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Insurance is not needed all the time, but no one knows when disaster strikes. Having it on hand whether for everyday medical expenses or emergencies, always be sure you have the right coverage. Enter USHEALTH Group, your trusted choice for affordable, innovative health coverage that will keep you ready for anything. USHEALTH Group offer solutions through our insurance companies that can’t be found anywhere else. There are 2000+ agents that will help you to pick the best plan that best meets your needs including medical, dental, vision, accident and life insurance.

USHEALTH Group agents can help you over the internet, phone or in person to make selecting coverage as easy as possible. Looking for a health coverage and struggling for a plan that suits you? USHEALTH Group is here for you. USHEALTH Group advisors is dedicated to serving American self-employed individuals and small business owners with access to innovative and affordable health coverage solutions.

Health advisors help people just like anyone with health, life, accident and dental coverage solutions. Our innovative approach to health coverage allows you to tailor your coverage to fit your specific needs and budget. You can also lock in your low rates up to 15 months with the premier choice product line. Our innovative portfolio of products includes health coverage solutions that can’t be found anywhere else and its resume.

A health coverage that is affordable and flexible to meet people’s specific needs, specified disease, sickness and accident plans with no deductible. Customers can also upgrade their coverage at any time to the premier med short term medical, surgical expense plan without additional underwriting even in the middle of a claim.

USHEALTH Group provides their clients with reliable, straight forward health coverage solutions with no surprises. USHEALTH advisors create affordable health coverage solutions for small business owners, individuals, and families all across America.

InnovaCare Enters Into A New Phase Of Uplifting Performance And Customer Service

Among companies that have been identified for offering physician practice services across the U.S., InnovaCare Health has been classified as one of the best-rated in the industry for providing a seamless system that ensures customers receive timely and cost-effective services. In this era where technology is helping companies to manage complex processes, customers have many options to choose from.

The healthcare industry has grown and companies that deal with managed healthcare services like Medicaid have been forced to embrace modern technology to serve their customers better. One of the reasons why InnovaCare Health has sailed through the competition to become a leader in the industry is the kind of services they have been offering to clients in different categories. They have integrated the entire infrastructure with new technology and streamlined the service delivery process to make it possible for clients from the Puerto Rico region to receive fast and quality care.

Additionally, InnovaCare Health has invested highly in ensuring all staff members are trained to understand modern technology that is applied in the company. With these changes, the company has earned more productivity by over 30% and their customers are happy for the awesome experience availed by the changes.

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Most importantly, InnovaCare Health hired new executives to different positions in a bid to improve the decision making process. As the Chief Actuary, Jonathan Meyers has been able to come with new ideas that are targeted at transforming the Medicare Advantage and Medicaid services offered by the company. He once worked on the programs and understands how everything works in the healthcare industry. Jonathan will be a major asset to InnovaCare Health since he is motivated to instill change and make the company better at service delivery.

Mike Sortino, the Chief Accountant, also joined the company recently during the appointments. His experience as an accountant is one advantage he brings along since he can seamlessly steer both the finance and accounting departments.

About the managers of InnovaCare Health
Dr. Rick Shinto has served InnovaCare Health as the CEO for over five years and the time he has spent in the company he has brought about positive changes. He is a professional clinical scientist and due to the experience he has gathered, he has authored journals and articles addressing issue in the healthcare industry.

Richard consults and works with Penelope Kokkinides to offer policies that are transformative to the company. Penelope is the Chief Administrative Officer and she enjoys over 20 years experience in the clinical health industry.

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