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Capital Group: Person of Interest

The international investment company known as Capital Group has a long history of providing first rate financial services. One of the more prominent members of this group is Timothy Armour. Mr. Armour is Chief Executive Officer over Capital Group as well as an equity portfolio manager. Timothy Armour holds an bachelor’s degree in Economics and got his start at Capital Group in the prestigious Associate program. Through hard work and experience Timothy was able to work himself into becoming an Equity Investment Analyst. In this position he was responsible for global telecommunication coverage. Now as CEO of the company he works to manage day to day operations for the company and more information click here.


Timothy Armour is an economist by profession. He concentrated in economic studies while in Middlebury College. Later Timothy joined Amherst College where he received BA in political science. Additionally, Timothy enrolled in Massachusetts University where he pursued MA in political science. Besides Timothy later Joined Harvard University where he graduated with MBA. This rich academic foundation has been the solid core to his career competence and learn more about Timothy.

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Duda Melzer’s Diverse Background and Achievements

Duda Melzer is an American and Brazilian entrepreneurial icon. Being only 44 years old, running several companies and constantly diversifying his portfolio is only the beginning of his success story. Surprisingly, Melzer got somewhat of a later start than many businessmen. He graduated college in Brazil at 26 but continued his education to the US by earning an MBA from the prestigious Harvard University. Duda Melzer still has ties with the university by taking continuing education courses to keep his skills polished. After graduation, he worked for his family’s business RBS Grupo, a media conglomerate in Brazil. His position was to manage the businesses US division. He also held a leadership role with another media firm and has also worked as a financial analyst.


In 2015, he was finally appointed and recognized in the top leadership role at RBS as CEO and Chairman of the board of directors. The credential was important to him as he’s a firm believer in the power of family-owned and operated businesses; he was happy to fill his uncle’s shoes who’d formerly held the position. He’s also the founder and director of e.Bricks, which is a digital venture capital investor and equity holder. Contact him continues to expand by also having a vested interest in a contemporary art show and the largest supplier of wine in Latin America.


While Duda Melzer is certainly well rounded, his achievements don’t stop there. He’s also active with Cambridge’s Family Enterprise Group, where he is recognized as a top entrepreneur. The accolades continue with Ernst and Young giving him the same distinction. He remains well grounded by participating in his family’s charity, which aims to help disadvantaged children and teens in Brazil. They work with the government to shed light on social issues and how they affect these individuals. Melzer not only has a sharp sense of business skills, but his humanitarian efforts are creditworthy adding to his diverse background and what Duda knows.

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Bob Reina: He Makes Dreams Come True

When it comes to someone like Bob Reina, the wonderful thing about him is that he truly enjoys making people happy and it makes him as happy as it does the other person. It is not a one-way street for the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. He gets out of his way to give maximum effort. Whenever he sets his mind onto something such as making a real change in the lives of people out there, he goes out and he does it. He does not let anything or anyone stand in his way from achieving his dream of making other people’s dreams come true.


That is truly an unselfish person if there ever was one on this planet. When he put together Talk Fusion back in 2007, he didn’t put it together for his own selfish reasons. He did it because he knew there were people out there that were truly not living out their dreams, and in his mind, that is not the way life should be lived. Life is way too short to go through the motions and simply get up, get out of bed, and do the same things over and over again. There needs to be challenges and there needs to be things that excite people and get them to the point where they can’t wait to get out of bed. That is how excited they are about life and that is how much they love their life.


With Talk Fusion, they can work from home, which is the dream of everyone in today’s society. With video newsletters, video chats, video emails, and video conferences, nothing is impossible and nothing is out of reach. If someone is still unsure about Talk Fusion or still a little hesitant, right now, they have a thirty-day free trial which allows customers to try it out and see what all the hype is about when it comes to Talk Fusion. Here is the thing, though: it is not hype. It is all real. Everything that people have read and heard about Talk Fusion is the truth and from the heart.

