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Gregory Aziz Efforts Make National Steel Car Great

Gregory James Aziz is a renowned entrepreneur, currently the chairman and CEO of National Steel Car. He was born in London, Ontario in 1949. Gregory Aziz pursued economics at the University of Western Ontario where he graduated and joined Affiliated Foods, a family wholesale food business in 1971. At Affiliated Foods, Greg Aziz transformed the company into a worldwide importer and distributor of fresh foods. He later moved to New York where he worked on several investments banking opportunities.



After being in food business for a considerable duration, James Aziz shifted to railroad freight-car sub sector by acquiring National Steel Car from Dofasco with an aim of transforming it into a global industry leader. With Greg’s determination and focus, it didn’t take long for National Steel Car to boom. Within a period of around six years, the company expanded its production from 3500 cars to 12,000 cars. Its employee base also grew from about 600 to around 3,000 people.



Today, National Steel Car boasts of being the only North America’s certified railroad freight car business’s 9001:2008. The company has maintained this honor for a significant number of years indication continuous quality deliverables as well outstanding customer service. National Steel Car has also been receiving the TTX SECO award for subsequent periods. The company tops the car innovation industry with its new railroad freight car every year.



National Steel Car success can be attributed to Gregory J Aziz’s leadership with emphasis on considerable investment in capital and people. James Aziz values his company’s employees and treats them as the most important asset. Their true sense of purpose and loyalty to their core values has enabled them to gain trust and fame from customers for its high quality, consistency and prompt delivery.



Under the leadership of Greg James Aziz, National Steal Car team focuses their strengths with efficiency unrivaled in the rail industry. They constantly challenge themselves and persistently work towards being greater. To continue being the leaders of North America’s railcar manufacturers, National Steel Car does not rest on their past achievements. They persistently aim for excellence and take customers’ opinions into consideration.



Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Greg James Aziz also takes part in charitable activities. He sponsors several charitable organizations in Hamilton including the Salvation Army, United way, Hamilton Opera, and Theater Aquarius. The company also organizes annual Christmas Party that benefits both of its employees as well as the local communities.

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Meet Sheldon Lavin: The Celebrated CEO and Chairman of OSI Group Meet Sheldon Lavin: The Celebrated CEO and Chairman of OSI Group

Mr. Sheldon Lavin currently works as the CEO and chairman of the OSI group. Sheldon Lavin used to work as a financier in a company known as Otto and Sons, which was based in Illinois and would later come to be known as the OSI groups.

As time advanced, Mr. Sheldon became the owner of the OSI groups after working and investing in the company for a long time. The global food executive through his vision for OSI found himself climbing the ladder of success rapidly. His idea was to make the OSI group a renowned food processing company.

Many are baffled by his secrets to success, and this can be attributed to the fact that he treats the meat processing franchise like it was his family. When it comes to business, Mr. Sheldon admits that as far as business is concerned, administrative duties, company budget, rules or regulations must and will be followed.

The company makes sure that all its workers enjoy a free working environment; as a result, all of his workers feel at home at their workplace. The CEO has time for everyone, has an open door policy and hosts cooperate office lunch get together to allow interactions in the company. Mr. Lavin is also known for his nurturing personality, and those who know him are not allowed to call him by any formal terms.

Awards and Accomplishments

Concerning the Top executive educational background, Mr. Lavin has a bachelor’s degree in the field of finance and accounting. In the course of his work and studies, he has received several awards from non-profit organizations and several business activities. Apart from being an experienced and well-known executive, he is also a philanthropist. He is known for supporting various charities which include United Negro College Fund, Evans Scholarship Fund, Jewish United Fund and Inner City Foundation these are just but a few mentioned.

It is a well-known fact that at the age of 81, Mr. Lavin is very much interested in expanding the renowned OSI Group. The company is known for employing approximately over 20,000 employees worldwide. The company is the world’s largest protein supplier. Under his leadership, OSI Group has invested in around 16 countries, which amounts to the group’s 55 facilities worldwide to date. The company has continued to grow in Europe, North America, Indian Japan and other continents under the skillful leadership of Mr. Sheldon Lavin.

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Gregory Aziz –National Steel Car

You cannot discuss North America business, without mentioning Gregory James Aziz. It is because he is among some of the recognizable people in North American Business. His contribution towards the industry is immense. Also, he has been taking a crucial role in his philanthropic ventures. Gregory J Aziz is the president of the Ontario-based National Steel Car. He has been using the company to achieve some of his charitable goals. Apparently, the company is one of the leading manufacturing and engineering company in North America. The success of his firm is attributed to the number of experienced workers who are employed



 Early life



He was born in London in 1949.He later enrolled in Ridley College. Afterwards, He joined the University of Western Ontario where he majored in Economics. He immediately works in the family business after graduating from the university. Family business gave him enough experience needed to manage his own business. The family business he was running was involved in selling fresh foods from Europe and South America. Within Two decades, the company grew immensely stretching its distribution network in other parts of Europe.






