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Building a New Tech Brand

Building a new tech brand can sometimes be difficult. While there are tech startups all the time that come out of nowhere, many of these tech firms either go out of business within a few years, are bought out, or just fizzle out. Only a small number of tech companies actually last longer than a few years and are able to build up into something special. Often times, this is because the company does not have a good CEO. The people who created the tech also serve as the CEOs, but they might not of had a grander scheme for creating and expanding upon what they want to see and do with the company. So, when the business took off, they were left in the dust and didn’t have the mindset to continue to grow. That is why so many of these tech companies ultimately fail. However, that is why Coriant has been able to succeed. It is one of the newer major tech companies in the world, and while most outside of the tech world have not heard of Coriant, it is still doing important work and helping businesses receive their data transfers from around the world.

Coriant came to be in 2013 when it spun off from Nokia Siemens. Nokia Siemens were being transitioned into new management and it proved necessary to spin off Coriant into its own company. The company, as a branch of Nokia Siemens, produced fiber optic software and hardware. With the need to boost data transfer rates continually growing, many companies around the tech world turned to Coriant for this kind of equipment. It proved profitable enough and sustainable enough to sit on its own and to be able to expand on its own. However, when the company went its own way, it needed to have its own CEO, otherwise it would simply end up like other tech startups. That is why it turns to Shaygan Kheradpir.

Shaygan had an extensive background in the tech industry, starting with his Ph.D. in electrical engineering. He helped work and develop FiOS, the fiber optics service for Verizon, and he eventually went to sit on the board of directors of Barclays, the financial giant, before moving on to become the CEO of Juniper Networks.

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