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Tips for Entrepreneurs From Unicorn Queen Doe Deere

Self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen, CEO and founder of Lime Crime Makeup, Doe Deere is the epitome of the fearless entrepreneur who took her passion into business, saw a need that customers wanted, and filled it. Since starting Lime Crime Makeup in 2008, Deere has taken her passion for makeup and made it a highly successful and sought after brand. Throughout her career, Deere has been recognized for her efforts in leading Lime Crime as well as working with aspiring entrepreneurs to help succeed. One such accolade was Deere being named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine.


Deere was able to turn what started out as a desire to match makeup colors with her colorful wardrobe into a thriving business with thousands of regular customers and a worldwide following. In working with entrepreneurs, Deere helps them learn about the importance of passion but also the necessary work that has to be done to launch a successful business. Learn more:


Key to starting any business is to have a sound business plan; not only to start a business, but to operate one. The business plan covers all aspects of starting and funding a business. Anyone who is considering investing in a business will, most likely, first ask to see the business plan. Learn more:


How much will it cost to start the business? What are the plans for production of goods or how much will the delivery of services cost? What is the anticipated profit or loss over the next year or the next five years? These are just a few of dozens of questions a business plan will need to provide the answers to. Learn more:


Hard work is another important aspect of launching and continuing to grow a business. When Deere started selling makeup, in 2004, she used “limecrime” as an account on eBay. She created, modeled, and sold the product herself. Today, Deere has a team she leads to keep all aspects of the company on an forward moving trajectory.


Lime Crime Makeup is one of the first digitally-native beauty brands with products that are certified Vegan and Cruelty-free by PETA and Leaping Bunny. Deere has long been involved with charities with an emphasis on those that benefit women, children and animals. Learn more:


Today, Doe Deere and Lime Crime Makeup continue to provide customers with innovative product lines that are available through the Lime Crime Makeup website ( or at select retailers.


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