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Fine Hair and WEN, Yes it Works Well

What comes to mind when you think about fine hair? If you have fine hair, I bet plenty comes to mind. You probably wish your hair was thicker, had more volume, or wasn’t so fragile. Because let’s face it, people with fine hair struggle with that. Hair takes a lot of abuse daily. Hot tools are hard on the hair no matter what texture you have. But with fine hair, it is even worse. Chemicals are also harsh. People with fine hair have to be careful not to over process the hair from maintenance. And let’s not forget about what is in the products that we use daily just to clean and style your hair. Bustle has an article about a girl using Wen hair for a week. To see the results look here.

This woman has fine hair and after some careful consideration and countless QVC commercial viewings of what WEN can do for her hair. She decided to give it a shot. For seven full days, she used the product. Immediately she found that after just one washing her hair felt different. She claimed that while she was cleansing her hair that it quickly begin to feel thicker. She was concerned by how much WEN suggested she used for her hair and she did the minimum amount. She stated that her hair even felt more bouncy and shiny after she styled her hair. By day seven, she concluded that WEN was great for anyone that washed and styled their hair every day.

WEN is a product created by Chaz Dean. According to, Chaz Dean owns and operates a salon called Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood. He caters to an impressive roster of celebrity clients. After quickly climbing the ranks in the salon world, he went beyond that and came up with his product line WEN.

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