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Vérité La Joie is the Belle of Cambria Estates

Cambria Estates, one of the successful companies under the Jackson Family Wines umbrella is recently touting their Vérité La Joie a Cabernet intensive Bourdeaux blend. This varietal is the darling of Julia Jackson, daughter of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke and current spokesperson for the family business. Jackson, a graduate of Scripps College, is one of the most forceful proponents of the Cabernet grape as grown in Sonoma. She believes that the weather and soil in the Sonoma region are very well suited to this varietal, and the success of Vérité La Joie seems to be proving her right.

In addition to her duties as spokesperson for the ever successful and always growing Jackson Family Wines, Julia is kept very busy with her charitable organization Cambria Seeds of empowerment. This organization works to empower women in the workplace, and Julia credits her mother Barbar Banke as a strong influence in her belief in the success of women. Julia Jackson is well aware of the way that working in a male-dominated field can be difficult and the many challenges that can arise. Everyone is aware of how the winemaking world is mostly populated by men and the women are often pushed to the side. Through her organization, Julia is able to provide young women with the necessary tools to succeed in business, even in those fields that are typically dominated by men. Visit Arcanum Wine for more info.

Jackson Family Wines continues to expand and grow, and it is very fortunate indeed to have someone like Julia Jackson on board. Her work as a spokesperson, philanthropist, and champion of the Cabernet varietal are all evidence of her dedication and commitment to winemaking and her family’s work. Julia is able to see the potential growth in the company’s near future, but she is also aware and respectful of its history.

Philanthropist and an Entrepreneur- Bruce Levenson

A lawsuit was filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County on September 13th, by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Entertainment LLC the previous ownership of Franchise group of the NBA, against New Hampshire Insurance Company which is also described as AIG. The lawsuit filed against the insurance company was of the claims made by the former General Manager for breach of contract involving the settlement of applications. The lawsuit does not affect the current management of Atlanta Hawks Basketball Entertainment LLC.

Atlanta Hawks Entertainment Basketball LLC, claims that the insurance company breached a civil action and insurance bad faith. AHEB argues that it was insured by AIG under a policy that involved certain losses that included employment practices but not limited to particular acts of wrongful terminations as well as working torts. Atlanta Hawks Entertainment Basketball believes that the claims that were proclaimed by Ferry were covered.

The court documents clearly showed that the filed case was confidential. The lawsuit stated that the Atlanta Hawks Entertainment Basketball claims were adequate to be paid by the sensitive limits of liability. The lawsuit also mentioned that AIG had denied the acceptance of the claims made and to admit that the policy was triggered. The court was also first to say that the insurance company has refused to participate in defense of the said claim or accept coverage. AHEB LLC is also seeking a compensation of about 50% for the Damages and Attorney’s fee. The current principals at AHEB said they are aware of the complaints.

Bruce Levenson is an influential man, a Forbes billionaire and a go-getter. Mr. Bruce the co-founder and Partner at United Communications Group (UCG), a company that was founded in 1977 together with Mr. Ed Peskowitz. He is also the owner of Atlanta Spirit LLC. Before establishing and co-founding UCG, Bruce was a writer at Washington Star and Observer Publishing. Levenson has also served as a director at TechTarget from February 10th to date. His leadership skills have seen him hold other top positions like he has been the president of “I Have a Dream Foundation” of Washington and he has also been involved in various philanthropic activities.



Make Money and Chase Dreams

In the world that we live in, there are people called “dream killers”. We all grew up with dreams so big that they eventually get smashed. These killers are a reminder to the key of success in life: positive thoughts. If you want something, go get it. Because everything cost money, first start a business to secure your cash flow. Hit up the library for knowledge, get a good accountant and never give up. If you need some knowledge on hitting it off the ground, sign up for VTA Publications. You will be equipped with the best knowledge and meet experts in the field to defeat the naysayers.

Talking about cash flow, the Jim Hunt WealthWave program can help you make millions in only two phone calls. The program is not illegal but utilizes the boom and bust cycle of the stock market to collect excess built up money. A good analog to how the program can generate wealth is the coin pusher in arcade shops and festivals. Early on when the machine is empty, the chances of winning are slim. However, after many players have played, the machine is ready for a big payout. If you roll a coin a the right time, you will have essentially hit the jackpot. The WealthWave program, available from Jim Hunt through VTA Publications, is similar in that when the market drops, people are in a hurry to obtain cash and sell at a low price. You then come in at the right time to collect the money.

