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Inmate Services-Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies can well be described as for-profit inmate organization.We have been serving correctional facilities as well as prisons for many years having our Head offices located in Dallas, Texas. We consider ourselves among the ancient and the most efficient inmate service provider company. Our firm was established in 1986. Since our foundation, we have been experiencing tremendous growth as we have other regional offices across the United States of America. Other offices are located in Carrollton, Texas, Allen, Texas, as well as Atlanta, Georgia. We consider ourselves an equal employment opportunity firm which offers employment chance to more than 1000 individuals across the United States. Our company serves over 1200000 inmates in more than 3450 prisons and correctional facilities.

At Securus Technologies we pride ourselves on being a leader in the correctional sector, and we have a mandate to offer civil and criminal justice technology resolution for the purpose of public safety, correction, observing, as well as exploration. We are devoted to deliver quality services and products to the correctional facilities in Northern America, and to be able to reach our goals and satisfy our clients, every week we develop new products in the recent days we have been receiving numerous letters as well as emails from our happy and satisfied customers. Some of the letters and emails are as listed below.

  • A thrilled client mentioned that with the help of our telephone services, they were able to arrest one of their staff members for the introduction of counterfeit goods and the staff will soon appear in court.
  • After monitoring calls, one of the correctional facilities using our products and services found information on the use of drugs and alcohol in the facility.
  • Our investigative tools have been allowing our clients to investigate in the case of complaints of harassment or the use of drugs and alcohol.
  • One of our happy clients mentioned that they were in the middle of an investigation when they contacted us and with the help of our services they will now take the suspect to court.

We will continue to serve our clients as we offer quality services as well as products.


Securus Technologies Pivotal in Keeping Our City Safe

When my team of fugitive task force hunters have to fins a suspect quickly, we will use any resource available to take the suspect down. In the past, one of the most effective techniques that we have is using informants to give us information as to where these fugitives are in hiding. Depending on the case, we get various degrees of help in each case, and this month was especially trying for a number of reasons.


The fugitive we were hunting was the leader of a local gang, and residents were afraid that even if they came forward, they would be next on the list to be targeted. This left us with zero leads and even fewer tips because he was able to use the gang’s resources to stay off our radar. Whenever we thought we had a solid lead, it wound up being nothing, and the fugitive would simply go deeper in hiding until he was committing his next crime.


When we visited the local jail to see if any of the gang members could offer us assistance, we knew where this was going. Although the inmates didn’t give us any tips, they did run to the phones to call their fellow gang members to warn them we were on the hunt. Luckily for my team, Securus Technologies had installed the call monitoring system in the jail used to pick up conversations on a number of subjects.


The LBS software is able to listen to several inmates at the same time, and alert us to calls where the suspect was being mentioned. In one call, a gang member was telling the other gang members to move the suspect now because we were in the jail. Not realizing we still had a team on the streets, we coordinated an effort that took him down that afternoon without any incident.


Securus Technologies’ Leadership and Customer Responses

A Securus Technology was founded in 1986 as a profit prison technology company in Dallas Texas. It has regional offices located in Allen, Georgia, Carrollton, Atlanta and Texas. The company has approximately 1,000 employees and has at least 2,600 correctional contract facilities within the United States. Securus technologies cover about 2,200 correctional facilities within Canada and United States. By July 2016, securus announced to have invested over $600 million in patents, acquisitions, and technologies in three years.


In June 23rd, 2008, Rick Smith was announced as the companies CEO by Richard Falcone, who is the company’s current chairman. It is due to his effectiveness in driving the company to heights that are high and visible over the years. Mr. Smith can operate the business as a focused and experienced leader who has what it takes to be in the position. Mr. Rick is also a visionary leader who is a dedicated team player with a unifying factor among employees.


He is a resilient leader and a great team player. His employees constantly want to be near him because he knows what needs to be done. Rick Smith has a remarkable background with an impressive track record, breadth of experience and set of skills to lead Securus. Rick has been leading in various disciplines positions at Frontier Corporation including business development, finance, operations and IT among others. He also has experience in telecom experience.


