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Whitney Wolfe Is Finally In the Driver’s Seat With the Bumble App

Whitney Wolfe is definitely taking a hold of the feminist movement and giving people a much needed rest of fresh air when it comes to dating in the app world. So many men and women have become tired of the standard dating apps that all look the same. Whitney Wolfe made a difference in the lives of many people by creating a new and exciting dating experience through Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe is definitely giving people something to think about with the Bumble app. She has devised a way for people to experience dating platform, and it appears to be just the beginning for what has become the most phenomenal player of the dating app industry thus far. For many years there have been apps like eHarmony and Match. These are created by old white males that were the dominant app leaders dating.

These were premium apps, and that was just the norm when it came to the dating app world. Whitney Wolfe has been credited with shaking up the dating app community all together and building a different type of free platform for anyone that wants to date. She has certainly been able to captivate a lot of people that were trying to build a relationship with a potential soulmate. There is no doubt that she is changing course of dating, and people are going to be enthused about how they are able to find better matches through Bumble. Millions of people have already made a decision to utilize this as their primary dating app. It has become quite evident that Whitney Wolfe is out to compete against the major players like eHarmony and Tinder.

Whitney Wolfe definitely knows the dating app industry because she has been part of it long before she created Bumble. The only difference this time maybe that she has all of the creative control. It is true that she has hired other women that are in place to consult with on different ideas, but the large majority of what she is doing is the result of her very own imagination.

Christopher Burch and the Future-fusion of Function, Tech & Fasion

Christopher Burch is as fashionable as he is tech savvy and he has used this mutual passion for utility and aesthetics to catapult himself to the front of both industries. For over forty years he has been vigorously studying and investing within the technology and fashion sector. With this knowledge he created the immensely successful film Burch Creative Capital, a financial consulting firm geared towards cutting edge ideas to assist companies propel themselves, not just to financial, but creative success. Given his large and respectable CV, when Mr. Burch speaks on a fusion of tech and fashion, people are likely to listen, which is exactly what he has done of late.

Mr. Burch recently observed that the fashion industry and technology sector tend to grow in a tandem, feeding in a cyclical ebb and flow off of each other. Because of this, it days dividends to understand how tech and apparel have changed together in the past so as to better understand, manufacture and control how they will change together in the future.

He observes that in the 1970s one of the most trendy pieces of fashion wear for the youth was the boom box, which could be easily carried about upon the shoulders, allowing music to be taken on the go. It’s popularity blossomed in the 80s and then, in the 90s, because of it’s widespread appeal, the Walkman was created, allowing a more form fitting, customizable and fashionable way to listen one’s music on the go. Chris Burch sees future parallels, such as shoes that charge up and store energy whilst one is walking or running and can then be used to power MP3 players and cell phones. And if that sounds farfetched then one might do to take a look at Soledad Martin, as they already have a prototype of just that kind of technology in the works!

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