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Here’s How Tony Petrello is Living the American Dream

Mr. Tony Petrello had a sharp mind, astute social acumen, and a strong sense of direction since he was born. Tony was fortunate enough to gain entry into Yale University, one of the most sought-after universities in the Ivy League group of postsecondary institutions. As he had plenty of smarts to utilize, he decided to major in Math and learn more about Tony.

Tony first graduated Yale University after only three years of studying, where it usually takes four years to complete a bachelor’s degree – let alone in a discipline as difficult to understand as math. At the time, he strongly believed that he wanted to be a mathematician, either teaching school or making a living from applied mathematics. As such, he enrolled in the master’s program at – you guessed it – Yale University for his second degree and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

Immediately upon graduation, Mr. Tony Petrello was confident that he didn’t want to work as an academician or an applied mathematician. It was at this moment that Tony arguably made the best decision of his life. He applied to several Ivy League colleges, and actually got in the most prestigious school in the entire world – Harvard College. Mr. Petrello earned his Juris Doctorate degree, that used by lawyers, attorneys, and regulation consultants to practice law in the United States, after the standard three-year period of study required by aspiring lawyers.

Mr. Petrello’s first position in the field of law – and only position practicing as an attorney, coincidentally – was with the New York-based law firm Baker & McKenzie. The partnership was well-established not only in the Empire State, but in countries around the world, seeing as its field of specialty was international corporate taxation and general intercontinental business law.

He worked for the firm for 12 years, then found a position at Nabors Industries. Since the fateful day he was hired on for four unique positions simultaneously, he has caused their stock price to go up more than twofold, still standing strong to this day.

Tony earned a whopping $68 million in 2013, opting to take a lower pay cut for the benefit of his organization.

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