For the National Steel Car to grow, Greg Aziz placed more emphasis in team building and engineering capacity. Also, he was not hesitant to put more investment that was required to develop his company. That is how he was able to expand the production capacity of the company. Within a short period, the production capacity of the company grew from 3500 units, and he was able to purchase several cars. Also, he was keen to create employment.


Therefore, the number of employees in the company grew to an impressing level. The staff rose from 600 to an approximate number of 3000.Due to his persistence to work; the company has developed to a level that is benefiting the society. In James Aziz philanthropic pursuit, he ensures that National Steel Car is committed to the Hamilton Community by sponsoring the Hamilton Opera, theatre Aquarius, and the Salvation Army. He puts a lot of energy into philanthropy to ensure that the community around him is happy.






Finally, James Aziz is a family man. He has a wife by the name Irene. The union is blessed with two daughters Natalie and Karina. The family lives in Toronto and they like sports. Family contributes a lot in the success of any individual. His family helps him in his charitable work. Visit This Web Page for more.

Jason Hope Offers Financial Support To Advance Rejuvenation Biotechnologies

The fact that modern medicine adopts a reactive, rather than proactive direction when it comes to age-related health conditions is undeniable. Such illnesses include diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Focus, therefore, needs to be put on the types of research being done to devise ways of preventing these diseases from happening in the first place.

When discussing such efforts, it is almost impossible to ignore the works of the Arizona-based Internet entrepreneur, Jason Hope. He has been using both his wealth and influence to drive anti-aging initiatives. A considerable chunk of Jason’s giving towards this cause is concentrated on the SENS Foundation. Established in 2009, SENS is a non-profit organization that deals with age-related illnesses head on. It has become a driving force in what is popularly termed as rejuvenation biotechnology – a line of research whose primary aim is to address age-related health problems.

Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation in 2010 – a gift that made it possible for the organization to construct and equip the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. Part of the donated money also facilitated the implementation of a new research programming aimed at breaking down advanced glycation end products in human tissue, and more information click here.

While responding to his passionate support for the activities of SENS, Jason Hope said that he is impressed by the fact that such foundations are adopting different approaches to anti-aging. He is thrilled by SENS’ focus on discovering cures for diseases that are known to break down the human body and in turn accelerating aging. He cited health conditions such as lung disease, heart disease and Alzheimer’s that affect body functioning. Jason Hope argued that while Traditional medicine focuses on treating these diseases, there is an urgent need to find ways of stopping them way before they happen.

In an Interview with METRO, Jason Hope said that SENS Foundation has the potential to redefine the pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotech industries completely. He is convinced that rejuvenation biotechnologies constitute the future of human health. Apart from his financial support to the foundation, Jason Hope also engages in its outreach efforts actively, and


About Jason Hope

A current resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, he was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. The self-made entrepreneur, investor, futurist, and philanthropist attended Arizona State University where he studied Finance and later on, his Master of Business Administration (from W.P Carey of School of Business). Mr. Hope built a name for himself in the international business arena shortly after his graduation. Over time, he has earned an outstanding reputation as an expert in all areas of business, and

Gregory Aziz: President and C.E.O of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz was born in April 30, 1949 in London. He started his education at Ridley College and graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a specialization in Economics. Greg Aziz is currently the Chairman of the Board, President and C.E.O of National Steel Car. The company is located in Hamilton. The previous achievements of National Steel Car are what have led to the current immense success due to their willingness to listen to customer needs and desire for feedback.

James Aziz started his career by working in his family’s food business in 1971. After 16 years of operation, the business expanded and became one of the largest importers of fresh food across United States. Greg Aziz also worked in various investment opportunities such as banking. In 1994, he organized for the acquisition of National Steel Car which was by then owned by Dofasco. The main agenda behind Gregory’s mind was to be in a position of transforming the then Canadian company to be one of the biggest manufacturers of cars in North America.

In 1994, the company was only in a position of manufacturing 3,500 cars annually, but due to the company’s emphasis on incorporating durable engineering, investing heavily in human and capital and also team-building, the company was able to expand its manufacturing operation to 12,000 cars by the year 1999. National Steel Car has continued to advocate for excellent engineering, manufacturing and innovation. This has led to increase in the number of new railroad cars annually. It’s the only certified company in North America. This has led to it scooping various honors for the past years.


