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The Success of the New Skout App

Of the many obscure holidays there are, Skout has recently celebrated national chip day and has even conducted an overall survey of the public’s favorite chips to consume. This new goofy idea is a result of a way to break the ice and continue to introduce this app to the public. Skout is specifically a new social app that enables individuals to further broaden their social circle. With those that use Skout, the creators of this company and app used over 3,000 individuals’ input from a survey to show the most popular chip flavor. This survey that was recently conducted is not the only quirky thing that Skout has done in the past. This is one of the many reasons why individuals now love and turn to this app.

Of the people that took the survey, the answers revealed that overall 96 percent of those that answered actually liked chips. Of the other chip questions, Skout was able to make fun and amusing questions such as what kind of chip was associated with each late night talk show. Of the many late night comedians, it was found that most chip lovers turned to Jimmy Fallon to watch. To be more specific, over 39 percent of chip consumers watched Jimmy Fallon with their favorite flavor of chips.

In addition to asking about late night show preferences, Skout creators also cleverly asked about political options as well as bedroom escapades. The fund questions on this site is a small taster of how good this app is at breaking the ice and introducing individuals to each other. This app is great for people who have just moved, for people looking for new individuals to hang out with, or even individuals who are looking for a date or even a new best friend. With matching up preferences, Skout is easily able to match similar people with each other.

Skout, similar to Facebook, is one of the largest global platforms that was created with the intention of helping people expand their overall circle. Currently Skout is used in over 180 different countries around the world and comes in over 16 different languages. Not only does this new app offer the chance to meet new people, but this new app also guarantees that using this app will do so in a safe and easy manner. Founded in 2007, this company has expanded exponentially.

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Venezuela Empties Gold Reserves

As Venezuela passes a threshold that it can’t undo, a drastic decision was made. In order to pay off some of the countries lingering debts, a portion of the countries gold reserves were sold off. 1.7 billion dollars worth of gold was sold. Falling to the lowest number in history according to, the countries gold reserve now sits at just 12 billion dollars.
The economic crisis in Venezuela can be traced back to one reason. Oil makes up 95% of the countries exports. Venezuelan expert Manuel Gonzalez says the country just doesn’t have the infrastructure and the techniques to keep up with the evolution of the field. As of recent oil prices have been the lowest in a decade. When you think of a country with a huge oil reserve you think of Saudi Arabia, but Venezuela’s crude oil reserves is much larger than Saudi Arabia. They just don’t have the technique and resources to continue operations at a profit.

While many will be quick to jump to the conclusion that Socialism is the reason for Venezuela’s fall in prominence, their lack of innovation is truly to blame. Venezuela has a 6 billion dollar interest bill to pay, and no money to do so. Former president Hugo Chavez meant to relieve the country from the monarchy of the U.S. dollar by collecting gold for the country. Now on the brink of extinction, the country is desperate to undo his work.


Status Labs Heals Its Own Reputation Crisis

Darius Fisher knows a lot about reputation management. He even knows quite a bit about how a crisis can befall a business. The former copywriter and political consultant founded Status Labs to help businesses and individuals fix bad press and mitigate harmful online content. Ironically and tragically, Fisher and the staff of Status Labs found themselves in their own reputation crisis. A former executive did something that brought difficulties to the company.

Rather than lament the troubles he and his company faced, Fisher mentioned all the steps he took to fix the damage.


Fisher chose to improve employee working conditions and compensation. An internal newsletter was crafted to help keep employees on top of all company business affairs. These steps helped calm nervous employees and kept them informed.


Fisher also worked at developing strategic joint ventures with other businesses in the local area. These partnerships dealt with community and philanthropic activities. Bad impressions about Status Labs were reversed due to all the positive community work the firm conducted.


And Status Labs is being very careful about the employees and managers they hire from now on. This way, the chances of someone negatively impacting the business are minimized.


Status Labs utilizing modern digital marketing and public relations tactics for purposes unique from many other boutique firms. Status Labs invests time and work into cleaning up an online reputation for those who may be experiencing a personal or business branding crisis. Status Labs also handles proactive, preventive steps involving the creation of a solid online presence that won’t be upended when potentially negative material is published without warning.


Although Status Labs is a boutique firm, this does not mean the company’s activities are solely local. The main headquarters for Status Labs is found in Austin, TX with other offices in New York and San Paulo. In the Austin area, Status Labs has numerous clients located in the West Texas region. The company has even moved to new offices in the Austin business district to handle local booming business. The number of clients is sure to grow over the coming years as more learn about what the professionals at Status Labs can do.

