifting from country to country all the time. There just have not been concrete laws and systems to provide for the rapid influx of people, causing a ton of mayhem in the European region of the World.

The European Commission on has come out and stated that they have formulated plans that being set up, which aim to handle the situation effectively and efficiently. One of the main problems that is going on is the fact that the asylum seekers need to be able to reach their destination. Going through Europe right now for these asylum seekers according to George Soros means going through a ton of different countries for the most part. Say that family of refugees is trying to get to a country that is in the Northern area of Europe. They will have to cross through a ton of countries in order to reach their final destination, and the fact that each country is handling refugees differently, with different policies in place, this can be quite a difficult endeavor.

The refugees need to be able to get to where they are going, which is what has been said by George Soros, who is a major investor and master at economics and has become a billionaire because of his skills. George Soros has gone on record and stated that the European Union is going to come under a lot of fire and be in some real trouble if they do not get things rectified fairly soon. Greece is experiencing a major amount of problems and George Soros has not been quiet when it comes to putting out his opinions and warnings on the matters at hand.

Something needs to be done to fix the situation in Europe, and there needs to be streamlined processes to handle the rapid influx of people. The refugees that are coming into Europe need to be able to get to the final place that they are traveling, and the European Commission needs to come up with a plan to handle it monetarily. The money issue has been one of the biggest things, and one of the possible solutions to handle the matter that has been discussed is an increase in taxes. This would only make sense, as there needs to be a money source that is coming from somewhere to provide for the public assistance programs for these asylum seekers. The funds are going to have to come from somewhere, and a well developed transportation system needs to be figured out, but for the meantime, things are not going smoothly in Europe.

Kheradpir Set To Drive Coriant In Achievement Of Its Goals

Kheradpir is the new chief executive officer of Coriant a position that was allocated to him later after he quit working with Juniper. The colleagues at Coriant are psyched up to have a leader of his caliber in the firm and are set to work together to achieve the goals of Coriant. The firm has he confident that his ability will drive Coriant to the next level of growth considering that he has over 28 years’ experience working in the related industry. In addition, Kheradipir has been a great applicant of strategic insight and his invaluable acts of guidance for the period he has worked at the firm. Kheradipir has also worked closely with private equities an aspect that helped him in landing for the Coriant chief executive officer position.

Pat Dipietro now becomes the vice chairman of Coriant and also gets his position at Marlin Equity Partners. Kheradipir will have the opportunity to exercise his skills in business and technology which he has shown widely in the large field of the Telkom industry It is wise of the company to hire him despite perceptions about his former position one year ago. However, Kheradpir has a proven ability to handle over 500 clients just as he did while working at Barclays as a technology provider. With his experience, Coriant should expect a positive change in achievements and growth for the firm.

Shaygan Kheradipir has been a great influence in the technology, service, and financial industry for a long time. Many people have recognized his interaction with the optical transport sales and telecom networking services. He is the former chief executive officer and a board director of Juniper Networks a position he resigned early last year. He is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Masters and doctorate from Cornell University. Back in 2007 he was recognized in the CIO Magazine’s Hall of Fame and has also been a professor of Electrical Engineering at North Eastern University.

Before working with juniper, Kheradipir worked with Barclays PLC as an overseer of distribution of products and services for clients. His main role was the chief operations officer; largely his domain has been with technology, and he has also participated largely in global investments banking for the firm. Kheradipir can be rated as a great leader who has brought great transformations in all the firms he has worked for. His major focus, however, has been ion the technological aspects for all the firms he has worked with. Definitely, he will bring positivity at Coriant.

Michael Zomber Collector and Educator

Michael Zomber, like many of us has an avid interest in something, in his case it is antique firearms and samurai swords. His interest has lead to his collecting weapons and studying the history of the peoples who have used firearms and swords in battle and in life. His study and research has given him a broad knowledge, which he kindly shares with the rest of us. He has written books on his passions and studies and contributed to a documentary on the subject. “Bushido” is a short YouTube video in which he explains several of the Samurai traditions. Watch the short video.

