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CTRMA Director Mike Heiligenstein And New Mobility

CTRMA director Mike Heiligenstein has many options for mobility that he wishes to release. He has come up with a number of different options for the state to add to mobility, and this article explains how he plans to release these new options. There are many public forums going on at the present time, and Mike is listening to all opinions before they begin work. This article explains how the CTRMA is making Texas an easier place to travel.


#1: The Rail And Bus Line Options


Rail and bus lines are quite important because they ensure that the people of the state have something simple to use when they need to travel. Anyone who does not have a car may use these options, and people will avoid the need for a car when they may travel with the CTRMA. This is a simple way to ensure that the people of the state have an easy way to get to work, and they will avoid any issues that come up when they must move in a hurry.


#2: Why Public Input?


Public input is the most-important part of the process, and it is used to make a difference in every new planning meeting. The public gives their input on what they believe should be done to improve transportation in the state, and their options are used while planning. Mike wants to know that he has covered as many bases as possible, and he will continue to receive input until the CTRMA is ready to release their final plans.


#3: How Far Will Customers Go?


Mike has control of toll roads in the state, and he is managing bus lines along with new rail options that he believes will take customers anywhere they want to go. The state of Texas is quite large, and someone who does not know how to get across it must ensure that they have used these public options. Mike believes that someone could go all the way across the state when the projects are done, and it cuts down on the need for cars.


There are many people who will travel in Texas using the new options from the CTRMA, and they will find that the state is a much easier place to go when they have an easier way to travel. Mike Heiligenstein will continue to improve transit in the state until it has reached its full potential.


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