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Tammy Mazzocco The Real Estate Story

Tammy Mazzocco got her start in the real estate industry by working as a secretary and real estate manager for several real estate companies for about several years in the early nineties. She had the chance to learn the back office and administrative part of the business this way. In 1999, having seen the economic opportunities in the marketing side of the business, she decided to get into real estate sales.

Her close friend and mentor, Judy Gang, invited Tammy to join her RE/MAX team and the knot was tied. Tammy has had no regrets and is today one of the top agents in Ohio. She works out of Pickerington, Ohio and the four surrounding counties of Franklin, Deleware, Licking, and Fairfield. Reference:

Tammy loves to help families who are new to the area find the home of their dreams, and she works very hard at it. She gets a good start by arriving at the office early in the morning to get paperwork and other office duties out of the way, and then gets on her phone to set appointments for the day. Tammy spends most of her time out showing Homes to prospective buyers because that is the only way for them to see what is available.

It doesn’t work in real estate just to show people pictures of homes because they have to walk into a home and visualize the fact that they could live there. Tammy likes to treat people in the same manner in which she would like to be treated, especially when it comes to their time and finances. When people feel that you understand them and are pulling for them, they have more of a tendency to do business with you, according to Tammy.

Tammy Mazzocco is an action type of person, and she likes to set definite goals, and then break them down into action steps. That way they are completed most of the time.

Fine Hair and WEN, Yes it Works Well

What comes to mind when you think about fine hair? If you have fine hair, I bet plenty comes to mind. You probably wish your hair was thicker, had more volume, or wasn’t so fragile. Because let’s face it, people with fine hair struggle with that. Hair takes a lot of abuse daily. Hot tools are hard on the hair no matter what texture you have. But with fine hair, it is even worse. Chemicals are also harsh. People with fine hair have to be careful not to over process the hair from maintenance. And let’s not forget about what is in the products that we use daily just to clean and style your hair. Bustle has an article about a girl using Wen hair for a week. To see the results look here.

This woman has fine hair and after some careful consideration and countless QVC commercial viewings of what WEN can do for her hair. She decided to give it a shot. For seven full days, she used the product. Immediately she found that after just one washing her hair felt different. She claimed that while she was cleansing her hair that it quickly begin to feel thicker. She was concerned by how much WEN suggested she used for her hair and she did the minimum amount. She stated that her hair even felt more bouncy and shiny after she styled her hair. By day seven, she concluded that WEN was great for anyone that washed and styled their hair every day.

WEN is a product created by Chaz Dean. According to, Chaz Dean owns and operates a salon called Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood. He caters to an impressive roster of celebrity clients. After quickly climbing the ranks in the salon world, he went beyond that and came up with his product line WEN.

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What Vijay Eswaran Went Through Before Creating QI Group

Born and raised in Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran has become one of the best entrepreneurs Malaysia has to offer. His success journey has not been without challenges, but he used these challenges to accomplish his dream. He manages not only a multimillion business but also authors books and does public speaking.

He believes that if he is to reach the young generation, he has to go to them in various ways such as writing books and attending forums where he speaks to people while giving them inspiration. Vijay is the individual behind QI Group, a marketing firm that is based in Hong Kong. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Mr. Eswaran was once a student at London School of Economics where he graduated with a degree in economics before he got involved in various jobs in France, London and even Belgium. While still doing these odd jobs, Vijay got interested in binary system marketing, and he ventured into it to the point of attaining a CIMA certificate.

For him to be in a position of managing his business, which was intended goal, he had to further his studies and this led to hom joining Southern Illinois University where he attained his MBA. After attaining his MBA, Vijay ventured ultimately into Multilevel marketing which led to him working at Synaptics.

Working at Synaptics helped him learn more about multilevel marketing, and after a while, he decided it was time to begin his company after returning to Malaysia. While in Malaysia he first worked at Cosway Group before he co-founded QI Group in 1998.

QI group is a multilevel e-commerce company that has more than twenty-five offices in various states covering media, business travel, training, luxury products and business travel. With the help of its subsidiary firms, the company has been able to offer services to various people around the world.

