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Fine Hair and WEN, Yes it Works Well

What comes to mind when you think about fine hair? If you have fine hair, I bet plenty comes to mind. You probably wish your hair was thicker, had more volume, or wasn’t so fragile. Because let’s face it, people with fine hair struggle with that. Hair takes a lot of abuse daily. Hot tools are hard on the hair no matter what texture you have. But with fine hair, it is even worse. Chemicals are also harsh. People with fine hair have to be careful not to over process the hair from maintenance. And let’s not forget about what is in the products that we use daily just to clean and style your hair. Bustle has an article about a girl using Wen hair for a week. To see the results look here.

This woman has fine hair and after some careful consideration and countless QVC commercial viewings of what WEN can do for her hair. She decided to give it a shot. For seven full days, she used the product. Immediately she found that after just one washing her hair felt different. She claimed that while she was cleansing her hair that it quickly begin to feel thicker. She was concerned by how much WEN suggested she used for her hair and she did the minimum amount. She stated that her hair even felt more bouncy and shiny after she styled her hair. By day seven, she concluded that WEN was great for anyone that washed and styled their hair every day.

WEN is a product created by Chaz Dean. According to, Chaz Dean owns and operates a salon called Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood. He caters to an impressive roster of celebrity clients. After quickly climbing the ranks in the salon world, he went beyond that and came up with his product line WEN.

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The Benefits of Being An Entrepreneur

There are quite a few benefits to being an entrepreneur. However, it all has to be thought out. To start, the entrepreneur has to take a while to decide what it is that she wants to do. This includes thinking about what she is passionate about. It could also include what she has fun doing. There are ways to get paid for doing what one enjoys. This is in fact the best type of job that one can have. One form of job that people could enjoy is selling make up. Doe Deere is one of those entrepreneurs that enjoy make up. For this reason, she has started Lime Crime

Doe Deere has shown that one of the best ways to get started on what one is passionate about is to just get started. She has started Lime Crime from just an eBay account. She has attracted sales in ways that were innovative. Instead of showing the make up itself on a piece of paper, she has shown these products as applied on the skin. She has also shown examples of how to use the make up to put together a good look. This is one thing that has inspired people to buy the make up that she is selling in order to try it for themselves.

One thing that helps for entrepreneurs is marketing. When Doe Deere started Lime Crime, she has had the whole marketing figured out. She has made sure that she started a campaign that got people not only interested in buying the product, but also showing pictures and examples of the make up that they put together. One message that Doe Deere has sent with Lime Crime is that it is a good thing for one to be true to one’s self. This is the only way that one could move forward and live a productive life.  Check out the products in online stores, or follow the Twitter feed for updates on what Lime Crime will be doing next.

Discover How Great Hair Care Products Will Work For You

Fragile hair can be complicated when you’re a busy professional. The success of in pressing a client, getting through your day, or managing your hair depends on a quality hair care product. Often times, women spend too much money on hair therapy and hair care products. Revolutionizing your hair is critical when you have dull dry hair. Wen by Chaz Dean provides a wonderful solution for less than $40 on QVC stores which meets the demands of many daily household budgets. One bottle will last you for up to two months. You’ll know how much to use because each amount for a specific hair care type is listed on the bottle.
Wen by Chaz offers their customers a superior online experience that allows them to choose from thousands of products. In fact, most forms of payment are accepted securely online. They offer many shampoos, conditioners, and all-in-one treatments for both men and women. After a long day at work try washing your hair with Wen by Chaz for a rich aroma that will soothe you and restore your hair. Take for example, one young lady using it for the first time with her own money. She ordered the strengthening conditioner and had it shipped to her door in under a week.

She was using it on thin hair and was using it as a last resort. She informed the Bustle readers in a recent article that she had tried everything and nothing seemed to work. She noticed her hair didn’t break out as much as it had previously done during her washes. By the end of the week she had manageable hair that mimicked that of the stars. She now uses WEN hair by Chaz for all her hair care needs. She informs all the Bustle readers that it works great for her student budget. Visit the Wen by Chaz official website to take total control of your hair. Like WEN hair on Facebook;


Wen By Chaz Makes An Impact

Flawless hair is hard to come by trust me I know. I have had to do a ton of different things to my hair in order to get the hair that I have today and I have no problem sharing that with people. You know how the quote goes Rome wasn’t built in a day? It is really true. You do not just wake up one day and I decide that you get to have great hair. If it worked that way I would probably have had perfect hair a long time ago but I don’t because it doesn’t work that way.
Recently Bustle release an article of their beauty blogger giving a WEN hair By Chaz a chance to work on her hair. In the past few months this QVC advertised brand has been under a ton of scrutiny because of it’s product but this blogger wanted to dispel all these rumors and give the product a try for herself. As I watched the blogger go through her daily Wen hair overview I was amazed at how much her hair was transformed so quickly. You could tell that the product was working on her hair and you could tell that this system was really not only impacting her hair but impacting her confidence. Visit Guthy-Renker to know more about Wen.

If you are not familiar with Wen by Chaz it is a 3 in 1 system designed to help all types of hair. It was created by Chaz Dean.It is available online via Amazon and most beauty stores nationwide.

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Wengie? Yes Please!

Youtube has been a classic web page that has brought many laughs, tears, and has taught many life lessons. It was a phenomenon that swept the nation and went universal. Whether we are in the mood to watch kittens fight, look up the lyrics to our favorite song, or watch a clip from our favorite movies – YouTube is everyone’s go to. Along with all of the random videos that are posted daily – YouTube has also brought everyday people from across the globe to their fame. Among this list are Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, and famous Australian YouTuber Wengie.
Wendy Haung who started the YouTube channel called The Wonderful World of Wengie took off in 2011 and has become a go-to for many girls. Wendy loves to educate people on antioxidants as well as those skin-loving foods. When growing up Wendys mom was not too much into fashion and makeup and Wendy grew up curious about the world of makeup. She dived into the world all on her own, teaching herself through magazines and friends and her career went uphill ever since. Wendy aspires to help others learn about what is good for the skin. She only wears makeup when she is filming or going out.
With over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, it is safe to say that this girl is rocking it! On her channel, you can find videos on beauty routines, body care routines, plus other entertaining videos that are sure to make you laugh. If you are looking for a new makeup routine or any tips on a healthy diet The Wonderful World of Wengie is a great place to start. Her videos are brief and get straight to the point, unlike some videos where you sit down to watch them and realize you’ve already been watching for 5 minutes and you’ve learned nothing so far. Wengie is a great role model and teacher – anybody interested in makeup, fashion, or health should definitely check out her channel and subscribe!