National Steel Car under the stewardship of Greg Aziz is also committed to giving back to the society. The company is the proud founder of Hamilton Community. The company has given out huge sum of money towards various charity activities. Similarly, the employees; together with their children; either presently or past working in the company are annually organized a Christmas party in the company.


Greg Aziz attribbutes his success over the years to the continued support that he gets from his employees and the people who are the customers. Challenges, having a deep sense or reasoning, being true to its core values and setting of goals are some of the aspects that have led to the success of National Steel Car. Gregory has been an instrumental part of this success.


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Gregory Aziz- Growing The National Steel Car

Since the inception of national steel car, it had been leading in the production of railroad freight cars in North America. NSC was founded in 1912 under the management of National Industries Inc. Ever since it has been in this line of production. National steel car took off from the start with momentum after it received a lot of orders from various railways corporations that allowed it to become the best at the time. National steel car has been producing railroad freight cars and other products related to the railway’s corporations. Having been in operation for more than a hundred years now, national steel car is one of the oldest engineering and manufacturing companies to have come from this region. Although at some point the production capacity of the firm had dwindled, it is now among doing very well after it changed its management.



National steel care is currently being led by Gregory J Aziz who bought it from a corporation known as Dofasco. National steel car has been able to change its production capabilities in recent years and is now catching up with the modern manufacturing and engineering companies. Despite operating for a very long time. National steel car has never closed down due to poor business. All through it has been through management which are have been able to keep its star shining.


The current CEO Gregory J Aziz was born in Ontario, Canada in 1949. On the other side, national steel car is located in Hamilton, Canada. This is the same locality that he comes from. Growing up, he has been able to learn the business environment of the region, and as the CEO of the National steel car, he knows what to do for the business to grow. Visit the National Steel Car’s website HERE.



Gregory J Aziz is an economist. Greg went to the University of Western Ontario where he received his degree in economics in 1971. As an economist, he understands how to manage a firm, and these are the skills that he has applied to ensure that National steel cars get back to its feet. National steel car has been able to establish itself as the leader in the industry after being able to triple its production capacity after Greg Aziz took over. The production every year now stands at 12500 cars. This is a huge improvement from what it was like in the past. National steel car is now ISO certified. For thirteen years, it has received the TTX awards for being the company with the best quality products.


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Gregory James Aziz: An Industrial Leader In His Own Right

When you mention the name Gregory James Aziz in the North America business circles, the majority of the players will acknowledge him as a magnet in their industry. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and President of National Steel Car, a leading manufacturer of freight car, based in Hamilton Ontario in Canada.

He was born on April 30, 1949, in Ontario London. Greg Aziz attended Ridley College then went on to graduate from the University of Western Ontario with a bachelor in economics. In 1971 he joined the family enterprise which was a major importer of fresh foods from Europe, Central America and South America with wholesale distribution across markets in eastern Canada and the United States. James Aziz relocated to New York in the 1980s. In the early 1990s, he was employed in the investment banking industry. It is during this time that he negotiated and bought National Steel Car owned by Dofasco in 1994.


National Steel Car was established in 1912 but had started to lose its standing in the industrial market, and Greg Aziz wanted to bring back the once respected company to its glory days by transforming it to a leading manufacturing company in North America. With over 80 years of experience in engineering and steel production at the time, The Company still had growth potential, and Greg Aziz embarked on tapping this potential. In 1994 National Steel Car only had 600 employees. Aziz increased their number to 12,000 by 1999. During the same era 1994 to 1999, he increased the company’s production of cars from 3,500 cars per year to 12,000 every year. In 2008 the company was ISO certified: ISO900:2008 and since 1996 National Steel Car has frequently been honored with TTX SECO the highest standards award. Currently, the company is a leading steel car manufacturer in North America just as Greg Aziz had envisioned when he took over its reigns in 1994.

Gregory J. Aziz is married to his beautiful wife Irene and they are blessed with two daughters Natalie and Karina. They live in Hamilton Ontario where together with his wife and daughters they are major sponsors of the community like the Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, the United Way and Salvation Army. James and his spouse also sponsor Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. With him still at the helm of National Steel Car, the company only has the sky as its limit. Find More Information Here.

The Unsurpassed President of National Steel Car Greg Aziz

Greg Aziz is the President, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of National Steel Car. National Steel Car is among the leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies. The company has its headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario.