Nexbank Adds Princeton Based Savings Bank To Its Growing Portfolio

The need for college savings plans has never been more important than they are in the 21st century when college tuition costs continue to grow at alarming rates. One option that has been growing in popularity is the use of 529 plans offered at state levels across the U.S.; one of the top financial institutions providing college savings plans is the College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey that works with state level agencies from across the U.S.

The College Savings Bank has recently been purchased by the Dallas, Texas based Nexbank that offers a range of financial services to its clients under the leadership of President and CEO John Holt. The growth of Nexbank now includes the purchase of College Savings Bank after the company agreed a deal to take control of this specialist in college savings plans. Details of the deal to purchase College Savings Bank have not been released by Nexbank, but John Holt has recently gone on record to state the branding and name of the Princeton, New Jersey based bank will not be changed following Nexbank’s decision to purchase the specialist financial institution.

Nexbank President and CEO John Holt took control in 2011 of the institution with a historic charter dating back to 1922 to create a period of financial growth and success across three key areas of focus. Nexbank has developed its work to take in commercial, mortgage, and investment banking options.

In 2016, Nexbank estimated it was currently handling more than $3 billion in assets for its clients after John Holt took personal control of the financial direction of the bank from its base in Dallas, Texas. Nexbank is also growing in importance as a financial institution across the U.S. as the company develops in importance as a nationally known banking group.

Helane Morrison Built Strong Career in Financial Regulations Before Heading Investment Group

Helane Morrison has had a long lasting career in the State of California in the finance world. She has worked on both sides of the coin. She is also highly educated. She obtained a degree in Journalism from Northwestern and a J.D. from University of California at Berkley before starting her career. Morrison started out working as a defense lawyer that worked defending people that were being sued by Securities Exchange Commission. After that, she made a completely switch in her career.

Morrison’s next job landed her with a position working for the SEC itself. She started out as a District Administrator for the SEC in their San Francisco office. Her vast knowledge, unyielding work ethic, and commitment to ethics overall when it came to finance got her the job as Regional Director for the entire Pacific Northwest at the SEC. During her time in this position she investigated and oversaw many cases that the SEC brought against fraudulent traders, lenders, and investors. She worked for the SEC from 1999-2007. She was also Head of Enforcement for 3 years during this period.

In 2007, the other shoe finally dropped when it came to the housing market. Morrison saw a decline in the trust level that the general public had with investment professionals. Thieving and conniving lenders and investors had propped up the housing market on bad loans. These loans failed and the housing market collapsed. This caused the public to look at the bankers as untrustworthy. Morrison saw this problem and began working with Hall Capital Group in the private sector in an effort to help restore the general public’s faith in the market.

One of the primary reasons that she chose Hall Capital is that the San Francisco-based investment firm is run completely by women. This investment company is also one of the most successful financial groups in the entire state of California. Her long career working in financial regulations gives her clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are working with someone that will work in their best interests while still staying within the rules.

Morrison is one of the most successful people working in the Northern California Financial Sector over the last 30 years. She has built a long career off of enforcing the laws surrounding finance that help keep the playing field fair for everyone involved. She has also taken this knowledge into the private sector to help revive the attitude towards investing that the everyday person has towards the financial industry in California.

Marc Sparks’ Gift to Entrepreneurs offering Community Services

Marc Sparks begun his business journey and established himself as a reputable entrepreneur in Dallas, Texas. He runs a private firm, which he uses to control his other companies and investment portfolios. His success in business has earned him respect from the Dallas entrepreneurship community.

The idea of forming Spark Tank dates back more than 15 years ago when Marc met Lynne Sipiora in Colin County. They embarked on their first project, which involved rehabilitating Samaritan Inn, a house that was used to shelter homeless people.

The Samaritan Inn rose to its feet and was able to cater for the housing needs of more than 200 individuals daily and be able to offer them a meal. From the entrepreneur’s management, the Samaritan Inn increased its budget to a staggering $3 million annually.