Their services range from hospitality, financial, retail to education services. According to QBuzz, Apart from focusing on QI’s growth and development, Vijay Eswaran has been actively involved in humanitarian causes with the aims of giving back to the society whole helping the less fortunate. Vijay is the man behind RTHYM Foundation which is a branch of QI Group aimed at creating numerous programs for the Asian less privileged.

Sawyer Howitt – Racquetball’s Rising Star

Although the American public doesn’t usually spend Sunday afternoons gathered around the television watching racquetball, there is a talented young athlete that may soon change that very thing. Sawyer Howitt is a member of The Racquet Club in Portland, Oregon, possible future Olympian, and definitely a name to remember.

In his early years, Sawyer Howitt honed his talents at Lincoln High School on the boys’ racquetball team. He amazed spectators and gained notoriety competing at the Oregon High School State Championships. Here, he contributed significantly to the team’s success. Now playing for The Racquet Club, the young Mr. Sawyer Howitt continues to astonish everyone with his extraordinary athletic skills.

View Sawyer Howitt’s racquetball stats >>>

Not only is he very a talented athlete, he is also business savvy and knows his way around a financial spreadsheet. Whether on the court or in a board room, Sawyer Howitt is certainly a name well worth remembering.

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End Citizen United PAC Challenging the Political Sector

When the Supreme Court passed a ruling in 2010 which opened doors for big corporations to fund the elections, many saw this action as a way of killing the American democracy. The ruling, dubbed ‘Citizens United,’ has been criticized by many as a way of big corporations and wealthy people hijack the electoral process of America. They have been accused of pumping ‘dark’ money to the candidates who after attaining political office, feel indebted to them hence grant them several financial favors.

The untraceable political expenditure has been rising at an alarming rate. It has created a sense that the democracy is slowly drifting away from the ordinary Americans. As opposed to before where the voices of individuals could be heard, the American political system has managed to render most people insignificant. That’s why a group like End Citizen United PAC exists to fight this battle and restore American democracy to what it was before.

The group decided to support Democrats candidates who share the same idea and those who are oppressed and attacked by the corporate and billionaires. They believe that it’s only through this process that they will be able to pass the constitutional amendment that will reverse the Supreme Court’s ruling.

The group has received an active support and has attracted more than 325,000 signatures for the petition that was aimed at pressuring the Congress to reconsider the legislation. The group also enjoyed the partnership with “Ready for Hillary” that will help to boost its popularity through renting them their email list that consists of over four million people.

As for finances, End Citizens United has managed to raise over $2 million, and according to Richard Carbo, communications director of the group, the group’s ambition of reaching $30 million is still realistic.

This mission, however, is seen by some as over ambitious and unrealistic. Rick Hasen, a political science and a law professor at UC-Irvine School of Law, has challenged the group’s constitution amendment mission. He suggests that the best way is a change in the Supreme Court justice. He, however, acknowledges the importance of the existence of such groups as they put pressure on the Supreme Court and the political sector not to make things worse than they are currently.

End Citizens United is a political committee that was formed with the aim of fighting the Citizen United ruling that was passed by the Supreme Court in 2010.

End Citizens United is aimed at backing political candidates who have the same ambition of amending the constitution. The group seeks to support Democrats and recognize that some Republicans are aware of the untraceable political expenditures and don’t support it. The Congress Republican leadership, however, is seen to be standing in the way of this reform.

End Citizens United also enjoys grassroots support and financing. They have received over 130,000 donations from people who want to take the democracy back.



USHEALTH Group – America’s Trusted Choice

Insurance is not needed all the time, but no one knows when disaster strikes. Having it on hand whether for everyday medical expenses or emergencies, always be sure you have the right coverage. Enter USHEALTH Group, your trusted choice for affordable, innovative health coverage that will keep you ready for anything. USHEALTH Group offer solutions through our insurance companies that can’t be found anywhere else. There are 2000+ agents that will help you to pick the best plan that best meets your needs including medical, dental, vision, accident and life insurance.

USHEALTH Group agents can help you over the internet, phone or in person to make selecting coverage as easy as possible. Looking for a health coverage and struggling for a plan that suits you? USHEALTH Group is here for you. USHEALTH Group advisors is dedicated to serving American self-employed individuals and small business owners with access to innovative and affordable health coverage solutions.

