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Blend of Fashion and Technology

During the 1970s, boom box was introduced to the market with a public excitement. People were now able to listen to their favorite songs and stations as they carry them around. The boom box was created to carry two cassettes and each cassette had two sides. One side could be played while the other was recording music from the other cassette.


Walkman was introduced in the 1990s and brought about a greater personal music experience. In early 2000, technology shifted to another level with the introduction of iPods. Music now had a deeper and smaller personal understanding.


Presently, interlink between fashion and technology is garnering pace. Fashion designers appreciate creating items that appeal to the market and have identified the use of technology as a great opportunity. The use of the two has led to a higher standard in functionality and innovation.


Wipprecht Anouk, a Dutch stylist who blends fashion and technology, says that technology is an avenue like a playground where you experiment and move deeper into the systems and innovations. This creates a new world with endless possibilities. Wipprecht Anouk has designed the avant-garde, drink-making dress, Pseudomorphs and DareDroid.


Fashion has also blended with technology to produce safe designs. It is not fashionable to put on bike protection but two designers, Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt have created an item to wear near the neck area. This acts as cyclists airbag hence pops up when someone has an accident and his head is about to have an impact with the ground. Helmets have the disadvantage of inhibiting visibility of the cyclers or riders thus this will be a better solution.


Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan created frontline gloves for firefighters. This allows firefighters to communicate easily via hand signals hence greater protection. Fascinatingly, designers have now gone to an extra step of coming up with fashions using recycled items. Emma Whiteside recycled radiator copper and came up with a long gown while SegraSegra came up with jackets and shirts using inner tubes of bicycles.


In other cases according to Chris Burch, technology needs to depend on fashion for their items to increase in popularity. Wearing of glasses had stalled up until last year. The stigma of putting them on and its average cost was main contributors to that factor. Diane Von Furstenberg, a top fashion designer, solved this problem by making her models to wear them while catwalking. Fashion has the effect of pushing people towards the latest trends and styles.



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