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Gregory Aziz’s Significance in North America’s Railroad Freight Car Manufacturing Industry

National Steel Car is a firm that is renowned in North America for the excellent railroad freight cars that it manufactures. Gregory James Aziz has been the CEO and president of the Canadian company for the past 23 years and has led it to great heights. Aziz is the owner of the business, and he acquired it in 1994. The railroad freight car manufacturer is based in Hamilton, Ontario, and it provides top-notch products for its customers across North America. The firm has been in business for the past one century, and its cars have been improving with time. It has always been among the top companies in the industry since inception.



Gregory Aziz is the owner and chair of the National Industries Inc., and he bought National Steel Car to be one of its subsidiaries. The businessman embarked on the task of growing the company into the leading builder of rolling stocks in North America immediately after buying it. Before Aziz took over the management of National Steel Car, the company’s primary market was in Canada, but it has now grown into the United States. Aziz is striving to expand its productivity so that it can serve the global market. From 1994 to 2000, the railroad freight car manufacturer’s annual production shot from 3,500 to 12,500 railroad cars. Greg also grew the firm’s staff from 500 to 3000 professionals. Railway operators across Canada and the United States use products from National Steel Car. Find More Information Here.



James Aziz was an employee of the Affiliated Food before taking over National Steel Car’s management. The fresh foods wholesaler was established by his family and currently serves the United States and Eastern Canada markets. The company started by selling products locally in Canada before Gregory J Aziz transformed it into an international importer of fresh foods. He left Affiliated Foods in the 1980s after serving as its head for 16 years. Greg worked as in investment banker in New York in the early 1990s. He is schooled at University of Western Ontario and holds a degree in economics.



The residents of Hamilton have benefited from the company in different ways. National Steel Car has currently employed thousands of people, and it is also a sponsor of various community activities. Led by Greg Aziz, its staff members have been supporting local food banks by taking part in food drives. The company’s charity program has also funded institutions that important to the community.



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