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How Traveling Vineyard Is Revolutionizing The Wine Industry

Traveling Vineyard is a family business that was founded with a goal of making wines to have a less stuffy taste. The company was founded in 2001, and today, it boasts of over 1,000 Wine Guides in more than 40 states. Today the firm has developed 21 different varieties of wine. They also sell accessories such as openers, decanters, and chillers. The firm is committed to bringing a relaxed home experience that demystifies wines.

Traveling Vineyard’s Business Model

Working as a Wine Guide is an easy task. Firstly, an interested person assigned to a leader within your region. The leader will guide you through in all events until you become established. Introduction to the tasting room is the second phase. These online training centers introduce one to wines and educate on how to taste wines and much more. Annual Harvest Conference will offer the recruit with an opportunity to wine business and entrepreneurship. The team leaders then hold regional meetings to train the new Wine Guides.

Why Become Part of Traveling Vineyard

Friendship is among the benefits. Working with Traveling Vineyard makes you become part of a team, which you share a lot in common.

Financial Reward
Being a Wine Guide offers you with an opportunity to earn extra money if you are working as a part-timer or earn a lot more as a full-timer.

As a Wine Guide, it is upon you to decide the number of events you want to handle and at what time.

Since the job involves traveling, talking and tasting wine, it is fascinating. You will always have the chance to learn and meet new people. Moreover, Wine Guides holds entertaining parties in exotic locations.

Whether looking to earn more money or seeking to get personal time, being a Wine Guard gives you the opportunity.

Social Media Presence
Looking at their Facebook page, one can easily conclude that Traveling Vineyard is committed to ensuring the best customer experience. They frequently post their service charter as well as posting feedbacks from their clients.

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