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George Soros Predicts the Looming China Economy Fallout

Billionaire George Soros have warned that the debt-fueled economy growth of China resembles the conditions that resulted to the 2008 financial crisis in the United States. The economy also fueled by credit growth bears the eerie resemblance of what happened in US and will eventually result to extension of credit, whether it feed on itself or is doing a lot in real estate.

According to Soros, the economy will reach a turning point sooner than anybody expects. This happened in the United States where a number of people including former chairman of the Federal Reserve, Paul Volcker anticipated the boom sooner, but extended to 2007/2008 financial year.

China has been the second largest economy in the world over the last 30 years, but in the eyes of analyst, it is the brink of a financial fallout on Since its stock market crash earlier during the summer, the country’s officials have had numerous difficulties to deal with. CNN reports that a raft of data in the last 6 months have been disappointing and the country’s leaders have felt the impact, trying the refocus the economy from being a manufacturing to a consumption state.

Soros have explained that damages to the economy will most be expected in the final year of the credit cycle. This is because more credit will be required to sustain growth. According to George Soros, all the country has done is to buy time. China had earlier introduced a real estate and a construction boom. This was just a bubble that it can grow and feed itself.

George Soros pointed out that gone are the days when China had a double-digit economic growth. The country has posted the slowest pace of expansion in the first quarter of this year; a GDP of 6.7 since 2008. Credit in the country continue to bulge with Chinese Bank owing 1.37 trillion in local currency loans according to Reuters. Social financing has gone up 2.34 trillion Yuan from approximately 780 billion three months ago. This is a warning sign implying how much credit is needed to a stop a decline.
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Soros expects the price of Gold to double if not triple as people are likely to be afraid. The billionaire who had earlier acquired a stake at Barrick Gold, the world largest gold producer and SPDR Gold ETF, which mirrors the price of gold expects higher returns from these financial bets.

About George Soros

Soros is a Hungarian-American billionaire businessman, investor and philanthropist. He was born in 1930 and the chairman of Soros Fund Management. George Soros is referred to as the “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” after making a profit of $1 billion during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis. He is also one of the 30 richest people in the world. This is detailed at Wikipedia.

The Vast Business Interests and Contributions of Eric Pulier

Raised in New Jersey, Eric Pulier began programming computers as early as when he was in 4th grade. While still in high school, he started a database computer company. Pulier started his studies at the prestigious Harvard University in 1984 where he majored in American literature and English. He was also an editor and wrote a column published in the Harvard Crimson. Pulier also took classes at the nearby MIT where in 1988 he graduated magna cum laude. His B.A. Degree is from Harvard University.

He has been described as an entrepreneur, technologist, public speaker, published author, columnist, and philanthropist.Mr. Pulier lives in LA, California with his 4 children.

Business Interests

Eric Pulier is globally recognized as one of the most successful and leading entrepreneurs in both enterprise and government technology. He has founded in excess of 15 companies and raised dollars in their hundreds of millions for such ventures. Some of these ventures include MediaPlatform, US Interactive, Desktone, and SOA Software.

Pulier is co-founded ServiceMesh, Inc. where he serves as CEO and Chairman. He has served as General Manager and Vice President of Cloud at CSC Australia Pty. Ltd and Computer Sciences Corporation. Pulier has directed creation and delivery cloud offerings at Computer Sciences Corporation. This makes it possible for organizations to effectively deliver IT-as-a-Service from external and internal providers, thus lowering cost and dramatically increasing productivity.Pulier is also a very active investor in a couple of seed level startups in technology and media, many of which have gone ahead to secure successful financings.

His Philanthropic Work

Pulier is a donor to a couple of non-profit organizations and several other philanthropic organizations. He serves on the Board of Painted Turtle (a summer camp designed for children suffering from chronic illness) and the XPRIZE Foundation Innovation Board.

Founder of many technology companies, entrepreneur, public speaker, writer and philanthropist, Eric Pulier has been named by VAR Business as one of 30 e-Visionaries. Besides being a popular public speaker at global premier technology conferences, Pulier is also member of the Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative. Currently he is the Enterprise Leadership Council Executive Director.