Health advisors help people just like anyone with health, life, accident and dental coverage solutions. Our innovative approach to health coverage allows you to tailor your coverage to fit your specific needs and budget. You can also lock in your low rates up to 15 months with the premier choice product line. Our innovative portfolio of products includes health coverage solutions that can’t be found anywhere else and its resume.

A health coverage that is affordable and flexible to meet people’s specific needs, specified disease, sickness and accident plans with no deductible. Customers can also upgrade their coverage at any time to the premier med short term medical, surgical expense plan without additional underwriting even in the middle of a claim.

USHEALTH Group provides their clients with reliable, straight forward health coverage solutions with no surprises. USHEALTH advisors create affordable health coverage solutions for small business owners, individuals, and families all across America.

A Deadly Mistake Uncovered on Atomic Design Rochester and How to Avoid It

Designers love this original fashion accessory. Initially, internet designers would provide an URL or a web page to the web search engine running on the network. It’s said that design is an important marketing language of sites. Website design is the way of developing any web page to make it appear more appealing yet straightforward. You can’t merely utilize website design’ as your keyword. It’s said that design is a primary marketing language of sites. An expert logo design is a significant element in developing this image.

Website designing is quite a great profession nowadays where everything is now computerized. An essential matter to stay in mind, while building a site is the fact that it should be very attractive. One the more important thing is that you have to create the site very informative also. It’s simple, and you may monetize the website almost instantly. There are lots of such sites online which you might find through Google search. Informative, updated good designed site is x-factor to assemble traffic on your site.

As the introduction of a website atomically entails the use of predefined atoms, it is not hard to see which components are used for different areas of the site. Your site must be found, and the sole method is to be certain the keyword phrases you chose are the precise words which people use to search for the type of goods or services that you prefer to offer you. In case the website is suitably optimized and designed, more customers will discover your products and services in the different search engines. Many sites restrict the quantity of submissions you’re going to be in a place to execute daily. Search for an online development company which you may depend on for an excellent premium site that offers you each of the things which you need to develop into a prosperous business in the city of atomic design Atomic Design Rochester NY.

Most Noticeable atomic design rochester

There are lots of alternatives for a Florida web design. Regarding sportsmen, medical procedures are a simple choice, once the superior heel discomfort impairs their distinct performance drastically. It’s tailored especially to our demands, so should you try to use it as a foundation for an upcoming project your mileage can fluctuate. Building a first nuclear weapon isn’t simple, but not that hard either. The very first is called the gun” method.

Atomic Design Rochester and Atomic Design Rochester – The Perfect Combination

A search engine optimization company is primarily a business that handles content which goes onto the net. An excellent search engine marketing company is going to have the group of experts who is going to have formal training on how best to be content search engine optimization friendly. It’s a critical part of running an internet enterprise.

Most companies have a website which is utilized to portray their content. They are involved in digital marketing these days. In the event you have a small, local business, you might not automatically think that you’re in need of an internet page but believe again. If but you’d have the whole business how to flourish, nevertheless is to need indeed to be pulled more on-line customers down to pay a visit to that your particular on-line store and share the health backlink in their followers. There are a few Melbourne graphic design businesses and finding the best company might be challenging. Thus, when you find a design business, you always need to have a check on their operations. The Atomic Design: Rochester, NY Web Design and SEO Experts – YouTube optimal/optimally internet design companies provide customized options.

The Advantages Of Doing Business With UKV PLC Wines

UKV PLC Wines is a UK based company which is dedicated to guiding wine dealers or champagne. It has a team of consultants who help customers in selecting the best and finest drinks for special occasions or business reasons.

The team uses their defined knowledge about the prevailing market demands to help the people. Also, they do supply merchants, wine brokers, and traders with wines. Lastly, UKV PLC offers brokerage services to investments that trade on grade wine in the UK that is under regulation.

UKV PLC Wines deals with the following types of wines Beychevelle from Saint-Julien appellation, the D’Yquem from Chateau d’Yquem winery in France, Montrose from the St.Estephe region, Ducru Beaucailou and Pichon Baron from the Pauillac appellation. Most of these brands are in the category of either red or white wines.

However, the company has Facebook and Twitter pages where it shares posts advising the people on all topics under wines. They advise people on the best wines to buy as well as, the places to get them. Also, due to their wide distribution network, they provide numerous solutions to their customers.

