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Eric Lefkofsky: No ‘Tempus’ In A Teapot

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur and business executive. He was born on September 2, 1969, in Detroit, Michigan. At present, he is the chief executive officer (CEO) and the co-founder of Tempus. He is also the co-founder of Mediaocean, InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, Uptake, and Lightbank.


Lefkofsky’s Background

In 1987 Eric Lefkofsky graduated from Southfield-Lathrup High School. From there he went on to attend the well-known University of Michigan from which he graduated in 1991. Lefkofsky completed his education at the University of Michigan Law School where he earned a Juris Doctor in 1993 and read full article.


Business Experience

He worked as a carpet salesman after he graduated from law school in 1993. He and Brad Keywell took out a loan and bought a Madison, Wisconsin-based clothing business named Brandon Apparel. In 1999 they launched Starbelly. They sold that business in 2000 to Halo Industries and what Eric knows.

By the fall of 2001, Lefkofsky had co-founded a new company named InnerWorkings. They specialized in personal print procurement services. (Half a decade later, Lefkofsky would be part of the board of directors until some time in 2012.)

In 2005 Lefkofsky also partnered with Keywell to start a freight logistics company they named Echo Global Logistics. In less than a year, they also launched MediaBank. MediaBank was a media-purchasing technology business that offered advertising customers other services like accounting, analyzing, planning and even purchasing software.

In another two years, Lefkofsky was engaged in entrepreneurial efforts when he put $1 million dollars into the collective action website which he co-founded with creator Andrew Mason. Late the next year it was rechristened Lefkofsky went solo again in 2010 to start Lightbank which he created to help develop new businesses in Chicago.

In 2012 Lefkofsky received the official “green light” from the U.S. Department of Justice to their joining with Donovan Data Systems. This newly merged business venture was named Mediaocean. Lefkofsky co-founded the analytics business Uptake, LLC in 2014 and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Last year he co-founded Tempus. Tempus is a technology company that makes it possible for physicians to provide their cancer patients with more personalized care. Lefkofsky is still the CEO and his Facebook.

Eric Lefkofsky’s New Startup Gives Doctors Unique Tech to Cure Cancer

One of Chicago’s most successful tech founders has a personal mission to disrupt cancer research and treatment through his newest startup, Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky is applying the skills and knowledge gained from his career as a serial entrepreneur to put genomic sequencing and machine learning to work to help physicians create best treatment plans for people who’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

Lefkofsky and his partner Brad Keywell are taking a “data-driven” approach to the self-funded startup company. The goal is to build a molecular clinical library of cancer patient information. The information will be put into an operating system that can make the huge amount of data useful for cancer researchers, physicians and others. The data will help physicians to find people with similar molecular structures and decide which treatment options will be the most helpful effective.

Strong partnerships have been established between Tempus and a dozen leading health organizations, including the Mayo Clinic, University of Chicago, and Northwestern University. The cancer centers referring patients to the startup, and their molecular information is sequenced in Tempus’ lab. After pairing molecular and clinical diagnostic information, Tempus sends a report back to the referring physicians, who also receive access to the Tempus system.

The motive behind Tempus and its revolutionary concept and technology lies in Eric Lefkofsky’s personal life. His wife Elizabeth was diagnosed breast cancer. The experience of a cancer diagnosis inspired Lefkofsky to wonder how it could be that technology for truck drivers (provided through his Echo Global Logistics company) was better than the tech physicians could use for patients whose lives were at risk to learn more: click here.

At age 47, Lefkofsky didn’t think he’d be building a new company. He is the successful entrepreneur behind three successful IPOs, Groupon, InnerWorkings and Echo Global Logistics. Tempus is “the most meaningful in every metric,” Lefkofsky says. He thinks that Tempus won’t just be his most successful start-up, it will also be the most disruptive and ultimately, meaningful venture he has ever launched.