John Goullet’s passion and experience in Diversant leadership

John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur in the field of IT staffing. He has developed a number of ventures in the IT sector. John Goullet started out as a IT consultant and later switched to IT staffing in 1994 when he formed Info Technologies. In just five years, John’s diligence paid off as the company already had grown to a net worth of $30 M and had even been ranked 8th on the 500 fastest growing privately owned firms in the US by Inc. Magazine.

He has been the CEO and owner of Info Technologies till 2010 where they merged with Diversant Inc. In 2010, Gene Waddy from Diversant Inc merged with John Goullet’s Info Technologies to form Diversant LLC. John is now continuing to fulfill his passion of satisfying the marketplace as the Principal at Diversant LLC.

Diversant leadership composes of three persons; Gene Waddy who is the CEO and owner of Diversant LLC. Diversant LLC is now the nation’s largest African-American owned IT staffing and solutions firm. Gene’s expertise, commitment and zeal in helping the IT industry has brought growth and enhanced the reputation of the organization in a lot of Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to starting Diversant Inc, Gene was the National Practice Director for Infrastructure Services at Spherion Technology. He was managing the provision of IT staffing and solutions for big clients all over the country. He acquired experience in IT staffing and technology services industry.

Jim Yoshimura is the Chief Operations Officer. He has had over 30 years of staffing, consulting and industry experience. He provides leadership and strategy to Diversant. Diversant LLC has now grown financially and in operations. Before joining Diversant, he was the Senior Vice President for Experis where he increased revenue to $500M and put up 20 branches. In EDS, Coopers and Lybrand he has held senior positions there.

In Diversant, they offer top level service to make sure everyone is satisfied. The goal is to satisfy the customers, partners and consultants. The trio have made Diversant LLC a successful venture in IT staffing and direct hiring.

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How Diversification Has Been Pivotal to the Growth of Highland Capital Management

Due to the competitive nature of the corporate world, firms are obliged to diversify their interests to guarantee their survival. Financial services giant, Highland Capital Management (HCM) is an archetype of how corporations can grow by merely diversifying their operations. With assets spanning real estate, healthcare services, emerging markets, high yield credit and the equity markets, the firm has established itself as a force to reckon with.

HCM has a real estate arm whose role is pursuing investment opportunities. Careful analysis is done to establish the potential that lies in the investment that is about to be made. This cost-benefit analysis ensures that any ventures made are worthy of the efforts and monies spent. With investments amounting to one billion dollars in the property market, the firm is destined for greater success.

On the emerging markets front, HCM has specifically partnered with its Brazilian subsidiary to identify investment opportunities within the country’s economy. Of particular interest to it have been corporate debts. In healthcare, HCM is involved in delivering expertise by managing the assets of renowned healthcare providers. It has assets valued at 2 billion dollars, which makes it one of the biggest players in the sector. Its interests encompass medical technology and pharmaceutical products among others.

James Dondero’s Impressive Résumé

The Dallas resident is the President of HCM and has led it into a period of unsurpassable success since he founded it more than twenty years ago. Jim, as he is commonly referred is a qualified accountant and financial analyst. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in commerce. Before the formation of Highland Capital, he worked at GIC.

Owing to his contribution to the corporate world, James Dondero was bestowed with the 2014 Lipper Award. This is an honorable accolade, which demonstrates his dedication to the industry. James is also involved in various charities in Texas. He has given nearly 8 million dollars while in charge of the HCM.

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Charles Koch Stands Up For Freedom of Speech

Charles Koch, the billionaire who is renowned for funding the campaigns of republicans all over the nation, has joined hands with Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City. Together they have released a joint statement about an issue that concerns them both. Koch and Bloomberg are asking that universities do more to preserve the freedom of speech and to stop discouraging the expression of unpopular viewpoints.

In their editorial that was published in the Wall Street Journal, they said that though it was normal at this time of year for senior businessmen to offer advice to graduating students they instead decided to direct their message to college and university administrators. “Stop trifling free speech and coddling intolerance for controversial ideas…” they said. College campuses are supposed to be places that foster thought and intellectual activity, Koch feels. Yet in the current university climate, administrators are instituting speech codes, trigger warnings, and microaggressions against those who express unsanctioned opinions. There have been several instances where a controversial speaker had their invitation to speak withdrawn, for example. These practices create an atmosphere of intellectual conformity that has the effect of stifling debate, true learning, and academic inquiry. When a student or professor even expresses the wrong opinion they can face harsh criticism and other consequences at the hands of Universities.

