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Keith Mann Leads Successful School Fundraiser in New York

$22,000 is not a small amount of money. And that’s how much Keith Mann and his company Dynamics Search Partners (DSP) helped raise for Uncommon Schools: a Brooklyn, NY based organization. Uncommon Schools helps high school kids prepare for their future by providing testing needs and other scholastic resources.

For example, they recently constructed a new high school in NY. And along with Keith Mann, they are able to pay for the college testing like AP and PSAT of high school kids who cannot afford it otherwise. This allows them to build their future and get into the college of their dreams. However, aside from the fundraiser, Mann also personally donated $10,000 ahead of time to ensure that the students had everything they needed.

In 2013, four years ago, the strong partnership between DSP and Uncommon Schools was forged. They were committed and lead by inspiring individuals like Mann to support students at whatever cost. They fund the practical, real skills that are needed to succeed in college and afterwards. Mann is happy about the current results and looking forward to what the future has in store.

Keith mann is a versatile business expert and philanthropist with over 15 years of hard earned experience in the field of executive search. He works with hedge funds and alternative investment funds to place the right positions for them. He and DSP assist with compensation, strategization of staffing, and more. He didn’t always start out as the founder and CEO of his own company, though.

Mann worked hard, starting out at other firms and delivering excellent results. He worked his way up as managing director and eventually vice president at other firms. Now, his firm works with esteemed clients around the globe, and have successfully placed over 2,000 individuals with global financial firms.