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Inmate Services-Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies can well be described as for-profit inmate organization.We have been serving correctional facilities as well as prisons for many years having our Head offices located in Dallas, Texas. We consider ourselves among the ancient and the most efficient inmate service provider company. Our firm was established in 1986. Since our foundation, we have been experiencing tremendous growth as we have other regional offices across the United States of America. Other offices are located in Carrollton, Texas, Allen, Texas, as well as Atlanta, Georgia. We consider ourselves an equal employment opportunity firm which offers employment chance to more than 1000 individuals across the United States. Our company serves over 1200000 inmates in more than 3450 prisons and correctional facilities.

At Securus Technologies we pride ourselves on being a leader in the correctional sector, and we have a mandate to offer civil and criminal justice technology resolution for the purpose of public safety, correction, observing, as well as exploration. We are devoted to deliver quality services and products to the correctional facilities in Northern America, and to be able to reach our goals and satisfy our clients, every week we develop new products in the recent days we have been receiving numerous letters as well as emails from our happy and satisfied customers. Some of the letters and emails are as listed below.

  • A thrilled client mentioned that with the help of our telephone services, they were able to arrest one of their staff members for the introduction of counterfeit goods and the staff will soon appear in court.
  • After monitoring calls, one of the correctional facilities using our products and services found information on the use of drugs and alcohol in the facility.
  • Our investigative tools have been allowing our clients to investigate in the case of complaints of harassment or the use of drugs and alcohol.
  • One of our happy clients mentioned that they were in the middle of an investigation when they contacted us and with the help of our services they will now take the suspect to court.

We will continue to serve our clients as we offer quality services as well as products.


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