With the extra money that you make, you can pay off your mortgage, buy a better house or a car, eliminate debt among other things money can do. The WealthWave program requires absolutely no experience or knowledge of the stock market. The program comes with instructional videos and unlimited support over the phone and online. The opportunity only comes once in a while, so Jim Hunt wants to share the secret that got him rich. As mentioned before, don’t listen to others and chase your dreams. Hunt’s program help you generate enough revenue for you to live the life that others don’t want you to.  Read more about VTA Publications, and Jim Hunt, on their website.  Otherwise, check out MoreMoneyReview for an honest assessment of Jim Hunt’s system.

Charles Koch Stands Up For Freedom of Speech

Charles Koch, the billionaire who is renowned for funding the campaigns of republicans all over the nation, has joined hands with Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City. Together they have released a joint statement about an issue that concerns them both. Koch and Bloomberg are asking that universities do more to preserve the freedom of speech and to stop discouraging the expression of unpopular viewpoints.

In their editorial that was published in the Wall Street Journal, they said that though it was normal at this time of year for senior businessmen to offer advice to graduating students they instead decided to direct their message to college and university administrators. “Stop trifling free speech and coddling intolerance for controversial ideas…” they said. College campuses are supposed to be places that foster thought and intellectual activity, Koch feels. Yet in the current university climate, administrators are instituting speech codes, trigger warnings, and microaggressions against those who express unsanctioned opinions. There have been several instances where a controversial speaker had their invitation to speak withdrawn, for example. These practices create an atmosphere of intellectual conformity that has the effect of stifling debate, true learning, and academic inquiry. When a student or professor even expresses the wrong opinion they can face harsh criticism and other consequences at the hands of Universities.

Koch’s opinion is that the freedom of expression also comes with the freedom to offend others. He does not believe that colleges should shield students from ideas that make them feel uncomfortable as it does them a terrible disservice in the long run. He thinks that what universities are doing is also against the principles of a free, and democratic society.

Charles Koch is a prominent American businessman, and philanthropist in addition to his well-known political donation activities. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Koch Industries which refines oil and manufactures chemicals. His company is the second-largest privately held company in the United States. As a result of his business prominence, Koch’s message to universities carries a great deal of weight in some circles and he hopes his criticism will allow speech and intellectual debate on college campuses to proceed more openly.

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The Importance Of A Brand’s Online Reputation Ever-Increases

Reputation can easily stay with an organization for better and sometime sadly – for worse. While it may take years to build up and polish a company’s image and the public’s perception thereof, it can only take a mere few seconds to destroy it in today’s digital age.

Many leaders within these organizations fail to realize the true value of their online reputation until it’s too late. Subsequently, more established companies who have built up there reputation through once proven methodologies in the past, can suddenly suffer from underestimating the significance of their online reputation, or “webutation”, and its importance with modern consumers. Yesterday’s word-of-mouth or endorsement from a friend or neighbor now typically lies in the hands of an online review or posting from another fellow consumer in cyberspace.Simultaneously, the stock with which other consumers put in these online reviews and commentaries continue to skyrocket in correlation with a company’s bottom line. With commerce becoming more and more digital in nature and the online marketplace for any/every industry continuing to grow, management within organizations must now allocate an increasing amount of resources, as well as strategic foresight, to the internet for sustained revenue and potential growth……and in many cases – just to survive.

Furthermore, with social media having in increasing presence in our society and daily lives, it puts a emphasis on real time information and further puts the pressure on companies to hire more and more human capital, as well – all in an effort to take a more proactive approach to maintaining its webutation and protect the public’s perception of their particular brand in the marketplace.

For many firms – this is where their brand is actually created.

Today, a premium is now placed on brands and their online presence. A brand’s value in the online marketplace has even created an emergence of new positions in organizations – many solely focused on harboring a voice for products and services a company offers.

With social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter that offer a voice for every consumer that has an account and phone handy (the common masses now), company’s are forced to monitor their coveted image 24-7 to drive sales. So much so, they are oft-used in a propaganda-esque way: tweets for promotions or positive PR, likes and dislikes for potentially every micro-move an organization or brand may make.

