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James Dondero: Making Waves With Highland Capital Management

James Dondero has worked for more than 30 years in the financial industry. Before Jim Dondero had founded Highland Capital Management, he worked for others and gained experience in a variety of positions. Jim started out at the University of Virginia in the McIntire School of Commerce. He got a dual degree in finance and accounting while he was there and he graduated with high honors.

When James Dondero finished school, he started at the Morgan Guaranty training program and worked as an analyst there for a year. He then moved on to American Express and he worked there for several years as a corporate bond analyst and portfolio manager. At American Express he managed a portfolio that was valued at 1 billion dollars. Dondero then moved up positions and changed firms. He decided to be the Chief Investment Officer at a Protective Life GIC subsidiary. He spent 4 years at this company helping it to go from nothing to 2 billion dollars.

After his time as Chief Investment Officer, Jim decided it was time to go out on his own. He founded Highland Capital Management and has been growing it ever since. He now has certification as a Chartered Financial Analyst, a Certified Management Accountant and a Certified Public Accountant. He is also active in the local community. Jim Dondero sits on the board of organizations like American Banknote, MGM Studios, NexBank, CCS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare.

The recent activities of Highland Capital Management were analyzed in an article by Octa Finance. The online newspaper did an overview of the firms recently filed 13F for the third quarter of 2015. The filing showed that the equity of exposure of the firm had decreased from the second quarter to the third quarter by 1.49 billion dollars. The portfolio’s value, as of the third quarter, was valued at 3.42 billion dollars. The article also showed that the firm was getting rid of some shares completely and taking up new stocks. During the third quarter, the fund made purchases in 69 new stocks. The firm also made purchases in 62 stocks that it already had a position in. The fund sold out of 119 stocks and reduced their standing in 80 stocks. The firm also changed the sectors that it’s in.

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Marcio Alaor talks Netflix expansion in 2016


Netflix, a leading company in video streaming, is realizing their large potential for exponential growth in 2016. With an expansion to different countries marked for the first days of the new year, now the company will provide service to twice as much area as before, and large investments are waiting. One of the biggest bets for the year, Netflix has responded to world requests and to their loyal subscribers with lots of activity, development and progress.
While the well-known video transition system will be made accessible to more then 130 countries starting this year, Marcio Alaor reports. Apparently, even in 2015 service for only 60 countries was proposed. A large expansion that would only be restricted due to North American governments blocking the company from doing business with certain countries like, Crimea, North Korea, and Syria. Marcio Alaor reports, there are plans to expand to China in 2016. However, these plans could possibly be delayed.
For this company, a country that has expanded and represents a large number of consumers, due to their large population is India. This country, where more places have Netflix and there is a strong film industry. The company acquired local characteristics, Marcio Alaor, executive of BMG Bank reports. By offering Bollywood films to be available globally. Despite this, the country is a world exponent of pirating, as a result it is not know for sure which consumption of this market is legitimate.
Netflix, who has produced original content, like Orange is the New Black, Jessica Jones, and House of Cards, is winning over consumers, the executive of BMG Bank reports, that massive held investments in 2016 are predicted to reach 5 billion dollars reports Marcio Alaor. Recently, the company released their first feature length film, Beasts of No Nation, a film based on a novel that tells the story of a civil war.
An innovation by Ericsson together with Volvo indicates the accommodation of other sectors of video streaming on a large scale. These companies, reported by the BMG Bank executive, are developing a system to make it possible for Netflix programs to be viewed from anywhere, whether or not there is an internet connection.
In this scenario, the prediction for an increase in users and the company’s income is the best. It is predicted that from 2016 to 2020 the number of subscribers will increase by a rate of 24% a year, Marcio Alaor reports. This means that by the end of this period, the number of users would be 150 million. At that rate, profits would be 20 billion dollars.
Marcio Alaor is the executive vice president of BMG Bank. The leader of payroll and personal in Brazil. Born in the mining town of Santo Antonio do Monte, Today, his is considered one of the leading business men in Brazil’s economic center.

Building a New Tech Brand

Building a new tech brand can sometimes be difficult. While there are tech startups all the time that come out of nowhere, many of these tech firms either go out of business within a few years, are bought out, or just fizzle out. Only a small number of tech companies actually last longer than a few years and are able to build up into something special. Often times, this is because the company does not have a good CEO. The people who created the tech also serve as the CEOs, but they might not of had a grander scheme for creating and expanding upon what they want to see and do with the company. So, when the business took off, they were left in the dust and didn’t have the mindset to continue to grow. That is why so many of these tech companies ultimately fail. However, that is why Coriant has been able to succeed. It is one of the newer major tech companies in the world, and while most outside of the tech world have not heard of Coriant, it is still doing important work and helping businesses receive their data transfers from around the world.

Coriant came to be in 2013 when it spun off from Nokia Siemens. Nokia Siemens were being transitioned into new management and it proved necessary to spin off Coriant into its own company. The company, as a branch of Nokia Siemens, produced fiber optic software and hardware. With the need to boost data transfer rates continually growing, many companies around the tech world turned to Coriant for this kind of equipment. It proved profitable enough and sustainable enough to sit on its own and to be able to expand on its own. However, when the company went its own way, it needed to have its own CEO, otherwise it would simply end up like other tech startups. That is why it turns to Shaygan Kheradpir.

Shaygan had an extensive background in the tech industry, starting with his Ph.D. in electrical engineering. He helped work and develop FiOS, the fiber optics service for Verizon, and he eventually went to sit on the board of directors of Barclays, the financial giant, before moving on to become the CEO of Juniper Networks.

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Taking Your Business To The Next Level With A Wikipedia Page

In today’s world and business climate, you need to be sure that you are taking the opportunity to embrace online marketing. No matter what kind of business you own, this is a critical piece of your puzzle. The main reason for this is that the internet has evolved and the world is largely online from the time they roll out of bed to the time they go to sleep at night. One critical site that you need to embrace is Wikipedia. This has become the go-to source for people who are looking for an informative breakdown on a topic. Because of this, you should make sure that your business or other endeavor has a Wikipedia page set up. However, as opposed to writing it out yourself, you should reach out to Get Your Wiki in order to make sure that you have the help of professionals who can set you up with what you need for writing your page. 

The Importance Of Being On Wikipedia

Are you not yet convinced that you should make a Wikipedia page for yourself or your business? You truly need to get on it, because this not only increases your online presence, it sets you up as an authority in your field. When users see that you have a Wikipedia page that is active and thriving, it denotes a quality reputation and increases your brand recognition. This is also an excellent endeavor when it comes to search engine optimization, because a highly -ranked Wikipedia page will pop up anytime people search for your business. This will in turn allow you to turn web browsers into paying customers, drastically increasing your conversion rates.

Hire Get Your Wiki Writers

So why is this company the best when it comes to Wikipedia business page creation? Well for one, they will ensure that your page ranks highly and have the history of doing so. They will thoroughly monitor your Wikipedia page so that you don’t have any harmful edits which can be debilitating to your company. By having this monitoring on a regular basis, you can sit back and know that your Wikipedia page is in good hands.

Consider these points and use them so that you are able to get the Wikipedia page that you need in order to enhance your business and bolster your online profile and recognition.

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