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JustFab Has The Right Tools to Succeed

Whenever anyone starts a business, it is important to know what someone is getting involved in and if it will profitable. They also have to ask themselves if this is a product that is going to make an impression on people and make a difference in their lives. That product is most certainly JustFab, the brain child of Co-CEO’s and Co-Founder’s Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. They have worked in business together and separately for a long time and they know what it takes to get a business off the ground and see it succeed. Adam Goldenberg, after all, started his own business at age 15 in Gamers Alliance and went on to sell it.

Ressler and Goldenberg new endeavor is one that people might be surprised to hear they are involved, but that is the beauty of it. Sometimes different people can bring a fresh perspective on an industry. They are involved in women’s fashion with JustFab, a monthly service for the low cost of $39.95, which includes handbags, accessories, and other various goodies. What is different about this one is they actually take the time to get to know the consumer and the customer. Adam Goldenberg want to find out what they are interested in and what types of products are going to appeal to them.

They have also brought in fashion leaders to help with the process and have set up style boards and have built it in a place where women can exchange ideas and expression pinions at As they have stated, fashion is something that usually evokes a strong reaction out of people. That is a good thing, as it gets people talking, excited, and ready for whatever might be around the corner in the fashion world. It is always a good idea to drum up interest in a product and in fashion.

Most of all, they want women to look and feel good. They know that the way a person dresses and looks has a big impact on how they feel about themselves and how they view themselves on If they can help a young lady feel great and walk out of the door with confidence and high self esteem because of the products, they have done their job. This is the type of product that pays it for itself and then some. The customers get their money’s worth and a little extra along the way. JustFab is truly JustFab.

An Insight into Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She was Born in Russia & raised in New York City. Doe believes that ruling with an iron fist is old fashioned and that it does not inspire respect in a leader. She strives to drive and uplift people to succeed through positive reinforcement. Doe is on a mission to prove that cosmetics are a form of self-expression and freedom. She believes that cosmetics do more than just conceal imperfections. To Doe, beauty isn’t what “looks best” or “natural” but rather what feels right at the moment. With that in mind, in 2008, she launched and developed her line of magical, colorful, and cruelty-free cosmetics. The line, Lime Crime, is an intensely vibrant, bold, and pigmented line of animal-friend cosmetics with an international following of fans. The Lime Crime name was given birth from Doe’s favorite color as well as her dream to develop nail polishes, eye shadows, and lipstick so bright and vivid that wearing them might as well be illegal.

As a person who started out minuscule and achieved greatness on her terms, Doe is an active supporter of businesses owned by women and entrepreneurship endeavors. She frequently speaks on the subject of following your ambition and finding your voice at public events such as Vegas Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo. Doe adores welcoming other aspiring female entrepreneurs and encourages them to contact her for advice through her social media pages. In 2004, she registered a new account on eBay called lime crime. She modeled everything herself and wanted the whole look to be on brand. Therefore, colorful makeup became her staple. The idea of a make-up brand originated back in her sewing days simply because she found the unusual and bright colors were hard to find. She launched Lime Crime in the year 2008.

Lime Crime began their Unicorn Lipsticks in 2009 making them the first company to introduce primary and distinct lip colors to the market. All of the products have been free of cruelty since it was the inception in 2008. Since most of the items were Vegan from the very start, Lime Crime reformulated the others to meet standards of the Vegan in 2012. As the CEO and owner of Lime Crime, Deere checks overall product development life cycles. She does so with her Unicorns in mind, who are her biggest inspiration source. Doe Deere is a highly respected influencer in the beauty industry since she denied quitting her dream, and instills motivation in female entrepreneurs to follow the same route.

