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Richard Mishaan Design: Transforming Spaces Through Artful Designs

Richard Mishaan is one of the most respected and highly-rated designers. He owns an interior design firm known as Richard Mishaan Design which is located in New York City. What makes Mishaan a household name when it comes to architecture and design, is the manner in which he transforms spaces. His creativity is drawn from his love for fashion, art and architecture. He has been featured in various architecture and design magazines, most recently by Elle Décor.


Mishaan is a Colombian by birth, and he grew up in Colombia. While growing up, he fell in love with interior design. It is no wonder that he joined the University of Columbia, School of Architecture to pursue his degree in architecture. Upon completing his degree he moved to the United States where he pursued his BA at the New York University. His career was also set on its path when he got the opportunity to be an apprentice with the Offices of Philip Johnson and read full article.


Mishaan’s career has been marked by a lot of successes and numerous projects. He has been privileged to design some of the world’s lavish hotels, including the presidential suite of the St. Regis Hotel in New York. When people ask him about his source of inspiration, he is quick to point out that his surroundings inspire his work. He derives inspiration from beautiful spaces, art and even fashion. He is also keen on finding new designs through exhibitions and visits to exotic places. His cultural background also influences his designs to a large extent and learn more about Richard Mishaan Designs.


Apart from creatively designing spaces, Mishaan is also the proud author of two interior décor books. These books- Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury– were both published by Monacelli Press. In his books, he gives snippets on his designs and projects.

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