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Securus Technologies’ Leadership and Customer Responses

A Securus Technology was founded in 1986 as a profit prison technology company in Dallas Texas. It has regional offices located in Allen, Georgia, Carrollton, Atlanta and Texas. The company has approximately 1,000 employees and has at least 2,600 correctional contract facilities within the United States. Securus technologies cover about 2,200 correctional facilities within Canada and United States. By July 2016, securus announced to have invested over $600 million in patents, acquisitions, and technologies in three years.


In June 23rd, 2008, Rick Smith was announced as the companies CEO by Richard Falcone, who is the company’s current chairman. It is due to his effectiveness in driving the company to heights that are high and visible over the years. Mr. Smith can operate the business as a focused and experienced leader who has what it takes to be in the position. Mr. Rick is also a visionary leader who is a dedicated team player with a unifying factor among employees.


He is a resilient leader and a great team player. His employees constantly want to be near him because he knows what needs to be done. Rick Smith has a remarkable background with an impressive track record, breadth of experience and set of skills to lead Securus. Rick has been leading in various disciplines positions at Frontier Corporation including business development, finance, operations and IT among others. He also has experience in telecom experience.


For nine years, Rick Smith was the CEO of Eschelon Telecom Inc, during that time the company grew EBITDA to some $80 million and revenue from $30 million to approximately $350 million. Customers of the company enjoy how friendly and helpful the staff is. They love that apart from the technological products they get from the enterprise; they are also given advice on what works and what does not. Most of the customers admit that they do not get such advice from any other company.



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