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Gregory Aziz- Growing The National Steel Car

Since the inception of national steel car, it had been leading in the production of railroad freight cars in North America. NSC was founded in 1912 under the management of National Industries Inc. Ever since it has been in this line of production. National steel car took off from the start with momentum after it received a lot of orders from various railways corporations that allowed it to become the best at the time. National steel car has been producing railroad freight cars and other products related to the railway’s corporations. Having been in operation for more than a hundred years now, national steel car is one of the oldest engineering and manufacturing companies to have come from this region. Although at some point the production capacity of the firm had dwindled, it is now among doing very well after it changed its management.



National steel care is currently being led by Gregory J Aziz who bought it from a corporation known as Dofasco. National steel car has been able to change its production capabilities in recent years and is now catching up with the modern manufacturing and engineering companies. Despite operating for a very long time. National steel car has never closed down due to poor business. All through it has been through management which are have been able to keep its star shining.


The current CEO Gregory J Aziz was born in Ontario, Canada in 1949. On the other side, national steel car is located in Hamilton, Canada. This is the same locality that he comes from. Growing up, he has been able to learn the business environment of the region, and as the CEO of the National steel car, he knows what to do for the business to grow. Visit the National Steel Car’s website HERE.



Gregory J Aziz is an economist. Greg went to the University of Western Ontario where he received his degree in economics in 1971. As an economist, he understands how to manage a firm, and these are the skills that he has applied to ensure that National steel cars get back to its feet. National steel car has been able to establish itself as the leader in the industry after being able to triple its production capacity after Greg Aziz took over. The production every year now stands at 12500 cars. This is a huge improvement from what it was like in the past. National steel car is now ISO certified. For thirteen years, it has received the TTX awards for being the company with the best quality products.


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