For nine years, Rick Smith was the CEO of Eschelon Telecom Inc, during that time the company grew EBITDA to some $80 million and revenue from $30 million to approximately $350 million. Customers of the company enjoy how friendly and helpful the staff is. They love that apart from the technological products they get from the enterprise; they are also given advice on what works and what does not. Most of the customers admit that they do not get such advice from any other company.



Securus Technologies Receives Better Business Bureau Accreditation

Securus Technologies is a large provider of communications service to correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations all over North America. The company currently serves over 3,400 agencies and over 1.2 million inmates.


Securus recently received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau which is the highest rating possible and also gives the public the knowledge that the company gives the highest level of concern and service to its customers.


Answering approximately 25 million calls per month, Securus installed all of the necessary equipment and facilities to make it possible to attain the BBB rating. All calls are answered in an average time of 11 seconds with a first call resolution rate of 99%. The satisfaction rate received by customers is a 4.3 out of 5 rating, which is very good.


The Better Business Bureau A+ rating proves that the company is providing the very best service at all times to its customers and families. Securus is very pleased that it can show these kinds of results and that it can maintain them. Being able to provide phone service for inmates and their families is a very positive service which keeps families in touch during a very difficult period of their lives.


The Better Business Bureau standards are difficult and not every business qualifies to become a member of this well-known organization. There is a rigorous and detailed application process, and a company must pass all of the requirements to the satisfaction of the BBB in every category.


To have received the highest rating of A+ is remarkable for such a large organization, but that is a tribute to the effort and professionalism that is displayed and maintained by Securus. It is always important to achieve high standards, especially with the population that is served, according to Securus management.


Get Advanced Calling Features With A Secure Network

Securus Technologies has been proudly serving the inmate calling network for over 20+ years by regulating inmate calls. They’re responsible for the secure regulations of hundreds of networks that include Global Tel-Link. Their high standard regulations include surveillance, monitoring, and advanced technological support. Their fourth quarter audit caught a few inaccuracies associated with Global Tel-Link and they were quickly corrected. Securus allowed thousands of residents in Louisiana to receive free inmate calling features for a limited time. PRN Newswire did an in depth article about the inaccuracies that were corrected through the regulations of Securus Technologies.


Securus Technology Features


– Advanced calling features

– Video visitation

– Telephone debit

– Inmate voicemail

– Advance call credits

and more….


Securus has teamed up with Jpay Services and Vimeo to expand their services. Your loved ones can talk more than ever before and spend less. They have a friendly customer service representative standing by to assist you with your calling needs 24/7, 7 days a week, including holidays. They have also expanded their international network by achieving a Certification 1 certificate to ensure loved ones around the world with an inmate in a correctional facility will have access to secure calling features.


Securus Advanced Features


Billions of minutes are processed annually through the Securus Technologies network. Thousands of people are finding it hard to locate an authorized agent or finding it hard to accept their calls through a third party. Securus features allows you to avoid commuting to a jail or spending tons of money. You don’t have to worry about missing important calls by using advanced technological features.


Now is a great time to join Securus Technologies to become a member of their secure network. They offer features that will allow you to talk securely to your loved ones every time.


Letting Someone In Jail See A Concert Event With Securus

Securus has been perfect for us because we are a touring band that I want my cousin to see while he is in jail. He was going to be helping us on tour, but he is missing out at the moment. We wanted him to be able to see as many of our concerts as he could, and that is why we are using Securus to make sure that he can see the concerts. We have someone showing him the concert on their phone, and we have the app on the phone so that he can see.


The sound and picture in the Securus app is really good, and we are really happy with the way this works. We have been sure that the concerts would be a good way for him to pass the time, and we know that he will feel much better because he can see us play. We have been traveling all over the country, and we have been able to show him all the different things that we are doing as a band. It makes our band more unified because we are all behind him, and we have all been using Securus to talk to him on a daily basis. It makes more sense for people to see the concerts than just sit there, and I know he appreciates talking to all of us.


We all got together to get a Securus account that would help my cousin see the things that he is missing out on. We want him to know that we miss him, and we think that we can give him a reason to clean up his act. That is why we are using Securus, and we know that we have a chance to help him have the motivation to get better.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.