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What Vijay Eswaran Went Through Before Creating QI Group

Born and raised in Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran has become one of the best entrepreneurs Malaysia has to offer. His success journey has not been without challenges, but he used these challenges to accomplish his dream. He manages not only a multimillion business but also authors books and does public speaking.

He believes that if he is to reach the young generation, he has to go to them in various ways such as writing books and attending forums where he speaks to people while giving them inspiration. Vijay is the individual behind QI Group, a marketing firm that is based in Hong Kong. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Mr. Eswaran was once a student at London School of Economics where he graduated with a degree in economics before he got involved in various jobs in France, London and even Belgium. While still doing these odd jobs, Vijay got interested in binary system marketing, and he ventured into it to the point of attaining a CIMA certificate.

For him to be in a position of managing his business, which was intended goal, he had to further his studies and this led to hom joining Southern Illinois University where he attained his MBA. After attaining his MBA, Vijay ventured ultimately into Multilevel marketing which led to him working at Synaptics.

Working at Synaptics helped him learn more about multilevel marketing, and after a while, he decided it was time to begin his company after returning to Malaysia. While in Malaysia he first worked at Cosway Group before he co-founded QI Group in 1998.

QI group is a multilevel e-commerce company that has more than twenty-five offices in various states covering media, business travel, training, luxury products and business travel. With the help of its subsidiary firms, the company has been able to offer services to various people around the world.

Their services range from hospitality, financial, retail to education services. According to QBuzz, Apart from focusing on QI’s growth and development, Vijay Eswaran has been actively involved in humanitarian causes with the aims of giving back to the society whole helping the less fortunate. Vijay is the man behind RTHYM Foundation which is a branch of QI Group aimed at creating numerous programs for the Asian less privileged.

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