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Marc Sparks’ Gift to Entrepreneurs offering Community Services

Marc Sparks begun his business journey and established himself as a reputable entrepreneur in Dallas, Texas. He runs a private firm, which he uses to control his other companies and investment portfolios. His success in business has earned him respect from the Dallas entrepreneurship community.

The idea of forming Spark Tank dates back more than 15 years ago when Marc met Lynne Sipiora in Colin County. They embarked on their first project, which involved rehabilitating Samaritan Inn, a house that was used to shelter homeless people.

The Samaritan Inn rose to its feet and was able to cater for the housing needs of more than 200 individuals daily and be able to offer them a meal. From the entrepreneur’s management, the Samaritan Inn increased its budget to a staggering $3 million annually.

Spark Tank initiated a program that sought to help other organizations to make the most out of a $5000 grant. The first Spark Tank’s $5000 grant was received by the Samaritan Inn and was used to build a kennel for pets. Through Spar Tank’s help, the people housed at Samaritan Inn had a place to keep their pets and get them off the street.

Spark Tank’s next gave Samaritan another $5000 grant to fund education programs that served children from poor households. The grant made sure that the poor kids in the shelter received education from their summer camps rather than having to spend their summers in school.

The third $5000 grant awarded to Samaritan was used to make sure that their bus was fueled for a year. The Samaritan’s bus ensured that the homeless people could get to and from work conveniently. The bus made it possible for poor people with no access to public or private transport to be able to find work.

Spark Tank has been able to achieve great milestones by employing Marc Sparks and Lynne’s beliefs that they can create social success by funding and mentoring ideas that promote community welfare. By finding and supporting individuals with non-conventional social service ideas, Spark Tank has been able to create positive changes to different communities.

The main aim behind Spark tank is to make sure that nonprofit organizations are managed professionally. They achieve this by challenging social service executives to develop and execute ideas that promote social empowerment professionally.  Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList

Members of different societies who possess ‘out of the box’ social service ideas can apply to receive Spark Tank’s funding and mentorship. After application, your idea will be reviewed for uniqueness. If it makes it to the final stage, you will be required to face a panel that evaluates all finalists before one of them is crowned the winner of the $5000 grant.

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