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Sawyer Howitt – Racquetball’s Rising Star

Although the American public doesn’t usually spend Sunday afternoons gathered around the television watching racquetball, there is a talented young athlete that may soon change that very thing. Sawyer Howitt is a member of The Racquet Club in Portland, Oregon, possible future Olympian, and definitely a name to remember.

In his early years, Sawyer Howitt honed his talents at Lincoln High School on the boys’ racquetball team. He amazed spectators and gained notoriety competing at the Oregon High School State Championships. Here, he contributed significantly to the team’s success. Now playing for The Racquet Club, the young Mr. Sawyer Howitt continues to astonish everyone with his extraordinary athletic skills.

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Not only is he very a talented athlete, he is also business savvy and knows his way around a financial spreadsheet. Whether on the court or in a board room, Sawyer Howitt is certainly a name well worth remembering.

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