Who would have ever thought that the click of a thumbs up or thumbs down could potentially have so much impact on a revenue stream? But it does. There are even companies like Five Blocks dedicated to cleaning up online reputation’s.

Search engine optimization plays a critical role in the marketplace, too. The ability to be found on the web or for positive and negative reviews to be located about a particular product and service increases this premium for a brand or organization’s online reputation.

Oft-changing algorithms from popular search engines make this an ever-moving target for organizations. When one day a popular brand or website is found atop a web search, the next it may have fallen out of the top 10 and possibly even worse – off a potential consumer’s radar.

For companies that want to take a proactive approach and strategy for their webutation, it is recommended that a multitude of avenues be monitored and utilized: a company’s website, popular industry-related posting or review websites, blogs that carry a voice in the online community, larger social media platforms, and even retaining a variety of companies that specialize in online reputation management. These are now a must for organization’s seeking to survive in the marketplace moving forward.

Kheradpir Set To Drive Coriant In Achievement Of Its Goals

Kheradpir is the new chief executive officer of Coriant a position that was allocated to him later after he quit working with Juniper. The colleagues at Coriant are psyched up to have a leader of his caliber in the firm and are set to work together to achieve the goals of Coriant. The firm has he confident that his ability will drive Coriant to the next level of growth considering that he has over 28 years’ experience working in the related industry. In addition, Kheradipir has been a great applicant of strategic insight and his invaluable acts of guidance for the period he has worked at the firm. Kheradipir has also worked closely with private equities an aspect that helped him in landing for the Coriant chief executive officer position.

Pat Dipietro now becomes the vice chairman of Coriant and also gets his position at Marlin Equity Partners. Kheradipir will have the opportunity to exercise his skills in business and technology which he has shown widely in the large field of the Telkom industry It is wise of the company to hire him despite perceptions about his former position one year ago. However, Kheradpir has a proven ability to handle over 500 clients just as he did while working at Barclays as a technology provider. With his experience, Coriant should expect a positive change in achievements and growth for the firm.

Shaygan Kheradipir has been a great influence in the technology, service, and financial industry for a long time. Many people have recognized his interaction with the optical transport sales and telecom networking services. He is the former chief executive officer and a board director of Juniper Networks a position he resigned early last year. He is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Masters and doctorate from Cornell University. Back in 2007 he was recognized in the CIO Magazine’s Hall of Fame and has also been a professor of Electrical Engineering at North Eastern University.

Before working with juniper, Kheradipir worked with Barclays PLC as an overseer of distribution of products and services for clients. His main role was the chief operations officer; largely his domain has been with technology, and he has also participated largely in global investments banking for the firm. Kheradipir can be rated as a great leader who has brought great transformations in all the firms he has worked for. His major focus, however, has been ion the technological aspects for all the firms he has worked with. Definitely, he will bring positivity at Coriant.

Rise of the Use of Bitcoins and Brad Reifler

The question as to whether Bitcoin is becoming irrelevant and of no significant use is yes. This is according to Bradley Reifler in The Inquisitr. Bitcoin is described as a digital currency and also known as electronic money or cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is not controlled by any institution or organization and it does not meet the definition of a currency. The process by which Bitcoins are created is called mining. Users of this system record or fill in payments into a public ledger. Once they do this, they are charged some fee and Bitcoins. Bitcoins can also be acquired when one exchanges other modes such as products and services and currencies.

They have been claims that Bitcoins have been used to promote illegal activities by covering them up. Top illegal activities that have been attributed to Bitcoins are drug trafficking and money laundering. In the year 2013, the FBI had to take down an online market called Silk Road and in the process they were able to confiscate around 144,000 Bitcoins which were worth approximately $28.5 million. There is lack of consumer protection when using Bitcoins as they can be easily stolen. Despite the negativity associated with Bitcoins, traders prefer it since the transaction fees are less as compared to using credit cards. New developments are being seen in relation to Bitcoins.

According to Bryan S. Hall, he states that it’s quite easy to exchange Bitcoins and comfortably secure your mortgage payment. This is a risky way since there is the possibility of loss of value associated with fraud and crime.