Koch’s opinion is that the freedom of expression also comes with the freedom to offend others. He does not believe that colleges should shield students from ideas that make them feel uncomfortable as it does them a terrible disservice in the long run. He thinks that what universities are doing is also against the principles of a free, and democratic society.

Charles Koch is a prominent American businessman, and philanthropist in addition to his well-known political donation activities. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Koch Industries which refines oil and manufactures chemicals. His company is the second-largest privately held company in the United States. As a result of his business prominence, Koch’s message to universities carries a great deal of weight in some circles and he hopes his criticism will allow speech and intellectual debate on college campuses to proceed more openly.

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The Importance Of A Brand’s Online Reputation Ever-Increases

Reputation can easily stay with an organization for better and sometime sadly – for worse. While it may take years to build up and polish a company’s image and the public’s perception thereof, it can only take a mere few seconds to destroy it in today’s digital age.

Many leaders within these organizations fail to realize the true value of their online reputation until it’s too late. Subsequently, more established companies who have built up there reputation through once proven methodologies in the past, can suddenly suffer from underestimating the significance of their online reputation, or “webutation”, and its importance with modern consumers. Yesterday’s word-of-mouth or endorsement from a friend or neighbor now typically lies in the hands of an online review or posting from another fellow consumer in cyberspace.Simultaneously, the stock with which other consumers put in these online reviews and commentaries continue to skyrocket in correlation with a company’s bottom line. With commerce becoming more and more digital in nature and the online marketplace for any/every industry continuing to grow, management within organizations must now allocate an increasing amount of resources, as well as strategic foresight, to the internet for sustained revenue and potential growth……and in many cases – just to survive.

Furthermore, with social media having in increasing presence in our society and daily lives, it puts a emphasis on real time information and further puts the pressure on companies to hire more and more human capital, as well – all in an effort to take a more proactive approach to maintaining its webutation and protect the public’s perception of their particular brand in the marketplace.

For many firms – this is where their brand is actually created.

Today, a premium is now placed on brands and their online presence. A brand’s value in the online marketplace has even created an emergence of new positions in organizations – many solely focused on harboring a voice for products and services a company offers.

With social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter that offer a voice for every consumer that has an account and phone handy (the common masses now), company’s are forced to monitor their coveted image 24-7 to drive sales. So much so, they are oft-used in a propaganda-esque way: tweets for promotions or positive PR, likes and dislikes for potentially every micro-move an organization or brand may make.

Who would have ever thought that the click of a thumbs up or thumbs down could potentially have so much impact on a revenue stream? But it does. There are even companies like Five Blocks dedicated to cleaning up online reputation’s.

Search engine optimization plays a critical role in the marketplace, too. The ability to be found on the web or for positive and negative reviews to be located about a particular product and service increases this premium for a brand or organization’s online reputation.

Oft-changing algorithms from popular search engines make this an ever-moving target for organizations. When one day a popular brand or website is found atop a web search, the next it may have fallen out of the top 10 and possibly even worse – off a potential consumer’s radar.

For companies that want to take a proactive approach and strategy for their webutation, it is recommended that a multitude of avenues be monitored and utilized: a company’s website, popular industry-related posting or review websites, blogs that carry a voice in the online community, larger social media platforms, and even retaining a variety of companies that specialize in online reputation management. These are now a must for organization’s seeking to survive in the marketplace moving forward.

Wen By Chaz Makes An Impact

Flawless hair is hard to come by trust me I know. I have had to do a ton of different things to my hair in order to get the hair that I have today and I have no problem sharing that with people. You know how the quote goes Rome wasn’t built in a day? It is really true. You do not just wake up one day and I decide that you get to have great hair. If it worked that way I would probably have had perfect hair a long time ago but I don’t because it doesn’t work that way.
Recently Bustle release an article of their beauty blogger giving a WEN hair By Chaz a chance to work on her hair. In the past few months this QVC advertised brand has been under a ton of scrutiny because of it’s product but this blogger wanted to dispel all these rumors and give the product a try for herself. As I watched the blogger go through her daily Wen hair overview I was amazed at how much her hair was transformed so quickly. You could tell that the product was working on her hair and you could tell that this system was really not only impacting her hair but impacting her confidence. Visit Guthy-Renker to know more about Wen.

If you are not familiar with Wen by Chaz it is a 3 in 1 system designed to help all types of hair. It was created by Chaz Dean.It is available online via Amazon and most beauty stores nationwide.

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