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Jorge Moll And The Relationship Between Morality and Brain Damage


The Jorge Moll Study

One of the latest things you should not forget about Jorge Moll is that he’s the man who did a study on how morality has a lot to do with brain damage. It is also his work to establish the relationship of moral decisions with the fact that it is our nature to act with kindness.


His study was also able to establish the fact that the brain’s ventromedial prefrontal cortex has a lot to do with how immoral a person can be. It is also shown in this study that those people who make decisions regarding End Justify The Means are usually people who have a brain injury.

In fact, in his psychological tests, he was able to connect the fact that those who have a brain injury are more likely to feel less empathy for people during times of anguish. Emotionally detached people are usually having problems with their brain and are wired wrong in default. That said, the study of Jorge Moll has been able to produce a lot of inspiration for future studies to find answers about morality.


About Jorge Moll

There can be a lot of information you can know about Jorge Moll, but the essential information you need to know about Jorge Moll is that he’s right now the President-director and Member of Governing Board of D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR).


It is also his role as the Head of Cognitive Neuroscience Unit that gave him a series of distinctions (Inspirery). Some of the exciting awards that he got would be the Research Fellow NIH Award, which he received last 2004-2007.

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