A16Z venture capital group through Marc Andreessen, has increased its investment in the system. There is also a possibility of the firm investing even more in the coming years. Bradley Reifler is a big opponent of the Bitcoins system. He says that as a financial advisor he would not encourage his clients to invest in it. He says it is a risky business. He also adds that using Bitcoins is quite irrelevant and threatening. Bryan S. Hall is of a different opinion, he is willing to the risk. He believes being in a position to invest in startups affords greater access to users of Bitcoins.

Brad Reifler’s experience in investment banking has made him aware of the fact that there is nothing like free lunch. The old adage of if something looks too good to be true, then it probably is, is a philosophy that Bradley faithfully follows.

Brad Reifler is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital. Forefront Capital is a financial services firm that is based in New York City. Through the firm, Bradley Reifler offers advisory with regards to investment, asset management and investment banking. The group has subsidiaries such as Forefront Advisory LLC and Forefront Capital Markets LLC.

Reifler started off his career in 1982 when he founded Reifler Trading Corporation and later sold it to Refco Inc in 2000. He also founded Pali Capital in 1995 and until 2008 he had managed to spur the firm to get returns worth over $200 million in those 13 years. Bradley Reifler is a success story in the world of investment banking.

Bob Reina Designed Talk Fusion With The Video User In Mind.

If you have not been looking over the platform known as Talk Fusion you might be way behind the times. Talk Fusion is a great way to create and host video presentations and conferences at an unmatched value. Using the Talk Fusion platform is easy to do. You can design and share a video presentation that includes live streaming video, slide integration, display images and much more.

The Talk Fusion platform first started when Bob Reina wanted to send a short clip of video enclosed in an email. He couldn’t figure out a wayto do it so he ask America Online and they couldn’t help him. Bob knew that he had to find a way. He created Talk Fusion by improving on technology and the rest is histroy. Today Talk Fusion is the leader in video technology and allows everyday people like us to harness it’s power and use it to create video emails, video conferances and so much more.

Talk Fusion allows users to do so much with video. It’s not just sending an email or a simple video conference. You can use the platform to hold love meetings and training sessions. You can use it for business calls or to demonstrate your product or seminars or workshops. NO more costly planes, cars, hotels and travel. Now you can host a video chat and get things done regardless of where you are in the world.

With the rising cost of doing business, Talk Fusion can actually save you money. Instead of meeting up with a person and holding a meeting you can use the platform and do it from home. That alone can save you time and money in the long run of things. In business it is always great to use the video emails as another touch for your clients. People love to watch video and they respond to it well. Because Talk Fusion is the highest quality video technology available you can send a video email that is crystal clear and it’s still very cost effective.It does not matter what you know about using video technology because the Talk Fusion system does most of the work for you. It was designed for the everyday user. So, don’t be shy, check it out today.

Applying Investment Banking to Yield Results

Investment banking is a branch of banking that entails creating capital for its customers. It is an excellent mode of growing your capital as you put away your money and investment bankers and managers use it to generate profits.
Investment bankers diverge informed advice to their clients on the best strategies to employ regarding where to put their money. They also help clients who are seeking to perform mergers or acquire property that can increase their capital value. Additionally, they may assist in restructuring the company organization and calculating the company’s worth.
As simple as the description may sound, investment banking is not a walk in the park. It has a myriad of challenges, which necessitate the need for professionals in the industry. Determining which investment options to make, and the right time to invest where is particularly challenging for greenhorn investors. For your investments to yield satisfactory results, it is advisable to hire a well-experienced investment banker.
A good investment banker ought to understand the different needs and interests of every individual client and offer individualized assistance. For one to suit this description and succeed in the industry, they must more than the knowledge acquired in school. A good investment banker should have great interpersonal skills, observation skills as well as a wealth of experience. Among the most successful investment bankers worth recognizing is Martin Lustgarten.
Martin Lustgarten is not only a successful investment banker but the founder and CEO of Lustgarten Martin as well. Lustgarten Martin is a Florida-based investment-banking firm that is popular with American investors. The firm has had massive success in the field, adding to his portfolio.
Martin has been in the investment-banking sector for a quite long time, gaining vast experience in equity trades and security exchange. He is regarded as one of the best investment bankers alive. He is an effective communicator, who easily disseminates information to his clients. He is also good in customer relations, a culture he has managed to cultivate in all the employees in his company. Martin deals with his employees on a one on one basis, motivating them and increasing their productivity in the process. Follow Martin on Twitter to keep track of his news and events.