Gregory James Aziz was worn in Ontario, London in 1949. He attended Ridley College and later on moved to the University of Western Ontario where he majored in economics. Immediately after his graduation, he joined Affiliated Foods in 1971. Affiliated Foods is his family business specializing in wholesale food. His family ran the business successfully for over 16 years.


He then worked on a number of several investment opportunities in New York. This enabled him to purchase National Steel Car in 1994 from Defasco. He bought the company with the aim of transforming it into one of the best railroad freight car manufacturers not only in Canada but also in North America. By 1999, the company was able to expand its manufacturing capacity from 3,500 to 12,000. It owed this expansion to its high-quality engineering proficiencies, team building and investments in human resources and capital. Over the same period, the company’s number of employees grew from 600 to 3,000. Get More Information Here.

National Steel Car currently tops the industry in the innovation of new cars. Its persistent venture into engineering and excellence in manufacturing enables it to build many numerous railroad cargo cars annually. Under the leadership of Gregory J Aziz, the National Steel Car received TTX SECO awards for being in the business for consecutive 13 years. The company has continued to lead in the industry because of its consistent and persistent production of quality products.


Under the governance of James Aziz, the company has supported and given back to the Hamilton Community. The company has sponsored a number of charities in the community including, the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, the Theatre Aquarius and the United Way among other charities. The facility also holds an annual Christmas party where ex-employees and present employees together with their families attend the event. The attendees take part in the food drive activity for local food banks in the same event.


Gregory J Aziz is a successful businessman and leader focusing on excellence. He is also a family man with a wife and kids. Greg Aziz alongside his wife Irene are also the sponsors who fund the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is the most prominent fair in Canada.

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Mishaan is a Colombian by birth, and he grew up in Colombia. While growing up, he fell in love with interior design. It is no wonder that he joined the University of Columbia, School of Architecture to pursue his degree in architecture. Upon completing his degree he moved to the United States where he pursued his BA at the New York University. His career was also set on its path when he got the opportunity to be an apprentice with the Offices of Philip Johnson and read full article.


Mishaan’s career has been marked by a lot of successes and numerous projects. He has been privileged to design some of the world’s lavish hotels, including the presidential suite of the St. Regis Hotel in New York. When people ask him about his source of inspiration, he is quick to point out that his surroundings inspire his work. He derives inspiration from beautiful spaces, art and even fashion. He is also keen on finding new designs through exhibitions and visits to exotic places. His cultural background also influences his designs to a large extent and learn more about Richard Mishaan Designs.


Apart from creatively designing spaces, Mishaan is also the proud author of two interior décor books. These books- Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury– were both published by Monacelli Press. In his books, he gives snippets on his designs and projects.

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Gregory Aziz A Committed Chairman With A Heart Of Community

About National Steel Car


National steel car is a North American leading railroad freight car manufactured, and certified ISO 9001: 2008 and honored with the TTX SECO award 13, consistently for over the years. At National Steel Car, we have a broad sense of purpose to focus on our trusted customers by strengthening our efficiency and high-quality railcars which is on-time delivery through the challenges we encounter.


Our purpose as National Steel Car is to move forward with great determination, always perform with a relentless pursuit of excellence, appreciate the traditions of our past, and leading by example. Due to being very keen on what the customer’s demands are, it has enabled us to maintain at the highest tech of being the leading railcar manufacturing with integrity and commitment of our 2000 team members who long for building the best for the company.


National Steel Car was founded in the year 1912 and has been manufacturing freight cars that meet and exceeds the standards expected in the Association of American Railroads requirements.


About Greg Aziz


Greg James Aziz is the President, Chairman, and CEO of National Steel Car. Gregory James Aziz has been a CEO for 23 years and nine months since he purchased the company from Dofasco in 1994. Before then, he worked for several banking opportunities in New York and saved to buy the company. With more than 100 years of freight car engineering located in Hamilton, Ontario. Greg Aziz studied Economics at the Western University, lived in Hamilton and his language being bilingual proficiency.


Greg J Aziz was born on April 30, 1949, in London, Ontario. He went to Ridley College and later majored in economics, before downing his tools in National Steel Car, Greg Aziz worked in a family food business after college in the year 1971 which was called Affiliated Foods. The affiliated food was an importer of fresh foods from Southern and Central America, Europe among many others. These foods were distributed to wholesalers across the United States and Eastern Canada.


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Their Success


Through a committed structure of leadership in National Steel Car, the company increased from a capacity of 3500 cars to 12000 cars in 1999 and later each year, a new railroad freight is manufactured, employment also rose from 600 to 3000.It has been of help to the community living in southern Ontario since they fund them and sponsor their local charities this is due to team building and hard-working.