Spark Tank initiated a program that sought to help other organizations to make the most out of a $5000 grant. The first Spark Tank’s $5000 grant was received by the Samaritan Inn and was used to build a kennel for pets. Through Spar Tank’s help, the people housed at Samaritan Inn had a place to keep their pets and get them off the street.

Spark Tank’s next gave Samaritan another $5000 grant to fund education programs that served children from poor households. The grant made sure that the poor kids in the shelter received education from their summer camps rather than having to spend their summers in school.

The third $5000 grant awarded to Samaritan was used to make sure that their bus was fueled for a year. The Samaritan’s bus ensured that the homeless people could get to and from work conveniently. The bus made it possible for poor people with no access to public or private transport to be able to find work.

Spark Tank has been able to achieve great milestones by employing Marc Sparks and Lynne’s beliefs that they can create social success by funding and mentoring ideas that promote community welfare. By finding and supporting individuals with non-conventional social service ideas, Spark Tank has been able to create positive changes to different communities.

The main aim behind Spark tank is to make sure that nonprofit organizations are managed professionally. They achieve this by challenging social service executives to develop and execute ideas that promote social empowerment professionally.  Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList

Members of different societies who possess ‘out of the box’ social service ideas can apply to receive Spark Tank’s funding and mentorship. After application, your idea will be reviewed for uniqueness. If it makes it to the final stage, you will be required to face a panel that evaluates all finalists before one of them is crowned the winner of the $5000 grant.

Worrying Rates of Inflation are Devouring the Purchasing Power of Brazilians

The report released by the IBGE shows worrying rates of inflation in Brazil. The rate of inflation in the month of May reached a higher level than that of May 2008. Flavio Maluf, who serves as the CEO of Eucatex, believes that something should be done to counter the increasing inflation rates. That way, Brazilians will regain their purchasing power and introduce new investments into the market.

Political uncertainties

Flavio Maluf stresses that the Brazilian economy is in a tricky situation. With the political uncertainties that exist for many months, the situation may turn from bad to worse. He emphasizes that the current government lacks strong measures for dealing with economic crisis. Lack of transparency is one of the outcomes of poor governance and persistent political turmoil. Maluf says that inflation will continue to devour Brazilian purchasing power if the government fails to take drastic measures.

Eucatex will navigate the economic turmoil

Eucatex is a firm that specializes in the manufacture of wood as well as its derivatives. Its line of products serves the construction and furniture industry. Additionally, the company has turned out to be an authority in the supply of high-quality paints. Flavio Maluf oversees the business strategy and growth plans of the firm. The current economic crisis directly affects Eucatex, since the firm is the major supplier of wood products. The decline in purchasing power has significantly lowered the sale of its wood products. The only advantage that Eucatex has is its diversified line of products that helps it overcome the market shifts and economic recession.

How to handle the economic crisis

Flavio Maluf suggests the adoption of strict state measures that holds various government administrations and individuals accountable for their actions. Companies should focus on diversifying their portfolio of services and products. Strict state measures will enable Brazil to strengthen its position in the international market. Maluf joined Eucatex Group in 1987. He started out in the trading area before switching to the industrial area. He led the company in the opening of a Sao Paulo-based plant. In philanthropy world, Maluf has played an instrumental role in improving the quality of health care through his partnership with the Hospital and Maternity Idio Carli.  Be sure to follow Flavio on Twitter @Flavio_Maluf.

Retire Well at the Manse on Marsh Assisted Living Facility

Senior citizens are normally the people who need assisted living. The reality is that when old age kicks in, you may have to be dependent on the help of others to ensure that you perform your daily activities. If you have reached the age of retirement and you feel like you need assisted living care of you may have to make the decision of stating at an assisted living facility. The good thing about this is that you will not be burdening your loved ones with the responsibility of taking care of you. Additionally, you will find a home far from home but which will feel more like home.

The Manse on Marsh understands that being cut off from the family setup at home may be a difficult thing to do. This is why the assisted living facility ensures that there residents are well taken care of and that they have all the comfort they need. The facility is designed to ensure that residents get all the amenities you could find in a home setting and more. Their level of assistance is also dependent on the level of care the resident requires.

