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End Citizen United PAC Challenging the Political Sector

When the Supreme Court passed a ruling in 2010 which opened doors for big corporations to fund the elections, many saw this action as a way of killing the American democracy. The ruling, dubbed ‘Citizens United,’ has been criticized by many as a way of big corporations and wealthy people hijack the electoral process of America. They have been accused of pumping ‘dark’ money to the candidates who after attaining political office, feel indebted to them hence grant them several financial favors.

The untraceable political expenditure has been rising at an alarming rate. It has created a sense that the democracy is slowly drifting away from the ordinary Americans. As opposed to before where the voices of individuals could be heard, the American political system has managed to render most people insignificant. That’s why a group like End Citizen United PAC exists to fight this battle and restore American democracy to what it was before.

The group decided to support Democrats candidates who share the same idea and those who are oppressed and attacked by the corporate and billionaires. They believe that it’s only through this process that they will be able to pass the constitutional amendment that will reverse the Supreme Court’s ruling.

The group has received an active support and has attracted more than 325,000 signatures for the petition that was aimed at pressuring the Congress to reconsider the legislation. The group also enjoyed the partnership with “Ready for Hillary” that will help to boost its popularity through renting them their email list that consists of over four million people.

As for finances, End Citizens United has managed to raise over $2 million, and according to Richard Carbo, communications director of the group, the group’s ambition of reaching $30 million is still realistic.

This mission, however, is seen by some as over ambitious and unrealistic. Rick Hasen, a political science and a law professor at UC-Irvine School of Law, has challenged the group’s constitution amendment mission. He suggests that the best way is a change in the Supreme Court justice. He, however, acknowledges the importance of the existence of such groups as they put pressure on the Supreme Court and the political sector not to make things worse than they are currently.

End Citizens United is a political committee that was formed with the aim of fighting the Citizen United ruling that was passed by the Supreme Court in 2010.

End Citizens United is aimed at backing political candidates who have the same ambition of amending the constitution. The group seeks to support Democrats and recognize that some Republicans are aware of the untraceable political expenditures and don’t support it. The Congress Republican leadership, however, is seen to be standing in the way of this reform.

End Citizens United also enjoys grassroots support and financing. They have received over 130,000 donations from people who want to take the democracy back.



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