It is of great benefit for dealers to do transact with UKV PLC Wines due of their focused teams of consultants, who tirelessly offers health and reliable advice to customers hence guaranteeing them of best quality wines. The company also helps producers in marketing and selling their wines.

Moreover, UKV PLC Wines gets in contact with consumers directly they are able to get various information involving different tastes and feels of wines. They take with them this information back to the distillers. Therefore, helping brewers in knowing the standards they should maintain so as to give into the market demands of best quality wines. Also, they are connected to the best manufacturers and therefore they supply the best quality of wines in the market.

The advantage of relying on UKV PLC for business is that they are independent and therefore, their policies of operation are never compromised. Also, they are not subjected to any single supply channel. This makes it easy for any interested business people to freely ask for their services.

Finally, UKV PLC Wines has widely reached many nations in Europe and the world at large including India, China, Brazil, and Russia among others. This makes them more reliable for both domestic and international investors and thus, one of the best distributors across the globe who will always want customers to get the best quality and quantity services. Therefore, anyone out there who is sickly in need of the best distributor kindly contacts with UKV PLC Wines company.

Arthur Becker – A Brief Career Timeline

Arthur Becker has been making headlines on the New York Magazine for all the right reasons. He has been making millions of dollars from the lucrative industry over the past few years. He also now claims a part of one of New York’s exclusive neighborhoods.

How has Arthur Becker’s life been like till his current moment of glory, and how is life going for him today?


Arthur Becker has not always been a real estate investor. Much of his career so far has involved technology. His earliest occupation was as a Senior Advisor for the distinguished Vera Weng Fashion and Design, where he worked for about 7 years. His career in the technology industry began at NaviSite. The technology giant operated in the U.S., UK, and India providing collocation, technology, and hosting services. Becker has also worked for Zinio, LLC, the largest global digital newsstand. He served as CEO at Zinio, LLC from 2012 to 2015 and helped to boost its performance during the 3-year period.

Arthur Becker is now the CEO and co-founder of Madison Partners, LLC. Madison Partners, LLC is an investment company that focuses on real estate and startup companies in the bio-tech industry. Becker has invested over $500 million into real estate through his company, and it is quickly expanding its presence throughout the U.S.

Current Investments

Arthur Becker recently became the envy of many realtors when he took possession of three outstanding townhouses on 10 Sullivan Street, reports The real Deal. He did not exactly purchases the houses as he came into their possession by trading his stake in property currently under construction in the same neighborhood.

However, analysts have already put a figure on how much they cost him and how much he stands to make. His investment in the project is rumored to have totaled about $19 million. The townhouses, on the other hand, are valued at about $28. Becker has already planned renovations as he prepares to sell or rent them out, but he plans to live in one of the uptown houses. In fact, he is rumored to have already spent $4 million in upgrades and renovations in the house he plans to move into.


Jeremy Goldstein: Your Trusted Lawyer

Having trouble finding a lawyer that can help you sort your legal issues? People in New York have discovered a novel and convenient method of finding a lawyer within their community that has the experience to deal with their legal matter. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) has recently opened a 24-hour-a-day online portal for people looking for lawyers.



According to State Bar President Claire Gutekunst, the LRIS helps clients have a relatively easy time when they need legal help. Individuals using this service can also be confident as they get an attorney who has been reviewed by the New York State Bar Association. The new online service was developed in partnership with which provides the legal industry with marketplace and referral management technology.



The procedure of using the service is outlined below.

  1. Any person seeking a lawyer visits the website ( then fills a questionnaire describing the legal issue they face and their location.
  2. The State Bar staff reviews the questionnaire and match the individual with an attorney.
  3. The State Bar forwards the request to the appropriate county bar association if the person lives in a county with a locally run referral service.
  4. Referrals are free of charge, but upon consulting the lawyer, there is a 35-dollar fee for the first half hour.
  5. The person is under no obligation to retain the Lawyer after the first consultation.


Jeremy Goldstein is the founder at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. The firm, located in New York, specializes in advising CEO’s, management teams and compensation committees in executive compensation. Jeremy Goldstein graduated with a Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree from New York University in 1999.



Before joining New York University, Goldstein graduated with a Master of Arts degree the University of Chicago in 1996 and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University in 1995.Goldstein worked for Sherman and Sterling LLP before 2014.

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