At the Manse on Marsh, their Facebook makes it abundantly clear residents are treated well and they enjoy all the facilities they can find in a hotel. For instance, their dining experience is restaurant like and they have many food varieties to choose from on the menu. Once you book your accommodation at the Manse on Marsh, you will be staying with a community of senior citizens just like you. They come from various backgrounds and they can be your friends and new family. The Manse on Marsh organizes activities which all residents can engage in and build their social circles while staying healthy and fit.

The Manse on Marsh also provides technical medical assistance. They have trained personnel who are at your every beck and call and all you need to do is call them and they will attend to you. They also help those who are on medical watch and care and who need help in relation to administration of medication. The facility has been awarded and recognized for their high quality services all over the country.  But don’t take their word for it, read the Yelp reviews for yourself.

Bernardo Chua Works Aggressively Towards Expanding His Company

Bernardo Chua is someone who is making a lot of progress when it comes to Organo Gold. He has made a lot of success in the industry of the company which involves selling coffee with an herb called ganoderma. This herb is found in certain parts of Asia. People have used this to treat ailments throughout centuries. There are plenty of health benefits to this herb which is what makes it worth consuming. People who consume Organo Gold will experience improved health. This will encourage them to drink more coffee. Bernardo Chua has brought something very valuable to people throughout the world.

In his efforts to expand his company throughout the world, he has made one significant move. This was the expansion into Turkey. The significance behind Turkey is that it is home to the first coffeehouse. Turkish people will come to appreciate this brand of coffee as it not only provides people with the usual benefits and great taste of freshly brewed coffee, but it also provides people with even greater health benefits. Turkey also serves as the country that unites the operations of Asia, Europe and Africa. People in Turkey are very passionate about drinking high quality coffee.

Turkey also has an increased interest in a lifestyle that is filled with physical activity. This is one of the reasons that Bernardo Chua has expanded his coffee in the country. Bernardo Chua himself is very passionate about a healthy and active lifestyle, always talking both up on Facebook. Therefore, he is willing to provide the means for Turkish people to pursue their goals for fitness. For one thing, ganoderma helps people with the energy and vitality needed to participate in the physical activities. Bernardo is going to continue the expansion of Organo Gold to different territories. As more people discover the benefits of Organo Gold, they will get to experience greater health.  Check out Bernardo’s Twitter for more, or read about Mr. Chua’s successes on BitsyLink.

Rest in Peace to Shrewd Businessman and Leader, Steve Murray

Stephen Murray passed on in March 2015 at the age of 52. He was best known as the CEO of the private equity firm, CCMP capital as well as a philanthorpist. He had taken a leave of absence from his position at CCMP during the last month for what he described only as health-related reasons.

He grew up in the Weschester County area of New York. In 1984, when he graduated from Boston College with his degree in economics, he became a credit analyst training with Manufacturers Hanover (MH) Corperation. When he earned his MBA from Columbia Business School in 1989, he joined MH’s Equity Corporation and became their vice president of middle market lending.

Until he joined JP Morgan Partners in 2005, Murray saw many merges and buyouts with MH. First, it was bought out by Chemical Bank in 1991, which led to its merging with Chemical Venture Partners. Then Chemical Bank integrated Chase Manhattan Corporation of Chase Bank in 1996, which then became Chase Capital Partners.

In August 2006, Stephen Murray co-founded CCMP Capital as a spinout of JP Morgan Chase and was named its CEO by the next year after. He also served on the board of many major retail and entertainment companies including AMC Entertainment, The Vitamine Shoppe and Cabela’s.

He also supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Stamford Museum in Great Britain. His most recent board positions had included Octagon Credit Investors, Strongwood Insurance Holdings and LHP Hospital Group.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a private equity firm. It is mainly known for its growth capital and leveraged buyout. Both of those things combined are now worth approximately $12 million. There are now office locations in Tokyo, Hong Kong and London as well as their headquarters location in New York. Greg Brenneman has taken over as CEO since Murray’s passing.

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