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Jason Hope Offers Financial Support To Advance Rejuvenation Biotechnologies

The fact that modern medicine adopts a reactive, rather than proactive direction when it comes to age-related health conditions is undeniable. Such illnesses include diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Focus, therefore, needs to be put on the types of research being done to devise ways of preventing these diseases from happening in the first place.

When discussing such efforts, it is almost impossible to ignore the works of the Arizona-based Internet entrepreneur, Jason Hope. He has been using both his wealth and influence to drive anti-aging initiatives. A considerable chunk of Jason’s giving towards this cause is concentrated on the SENS Foundation. Established in 2009, SENS is a non-profit organization that deals with age-related illnesses head on. It has become a driving force in what is popularly termed as rejuvenation biotechnology – a line of research whose primary aim is to address age-related health problems.

Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation in 2010 – a gift that made it possible for the organization to construct and equip the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. Part of the donated money also facilitated the implementation of a new research programming aimed at breaking down advanced glycation end products in human tissue, and more information click here.

While responding to his passionate support for the activities of SENS, Jason Hope said that he is impressed by the fact that such foundations are adopting different approaches to anti-aging. He is thrilled by SENS’ focus on discovering cures for diseases that are known to break down the human body and in turn accelerating aging. He cited health conditions such as lung disease, heart disease and Alzheimer’s that affect body functioning. Jason Hope argued that while Traditional medicine focuses on treating these diseases, there is an urgent need to find ways of stopping them way before they happen.

In an Interview with METRO, Jason Hope said that SENS Foundation has the potential to redefine the pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotech industries completely. He is convinced that rejuvenation biotechnologies constitute the future of human health. Apart from his financial support to the foundation, Jason Hope also engages in its outreach efforts actively, and


About Jason Hope

A current resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, he was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. The self-made entrepreneur, investor, futurist, and philanthropist attended Arizona State University where he studied Finance and later on, his Master of Business Administration (from W.P Carey of School of Business). Mr. Hope built a name for himself in the international business arena shortly after his graduation. Over time, he has earned an outstanding reputation as an expert in all areas of business, and

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