Zomber is one of the rare people who can discover and share details that are interesting and sometimes shocking to learn. He quotes Thomas Jefferson, a hero to many Americans, expressing his love for guns. Any boy growing up in the country was familiar with firearms: hand guns, rifles, and shotguns. This familiarity, often, leads to fascination. You could hold, carry and use a rifle, which had the power to accurately send a projectile, a tiny rocket, hurtling through space at an unimaginable speed. For some this fascination lead to collecting, and collecting leads to the study of the object collected and its relevance to the time when it was used. At the time of Jefferson it was the Pennsylvania long rifle, often referred to, incorrectly, as the Kentucky long rifle. It was built by German immigrants who settled in South Eastern Pennsylvania, and it was the staple firearm used at the time of the Revolutionary War. It was this type of firearm that Thomas Jefferson had a fascination for.

Michael Zomber and his studies and collections provide the public with the history of an era as it related to firearms. There are millions of people who did not grow up in rural areas and did not have firearms as a necessary part of their daily life. For these people firearms hold little interest, but for teenaged boys going to amusement parks in the 1950s and 1960s they were drawn to the shooting galleries where live ammunition (.22 shorts) were loaded into pump action Winchester rifles attached by chains at the barrel to the counter, and for 25 cents any boy, man or woman could pick out a stationary target or a moving duck in a barrel to aim at and shoot. It was the beginning of a lifelong fascination. 

Rise of the Use of Bitcoins and Brad Reifler

The question as to whether Bitcoin is becoming irrelevant and of no significant use is yes. This is according to Bradley Reifler in The Inquisitr. Bitcoin is described as a digital currency and also known as electronic money or cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is not controlled by any institution or organization and it does not meet the definition of a currency. The process by which Bitcoins are created is called mining. Users of this system record or fill in payments into a public ledger. Once they do this, they are charged some fee and Bitcoins. Bitcoins can also be acquired when one exchanges other modes such as products and services and currencies.

They have been claims that Bitcoins have been used to promote illegal activities by covering them up. Top illegal activities that have been attributed to Bitcoins are drug trafficking and money laundering. In the year 2013, the FBI had to take down an online market called Silk Road and in the process they were able to confiscate around 144,000 Bitcoins which were worth approximately $28.5 million. There is lack of consumer protection when using Bitcoins as they can be easily stolen. Despite the negativity associated with Bitcoins, traders prefer it since the transaction fees are less as compared to using credit cards. New developments are being seen in relation to Bitcoins.

According to Bryan S. Hall, he states that it’s quite easy to exchange Bitcoins and comfortably secure your mortgage payment. This is a risky way since there is the possibility of loss of value associated with fraud and crime.

A16Z venture capital group through Marc Andreessen, has increased its investment in the system. There is also a possibility of the firm investing even more in the coming years. Bradley Reifler is a big opponent of the Bitcoins system. He says that as a financial advisor he would not encourage his clients to invest in it. He says it is a risky business. He also adds that using Bitcoins is quite irrelevant and threatening. Bryan S. Hall is of a different opinion, he is willing to the risk. He believes being in a position to invest in startups affords greater access to users of Bitcoins.

Brad Reifler’s experience in investment banking has made him aware of the fact that there is nothing like free lunch. The old adage of if something looks too good to be true, then it probably is, is a philosophy that Bradley faithfully follows.

Brad Reifler is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital. Forefront Capital is a financial services firm that is based in New York City. Through the firm, Bradley Reifler offers advisory with regards to investment, asset management and investment banking. The group has subsidiaries such as Forefront Advisory LLC and Forefront Capital Markets LLC.

Reifler started off his career in 1982 when he founded Reifler Trading Corporation and later sold it to Refco Inc in 2000. He also founded Pali Capital in 1995 and until 2008 he had managed to spur the firm to get returns worth over $200 million in those 13 years. Bradley Reifler is a success story in the world of investment banking.