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Securus Technologies Pivotal in Keeping Our City Safe

When my team of fugitive task force hunters have to fins a suspect quickly, we will use any resource available to take the suspect down. In the past, one of the most effective techniques that we have is using informants to give us information as to where these fugitives are in hiding. Depending on the case, we get various degrees of help in each case, and this month was especially trying for a number of reasons.


The fugitive we were hunting was the leader of a local gang, and residents were afraid that even if they came forward, they would be next on the list to be targeted. This left us with zero leads and even fewer tips because he was able to use the gang’s resources to stay off our radar. Whenever we thought we had a solid lead, it wound up being nothing, and the fugitive would simply go deeper in hiding until he was committing his next crime.


When we visited the local jail to see if any of the gang members could offer us assistance, we knew where this was going. Although the inmates didn’t give us any tips, they did run to the phones to call their fellow gang members to warn them we were on the hunt. Luckily for my team, Securus Technologies had installed the call monitoring system in the jail used to pick up conversations on a number of subjects.


The LBS software is able to listen to several inmates at the same time, and alert us to calls where the suspect was being mentioned. In one call, a gang member was telling the other gang members to move the suspect now because we were in the jail. Not realizing we still had a team on the streets, we coordinated an effort that took him down that afternoon without any incident.


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