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Duda Melzer’s Diverse Background and Achievements

Duda Melzer is an American and Brazilian entrepreneurial icon. Being only 44 years old, running several companies and constantly diversifying his portfolio is only the beginning of his success story. Surprisingly, Melzer got somewhat of a later start than many businessmen. He graduated college in Brazil at 26 but continued his education to the US by earning an MBA from the prestigious Harvard University. Duda Melzer still has ties with the university by taking continuing education courses to keep his skills polished. After graduation, he worked for his family’s business RBS Grupo, a media conglomerate in Brazil. His position was to manage the businesses US division. He also held a leadership role with another media firm and has also worked as a financial analyst.


In 2015, he was finally appointed and recognized in the top leadership role at RBS as CEO and Chairman of the board of directors. The credential was important to him as he’s a firm believer in the power of family-owned and operated businesses; he was happy to fill his uncle’s shoes who’d formerly held the position. He’s also the founder and director of e.Bricks, which is a digital venture capital investor and equity holder. Contact him continues to expand by also having a vested interest in a contemporary art show and the largest supplier of wine in Latin America.


While Duda Melzer is certainly well rounded, his achievements don’t stop there. He’s also active with Cambridge’s Family Enterprise Group, where he is recognized as a top entrepreneur. The accolades continue with Ernst and Young giving him the same distinction. He remains well grounded by participating in his family’s charity, which aims to help disadvantaged children and teens in Brazil. They work with the government to shed light on social issues and how they affect these individuals. Melzer not only has a sharp sense of business skills, but his humanitarian efforts are creditworthy adding to his diverse background and what Duda knows.

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