Doe’s most important role model is Kimberly Gordon, the creative brain behind Wild Fox. Like her, Kimberly started out with a passion. In Gordon’s case, the clothing was to be comfortable with a vintage twist. Lime Crime and Wild Fox launched around the same period and appealed to a similar customer type. Learn more:

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Marc Sparks’ Gift to Entrepreneurs offering Community Services

Marc Sparks begun his business journey and established himself as a reputable entrepreneur in Dallas, Texas. He runs a private firm, which he uses to control his other companies and investment portfolios. His success in business has earned him respect from the Dallas entrepreneurship community.

The idea of forming Spark Tank dates back more than 15 years ago when Marc met Lynne Sipiora in Colin County. They embarked on their first project, which involved rehabilitating Samaritan Inn, a house that was used to shelter homeless people.

The Samaritan Inn rose to its feet and was able to cater for the housing needs of more than 200 individuals daily and be able to offer them a meal. From the entrepreneur’s management, the Samaritan Inn increased its budget to a staggering $3 million annually.

Spark Tank initiated a program that sought to help other organizations to make the most out of a $5000 grant. The first Spark Tank’s $5000 grant was received by the Samaritan Inn and was used to build a kennel for pets. Through Spar Tank’s help, the people housed at Samaritan Inn had a place to keep their pets and get them off the street.

Spark Tank’s next gave Samaritan another $5000 grant to fund education programs that served children from poor households. The grant made sure that the poor kids in the shelter received education from their summer camps rather than having to spend their summers in school.

The third $5000 grant awarded to Samaritan was used to make sure that their bus was fueled for a year. The Samaritan’s bus ensured that the homeless people could get to and from work conveniently. The bus made it possible for poor people with no access to public or private transport to be able to find work.

Spark Tank has been able to achieve great milestones by employing Marc Sparks and Lynne’s beliefs that they can create social success by funding and mentoring ideas that promote community welfare. By finding and supporting individuals with non-conventional social service ideas, Spark Tank has been able to create positive changes to different communities.

The main aim behind Spark tank is to make sure that nonprofit organizations are managed professionally. They achieve this by challenging social service executives to develop and execute ideas that promote social empowerment professionally.  Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList

Members of different societies who possess ‘out of the box’ social service ideas can apply to receive Spark Tank’s funding and mentorship. After application, your idea will be reviewed for uniqueness. If it makes it to the final stage, you will be required to face a panel that evaluates all finalists before one of them is crowned the winner of the $5000 grant.

Darius Fisher Adds Another Award To His Resume

Status Labs has really impressed a lot of industry insiders thanks to its incredible success. The reputation management firm owes this success to its staff and its management. At the top of the management chain is President Darius Fisher. His consistent work has absolutely helped the company make a mark on the public relations and digital marketing world. Now, the industry is bestowing honors and awards on him for such service.

Fisher has been named the “Business Development Individual of the Year”, an honor administered by those running the 2016 PR World Awards. Several factors went into selecting Fisher for the award. The revenue growth of Status Labs was one of those factors. 15% growth would be a good figure. 100% would be nearly unheard of. From the company’s inception in 2012 to the end of fiscal year 2015, Status Labs experienced revenue growth in the range of 939%. Such a growth figure is stunning. Look for 2016 to reveal even more amazing levels of growth. The company is doing tremendously well. Fisher deserves a lot of credit for this success.

Others like to tap into his successful mindset. Darius Fisher’s knowledge has led others to call upon him to lend his insights and expertise to interested audiences. He has been interviewed in a host of popular website because, honestly, he knows what he is talking about and has a lot to say. A number of prestigious digital marketing conventions brought Fisher in as a speakers. Again, this shows his expertise on the subject(s) in which he speaks. Fisher has also written for a variety of popular online publications. His written work is filled with numerous pieces of valuable advice.

Fisher helped garner Status Labs with a lot of publicity from his speaking and writing engagements. He also came up with brilliant marketing strategies to bring new clients to Status Labs. Truly, his innovative managerial style played a grand role in the huge growth of Status Labs in only a few short years.

Suffice to say, Darius Fisher truly does deserve all the awards presented to him.

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