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George Soros is God’s Great Gift to the Left

There is not a person on this earth who does not feel that they were meant for something great. There is an old saying “the two greatest days of a person’s life are the day they are born, and the day they discover why.” Everyone has a passion to affect the world positively, but not everybody has the influence necessary to transform the world. George Soros is a man who uses his influence to cause great positive change here in the United States of America and also around the globe.

George Soros is the president and founder of the Open Society Foundations. He created this nonprofit so that he could help promote and support democracies who are struggling around the globe. It is his belief that every country deserves a liberal democracy that will fight for the needs of the people and keep their best interest at heart. The only way this can happen is if the elected officials stay accountable to the people they serve. Through the Open Society Foundations, George Soros and many donors have given hundreds of billions of dollars to make this a reality. In fact, George Soros has given $18 billion of his own money to the Open Society Foundations. He believes in that mission that strongly.

George Soros also uses the Open Society Foundations to promote liberal democracy here within the United States of America. Beginning in 2004, George Soros began donating to the world of politics through the Open Society Foundations.

The 2004 election season was characterized by drama and rhetoric on both sides. At this time, the incumbent President George W. Bush was beginning to sag in the polls due to his decision to bring us into two different wars, one in Afghanistan and another in Iraq. George Soros thought that George W. Bush might be weak enough to lose the presidency for the Republicans. Because of that belief, he donated a record-breaking amount to the campaign of John Kerry. This amount was $27 million. Though John Kerry would go on to lose that election, and thus break the heart of George Soros, it did prepare the people for the next liberal candidate.

In 2008, after much deliberation, George Soros decided to give his financial weight Barack Obama instead of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Due to the support George Soros and others, Barack Obama had the finances necessary to get his message of hope and change out there for the world to see. This helped his meteoric rise to the presidency where he served for two successful terms.

In 2016, George Soros would open up his wallet yet again with the Open Society Foundations and support Hillary Clinton as President. His giving would increase all the more when Donald Trump secured the nomination of Republican Party. All in all George Soros would donate millions of dollars to state Senators from the Democratic Party to help them keep their key offices, and he gave Hillary Clinton’s campaign $25 million to help her.

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